Character Appendix M
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit Notes
Akellen Macet Akellen Macet Cardassian gul with a beard; noble cousin of Skrain Dukat 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Wounded" given name from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Demons of Air and Darkness (2001)
Raistlin Majere Raistlin Majere Surly antihero wizard and Hero of the Lance 1984 short story Dragon magazine "The test of the twins" originally role-played character
Marin/ Malon Marin (Hylian) Hylian girl frequently reincarnated; once creation of the Wind Fish 1993 video game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - as Malon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Luigi Mario Luigi Mario Mario's slightly cowardly and awkward brother 1983 arcade video game Mario Bros. - surname implied in debut and formally established in live-action film Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Mario Mario Mario Mario Italian plumber and jumping hero of the Mushroom Kingdom 1981 arcade video game Donkey Kong - surname implied in Mario Bros. (1983) and formally established in live-action film Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Mark Mark (tactician) Amnesiac tactician and close friend of Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, and their friends 2003 video game Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade -
Veronica Mars Veronica Mars Teenage girl detective whose life was torn apart by a murder 2004 TV series Veronica Mars pilot episode
Beverly "Bev" Marsh Rogan Beverly Marsh Abused girl member of Losers' Club 1986 novel IT -
Marsupilami Marsupilami Father of prominent Marsupilami family 1957 comic album Spirou and Fantasio The Marsupilamis' Nest
Maxi Maxi of Shuri Ryukyuan pirate who hunted Soul Edge and wielded nunchaku 1998 arcade video game SoulCalibur -
The Maxx/ David "Dave" Olsen The Maxx (Dave) Homeless man turned oddball defender with lampshade mouth 1993 comic book one-shot Darker Image issue #1 full name arbitrary
Melinda May Melinda May SHIELD veteran and hardcase; second to Coulson 2013 TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot episode
Leonard "Bones" McCoy Leonard McCoy Curmudgeony doctor on Kirk's Enterprise 1966 TV series Star Trek episode "The Man Trap"
Heather McCrimmon Heather McCrimmon Descendant of Jamie McCrimmon and 10th Doctor's companion 2009 comic strip Doctor Who Adventures magazine issue #96
James "Jamie" McCrimmon Jamie McCrimmon Scots lad, rebel piper, and best friend companion of 2nd Doctor 1967 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Highlanders" Episode 1
Ronald McDonald Ronald McDonald (clown) Immortal clown spokesman for McDonald's restaurants 1963 advertising for McDonald's restaurants -
Ronald "Mac" McDonald Mac McDonald Paddy's Pub Gang member who was gay, needy, and delusional 2005 TV series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "The Gang Gets Racist" full name from "The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang Gets Revenge" (2011)
Siobhan McDougal/ Silver Banshee Siobhan McDougal Irish supervillain with death scream 1987 comic series Action Comics issue #595
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck Wealthy Scottish duck, adventurer, and family man 1947 comic series Four Color issue #178
Casper McFadden Casper McFadden Dead child stuck as a ghost; longed for companionship 1939 children's book The Friendly Ghost - surname from live-action film Casper (1996)
George "Spanky" McFarland Spanky McFarland Chubby and devious leader of Our Gang 1932 short film series Our Gang Free Eats arbitrary real name
Ray McFarland/ Long Dong - Freshmen member with enormous invulnerable penis 2005 comic series Freshmen issue #1
James "Jimmy" McGill/ Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill Conman/lawyer in Albuquerque; Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's ally 2009 TV series Breaking Bad episode "Better Call Saul" real name from Better Call Saul episode "Uno" (2015)
Terrence "Terry" McGinnis/ Batman Terry McGinnis Batman of 2040s; trained by original 1999 animated TV series Batman Beyond episode "Rebirth"
Minerva McGonagall Minerva McGonagall Head of Gryffindor House in 1990s; Dumbledore's successor 1997 novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone -
Harold McGrady V Harold McGrady Fan of Napoleon Dynamite; contestant in Total Drama reality shows 2007 animated TV series Total Drama Island episode "Not-So Happy Campers" Part 1 surname from ???
