Character Appendix Kr-Kz
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Eugene Krabs Eugene Krabs Cancrine restaurateur; Spongebob's employer 1999 animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants episode "Help Wanted"
Ivan Kragoff / Red Ghost Ivan Kragoff Intangible Russian supervillain; creator of Super-Apes 1963 comic series Fantastic Four issue #13
Kraid Kraid Gargantuan reptilian Space Pirate 1986 video game Metroid (1) -
Mackenzie "Mac" Kraken Mac Kraken Boy who hung around an imaginary friends refugee house 2004 animated TV series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "House of Boo's" 2
Brian Krakow Brian Krakow Smart boy old friend of Angela Chase who had a crush on her 1994 TV series My So-Called Life pilot episode
Alice Gibson Kramden Alice Kramden Angry wife of angry bus driver Ralph 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars The Honeymooners segment "Bread"
Ralph Kramden Ralph Kramden Angry busdriver husband of angry housewife Alice 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars The Honeymooners segment "Bread"
Adolph Kramer Adolph Kramer Elderly Swiss man who lived with his granddaughter in the Alps 1881 novel Heidi: Her Years of Wandering and Learning (3) - 4
Cosmo Kramer Cosmo Kramer Spazzy and strange neighbor/friend of Jerry Seinfeld 1989 TV series The Seinfeld Chronicles pilot episode 5
Heidi Kramer Heidi Kramer Orphaned Swiss girl who lived with her grandfather in the Alps 1881 novel Heidi: Her Years of Wandering and Learning (6) - 7
Krang Krang (Atlantean) Atlantean warlord and enemy of Namor and Fantastic Four 1963 comic series annual Fantastic Four Annual issue #1
Krang Krang (Utrom) Renegade Utrom tyrant and ruler of "Dimension X" 1987 animated TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Enter the Shredder"
Kratos Kratos (son of Zeus) Demigod who slew all the Greek pantheon (they got better) 2005 video game God of War -
Alyosha "Al" Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter Alyosha Kravinoff Son of Kraven the Hunter; wannabe actor 1997 comic series Spectacular Spider-Man issue #243
Dmitri Kravinoff / Chameleon Dmitri Kravinoff Master of Disguise and enemy of Spider-Man 1963 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #1
Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter Sergei Kravinoff Big game hunting Russian enemy of Spider-Man 1964 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #15
Maynard Krebs Maynard Krebs Beatnik best friend of Dobie Gillis 1959 TV series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis episode "Caper at the Bijou"
Fitzgerald "Fitz" Kreiner / Father Kreiner Father Kreiner One-time 8th Doctor companion, lost, became Faction Paradox madman 1999 novel series Doctor Who The Taint 8
Fitzgerald "Fitz" Kreiner / Kode Fitz Kreiner (Kode) 8th Doctor companion; Remembered copy of original Fitz 1999 novel series Doctor Who Interference Book One
Seymour Krelborn Seymour Krelborn Skid Row resident who raised plants including evil Audrey II 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors - 9
Pyreus Kril / Firelord Pyreus Kril Xandarian turned one-time herald of Galactus 1974 comic series Thor issue #225
Pol Krinn / Pulse / Magnetic Kid Pol Krinn Little brother of Rokk Krinn, time manipulator, and Legionnaire 1965 comic series Adventure Comics issue #335 10
Rokk "Cos" Krinn / Cosmic Boy Rokk Krinn Braalian magnetic founder & natural leader of Legion of Super-Heroes 1958 comic series Adventure Comics issue #247 11
Kris Kris of Altea Mercenary who joined Marth's army in 2nd campaign; his best friend 2010 video game series Fire Emblem (12) New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow13
Kif Kroker Kif Kroker Sad sack Amphibiosan officer under Zapp Brannigan 1999 animated TV series Futurama episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space"
Krona Krona Mad Malthusian scientist; accidentally created Anti-Monitor 1965 comic series Green Lantern issue #40
Kronk Kronk Yzma's minion turned lovable chef 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove -
Kronos - Earth Eternal and father of Zuras and Alars 1973 comic series Iron Man issue #55
Ellec Krotine Ellec Krotine Boslic security officer on da Vinci and Titan 2003 ebook novella series Star Trek: S.C.E. Aftermath
Kroton / Christian Teng Kroton (Cyberman) Cyberman rebel; 8th Doctor companion 1979 comic strip story "Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman" - 14
Frederick "Freddy" Krueger Freddy Krueger Psychopathic child murderer turned demonic dream killer 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street -
