Character Appendix Lh-Ln


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Candice Li Candice Li Ice-focused gym leader of Snowpoint City 2006 video game series Pokémon (1) Diamond Version (2) and Pearl Version (3) 4
Li Mu Bai Li Mu Bai Chinese sword master and unrequited lover of Yu Shun Lien 1941 novel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (5) -
Li Syaoran Li Syaoran Rival and later boyfriend to Kinomoto Sakura 1996 comic series (manga) Cardcaptor Sakura (6) Chapter 6
Kuai Liang / Sub-Zero Kuai Liang Brother and successor of original Sub-Zero Kombattant 1993 arcade video game Mortal Kombat II - 7
Lianna Lianna of Aytolis Twin girl ruler of Aytolis; met Emblematic warriors 2017 video game Fire Emblem Warriors -
Alice Liddell Alice Liddell Girl who visited Wonderland 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 8
Axel Lidenbrock Axel Lidenbrock Teenage nephew of eccentric Otto Lidenbrock; accompanied him on trip 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (9) -
Otto Lidenbrock Otto Lidenbrock Eccentric scientist; went on journey to center of the Earth 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (10) -
Arthur Light / Doctor Light Arthur Light Light-generating supervillain; murderous rapist made into simpleton 1962 comic series Justice League of America issue #12
Thomas Light Thomas Light Kindly roboticist; inventor of Mega Man 1987 video game Rockman (11) -
Lilina Lilina of Lycia Daughter of Hector; mystic hero and lover of Roy 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (12) The Binding Blade (13)
Lilith Lilith (first woman) First lady occupant of Eden; self-actualized c. 700 satirical writing The Alphabet of ben Sirach -
Lilith Lilith (astral dragon) Dragon daughter of Anankos; guardian of Corrin's pocket realm 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (14) If
Henry Limpet Henry Limpet Man who dreamed of being a fish then turned into a fish 1964 film The Incredible Mr. Limpet -
Abigail "Abby" Lincoln/ Numbuh 5 Abby Lincoln Oldest of Uno's Kids Next Door group 2004 animated TV series Codename: Kids Next Door short "No P in the OOL"
Abraham "Abe" Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Noble 16th American president, vampire hunter, and ghost N/A - - -
Abraham "Abe" Lincoln Abe Lincoln (clone) Clone of great emancipator and 21st century angsty teen 2002 animated TV series Clone High episode "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand"
Roberta Lincoln Roberta Lincoln Groovy assistant to Gary Seven and eventual Aegis agent herself 1968 TV series Star Trek episode "Assignment: Earth"
Roy Lincoln / Human Bomb Roy Lincoln Exploding radioactive youth in WWII era; original Freedom Fighter 1941 comic series Police Comics issue #1
Linde Linde of Archanea Archanean sorceress and mage of light; Marth ally 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (15) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (16)
Judy Lindner Judy Lindner Teenage girl in mid-1950s; befriended disaffected youths Jim and Plato 1955 film Rebel without a Cause - 17
Bess Lindstrom Bess Lindstrom Daughter of Phyllis and Lars Lindstrom 1970 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Love Is All Around"
Phyllis Sutherland Lindstrom Phyllis Lindstrom Self-centered and arrogant neighbor/friend of Mary Richards 1970 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Love Is All Around" 18
Mei Ling Mei Ling American military data analyst; ally of Solid Snake 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid -
Ling Ling Ling Ling (Battle Monster) Violent Battle Monster and Drawn Together reality TV star 2004 animated TV series Drawn Together episode "Hot Tub"
Link Link Endlessly reincarnated hero; held Triforce of Courage; wielded Master Sword 1986 video game The Legend of Zelda (19) - 20
Adam Link Adam Link Early sapient robot; falsely convicted of murdering his father; heroic 1939 short story magazine Amazing Stories story "I, Robot"
Linkle Linkle Hylian girl who thought she was the reincarnation of the hero 2016 video game Hyrule Warriors Legends -
Benjamin "Ben" Linus Ben Linus Leader of the Others and murderous psychopath 2006 TV series Lost episode "One of Them" 21
Lestat de Lioncourt Lestat de Lioncourt French gay vampire who became glam rocker 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire -
Lion-O Lion-O Young lion lord of the Thundercats 1985 animated TV series Thundercats episode "Exodus"
Lip Lip Puzzle game-playing fairy who generated blocks 1995 video game Panel de Pon (22) -
Drew Lipsky / Dr. Drakken Drew Lipsky Mad scientist archenemy of Kim Possible 2002 animated TV series Kim Possible episode "Crush" 23
Lisa Lisa (Avatar) Super powerful techno-mystic artificial intelligence reality warper 1985 film Weird Science -
Lissa Lissa of Ylisse Chrom's younger sister; mage with no visible crest 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (24) Awakening (25)
Dave Lister Dave Lister Survivor of Red Dwarf disaster awoken in distant future 1988 TV series Red Dwarf episode "The End"
George Litefoot George Litefoot Late 19th c. occult investigator and medical examiner; partner of H.G. Jago 1977 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" Part One
John Little/ Little John John Little Large right-hand man of Robin Hood c. 1420 history (work) Andrew of Wyntoun's Orygynale Cronkyll of Scotland - 26
Omar Little Omar Little Thief/killer with an honor code of taking from drug lords in Baltimore 2002 TV series The Wire episode "The Buys"
Stuart Little Stuart Little Mouse born to human parents; had small-scale adventures 1945 novel Stuart Little -
Little Bear Little Bear (Indian) Haudenosaunee man time displaced & shrunken by magical cupboard 1980 novel The Indian in the Cupboard -
Little Engine Little Engine Small train engine with positive attitude and self-assurance 1906 short story The New York Tribune "Story of the Engine That Thought It Could"
Littlefoot Littlefoot (sauropod) Brontosaurus orphaned on his way to the Great Valley 1988 animated film The Land Before Time -
William Harper "Johnny" Littlejohn William Littlejohn One of Doc Savage's Fabulous Five; geologist and archaeologist 1933 pulp magazine Doc Savage Magazine issue #1
Aaron Littleton / Aaron Austen Aaron Littleton Son of Claire Littleton; born on The Island; partially raised by Kate Austen 2005 TV series Lost episode "Do No Harm" 27
Claire Littleton Claire Littleton Australian young woman lost on The Island; had a baby; went crazy 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" Part 1 28
Roxanne Liu Roxanne Liu Rustboro City gym leader with Rock-type focus; teacher 2002 video game series Pokémon (29) Ruby Version and Sapphire Version 30
Walter "Walt" Lloyd Walt Lloyd Super-powered boy castaway on The Island 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" (Part 1) 31
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