Quick Draw McGraw Quick Draw McGraw Horse sheriff associate of Yogi Bear 1959 animated TV series The Quick Draw McGraw Show episode segment "Scary Prairie"
McGruff McGruff the Crime Dog Canine Chicago detective and police spokesman 1980 advertising - -
Droopy McPoodle Droopy McPoodle Very lethargic Toon dog; loose associate of Tom & Jerry 1943 animated short film Dumb-Hounded - surname from Northwest Hounded Police (1946)
Launchpad McQuack Launchpad McQuack Crash-prone pilot who worked with Scrooge McDuck and Darkwing Duck 1987 animated TV series DuckTales episode "Treasure of the Golden Suns"
Mega Man/ Rock Mega Man Dr. Thomas Light's heroic and adorable robot fighter 1987 video game Rockman - Original Japanese name is Rockman
Megara Megara Damaged Greek woman; first wife of Hercules c. 600 BCE epic poem ??? -
Megatron/ Galvatron Megatron (Decepticon) General of the Decepticons during the eon-spanning Great War; can turn into a gun 1984 animated TV series The Transformers episode "More Than Meets the Eye" Part 1 originally a toy; adopts Galvatron identity in The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Megatron/ Optimus Maximus Megatron (Predacon) Tyrannosaur-like leader of Predacon faction and megalomaniac 1996 animated TV series Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Beast Wars" (Part 1) Optimus Maximus name apocryphal
Josef Mengele Josef Mengele Nazi biological scientist; leader of Hitler cloning project N/A - - -
Merlin/Merlyn Merlin (wizard) Great wizard of Camelot 1136 a history Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Brittanae - originally folklore
Merlinus Merlinus Supply carrier for Lycian nobles 2002 video game Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade - originally as Marinus (Japanese); English name from game Fire Emblem (2004)
Ulysse Mérou Ulysse Mérou Human astronaut who first encountered Planet of the Apes 1963 novel The Planet of the Apes -
Merric Merric of Altea Close wizard ally of Marth; lover of Elice 1990 video game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light -
Mervyn/ Sheriff of Nottingham Mervyn (sheriff) Corrupt sheriff and enemy of Robin Hood c. 1450 ballad A Gest of Robyn Hode - Mervyn name from film Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
Mesprit Mesprit Legendary sprite Pokémon and master of emotions 2006 video game series Pokémon Diamond Version and Pearl Version
Meta Knight Meta Knight Star Warrior elder and swordsman 1993 video game Kirby of the Stars: The Story of the Fountain of Dreams -
Michael Michael (archangel) leader of Yahweh's Heavenly Host during war in Heaven c. 600 BCE religious text The Book of Daniel - originally folklore/oral tradition
Joseph "Vermin" Michos Vermin Michos Hairiest-chested member of Warriors gang Year film The Warriors - real name arbitrary
Midas Midas Son of Gordias and Cybele; cursed to turn everything he touched to gold c. 450 BCE history (work) Herodatus's Histories - originally folklore/oral tradition; possibly historical
Mishima Heihachi Mishima Heihachi Leader of criminal empire and creator of Iron Fist tournament 1994 arcade video game Tekken -
Mitsurugi Heishiro Mitsurugi Heishiro Japanese ronin samurai who sought the Soul Edge 1995 arcade video game Soul Edge -
Mojo Jojo Mojo Jojo Chimp archenemy of the Powerpuff Girls 1998 animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls episode "Monkey See, Doggie Do"
Morocco Mole Morocco Mole Mole associate of Secret Squirrel 1965 animated broadcast TV special The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel -
Dexter Moser Morgan Dexter Morgan Miami forensic specialist and serial killer of killers 2004 novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter -
Rhoda Morgenstern Rhoda Morgenstern Mary Richards's best friend who moved back to New York 1970 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Love Is All Around"
Deborah Morgna/ Sun Girl Deborah Morgna Sun Boy's evil half-sister; time-traveler 2007 comic series Teen Titans issue #43
Glorith "Lori" Morning Lori Morning Orphan girl who became a time mistress 1965 comic series Adventure Comics issue #338 originally as Glorith; as Lori in Valor #12 (1993); surname from Legion of Super-Heroes #75 (1995)
Moroni Moroni Prophet turned angel; associate of Joseph Smith 1830 religious text The Book of Mormon -
Mikhail "Misha" Morozov/ The Heavy Weapons Guy Misha Morozov Large Russian man who wielded heavy weapons 2007 video game Team Fortress 2 - arbitrary surname
Morpheus Morpheus (god) God of sleep and dreams; one of the Endless c. 1 CE a history Ovid's Metamorphoses - originally oral tradition
Morpheus Morpheus of the Matrix Leader of human resistance in the Matrix; mentor of Neo 1999 film The Matrix -
Zachary "Zack" Morris Zack Morris Sociopathic youth with the ability to stop time; abusive to friends 1988 TV series Good Morning, Miss Bliss episode "Summer Love"
Theodore "Ted" Mosby Ted Mosby Man who sat down to tell his kids how he met their mother 2005 TV series How I Met Your Mother pilot episode
Maurice Moss Maurice Moss Genius computer specialist at Renholm Industries 2006 TV series The IT Crowd episode "Yesterday's Jam"
Mother Brain Mother Brain Biomechanical brain who commanded the Space Pirates 1986 video game Metroid -
Jerry Mouse Jerry Mouse Mischievous mouse caught in eternal conflict with Tom Cat 1940 animated short film Puss Gets the Boot - name from Tom and Jerry short The Midnight Snack (1941)
Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Nice guy mouse and iconic toon 1928 animated short film Plane Crazy -
Mike Mouse/ Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse Golden age superhero mouse 1942 animated short film The Mouse of Tomorrow - originally as Super Mouse; as Mighty Mouse in The Wreck of the Hesperus (1944); real name from animated TV series Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (1987)
Minerva "Minnie" Mouse Minnie Mouse Toon mouse with a bow on her head; 1980s popstar 1928 animated short film Plane Crazy - full given name from comic strip story "The Gleam" (1942)
Timothy Mouse Timothy Mouse Showman mouse and ally of Dumbo 1941 animated film Dumbo -
Edward "Eddie" Munster Eddie Munster Werewolf son of a vampire and a chimeric homunculus 1964 television series The Munsters episode "Munster Masquerade"
Marilyn Hyde Munster Marilyn Munster The Munsters' normal-looking niece 1964 TV series The Munsters episode "Munster Masquerade"
Charles Muntz - 1930s era explorer who became a psychopath seeking a bird 2009 animated film Up -
Kineckie Murdoch Kineckie Murdoch Best friend of Danny Zuko 1971 musical stage play Grease -
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