Lemuel Krug / Bloodhawk Lemuel Krug Gargoyle-like X-Man of late 21st century 1999 comic series X-Men 2099 issue #1
Krypto the Super-Dog Krypto the Super-Dog Biological construct of a dog from Krypton 1955 comic series Adventure Comics issue #210
Krystal Krystal of Cerinia Blue fox priestess and Team Star Fox ally 2002 video game Star Fox Adventures -
K's't'lk / K't'lk K's't'lk Crystalline spider (Hamalki) Starfleet officer continuously reborn 1983 novel series Star Trek The Wounded Sky
Kudo Daisuke Kudo Daisuke Best friend of Jordan Hiroshi; friend of Saotome Ranma 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (15) Chapter 8: "Because There's a Girl He Likes" (16) 17
Kulan Gath Kulan Gath Ancient evil sorcerer enemy of Conan and Spider-Man 1972 comic series Conan the Barbarian issue #14
Kull Kull Semi-heroic pre-Cataclysmic Altantean warlord 1929 short story Weird Tales magazine "The Shadow Kingdom"
Kuno Jomei Kuno Jomei Crazy principal at Furinkan High 1990 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (18) Chapter 114: "The Return of the Principal" (19) 20
Kuno Kodachi Kuno Kodachi Psychotic gymnast and stalker/enemy of Saotome Ranma 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (21) Chapter 17: "Kodachi, the Black Rose" (22)
Kuno Tatewaki Kuno Tatewaki Idiot girl-obsessed harasser of Tendo Akane and Saotome Ranma 1987 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (23) Chapter 3: "I Hate Men!" (24)
Kunzite / Kunz Kunzite Leader of Beryl's generals 1992 comic series (manga) Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (25) "Act 5: Makoto, (26) Sailor Jupiter" 27
Kuonji Ukyo Kuonji Ukyo Okonomiyaki chef, girl often mistaken for boy, another Ranma pursuer 1989 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 (28) Chapter 85: "Okonomiyaki Means I Love You" (29)
Kurak Kurak Brilliant Klingon engineer; served reluctantly on Gorkon 1993 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Suspicions"
Vitor / The Kurgan The Kurgan Immortal Slavic murderer and rapist; enemy of Connor McLeod 1986 film Highlander -
Kusakabe Mei Kusakabe Mei Small child friend and neighbor of Totoro 1988 animated film My Neighbor Totoro (30) -
Kusakabe Satsuki Kusakabe Satsuki Older girl friend and neighbor of Totoro 1988 animated film My Neighbor Totoro (31) -
Melati Kusuma / Komodo Melati Kusuma Woman with no legs who took Lizard formula; Avengers Initiative recruit 2007 comic series Avengers: The Initiative issue #1 32
Noah Kuttler / Calculator Noah Kuttler Supervillain with silly calculator costume; later villainous counter to Oracle 1976 comic series Detective Comics issue #463
Michael Kuzak Michael Kuzak Important partner in Los Angeles law firm in 1980s 1986 TV series L.A. Law pilot episode
Kuzco Kuzco Pre-Incan emperor who was turned into a llama and learned humility 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove -
Masha Kuzovkova Masha Kuzovkova Insane-seeming Russian little girl with put-upon bear best friend 2008 TV series Masha and the Bear (33) episode segment "How They Meet" (34) 35
Fred Kwan Fred Kwan Actor from Galaxy Quest show who played chief engineer; enjoyed weed 1999 film Galaxy Quest -
Trini Kwan / Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan Original Yellow Power Ranger 1993 TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "The Day of the Dumpster"
Lauren Kwest / Twine - Oversight Watch and Legion of Super-Villains member with energy whip 2001 comic miniseries Legion Worlds issue #5 36
Kwon Jin-Soo Kwon Jin Korean onetime enforcer who was stuck on the Island with wife 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" (Part 1) 37
Kwon Sun-Hwa / Paik Sun-Hwa Kwon Sun Korean woman with complicated marriage stuck on Island 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" (Part 1) 38
Selina Kyle / Catwoman Selina Kyle Cat-themed thief/anti-hero in Gotham City 1940 comic series Batman issue #1
Winston "John" Kyle Winston Kyle Transporter operator on Kirk's Enterprise 1967 TV series Star Trek episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" 39
Kylling Kluk / Chicken Little / Henny Penny Kylling Kluk Chick who thought the sky was falling 1823 story - - 40
Kyogre Kyogre Legendary whale-like Pokémon; guardian of the sea 2002 video game series Pokémon (41) Ruby Version (42) and Sapphire Version (43)
Kyurem Kyurem Legendary ice dragon Pokémon; useful for splicing 2010 video game series Pokémon (44) Black Version (45) and White Version (46)
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