Character Appendix I
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Iago Iago (traitor) Venetian soldier with extreme hatred for Othello 1565 short story collection Gli Hecatommithi "A Moorish Captain" 1
Iago Iago (macaw) Red macaw minion of Jafar; reformed and befriended Aladdin 1992 animated film Aladdin -
Ibuki Maya Ibuki Maya Nerv computer specialist; Akagi Ritsuko's protege who was in love with her 1995 animated TV series (anime) Neon Genesis Evangelion (2) episode "Angel Attack" 3
Icarus Icarus (son of Daedalus) Boy who wore winged harness who died after flying too close to the sun 8 CE epic poem Ovid's Metamorphoses - 4
Icheb Icheb Liberated Borg youth; lived on Voyager; pseudo-son of Seven of Nine 2000 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "Collective"
Ichijyo Hikaru Ichijyo Hikaru Teenage mecha/fighter pilot drawn into Macross war 1982 animated TV series Super Dimension Fortress Macross (5) episode "Booby Trap" (6)
Ichiki Hisako / Armor Ichiki Hisako Japanese mutant who could generate an energy exoskeleton 2004 comic series Astonishing X-Men issue #4 7
Ana Iga Ana Iga Orange-haired ninja girl twin associate of Wario; Kat's sister 2003 video game Made in Wario (8) -
Kat Iga Kat Iga Pink-haired ninja girl twin associate of Wario; Ana's sister 2003 video game Made in Wario (9) -
Ignatius Ignatius (son of Benny) Armor knight son of Benny; raised in Deeprealms 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (10) If
Igrene Igrene of Arcadia Archer and daughter of Hawkeye; Fae's guardian 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (11) The Binding Blade (12)
Iida Tenya / Ingenium Iida Tenya Uptight superhero trainee at U-A; engine legged speedster 2014 comic series (manga) My Hero Academia Chapter 3: "Entrance Exam" (13)
Ikari Rokunbungi Gendo Ikari Gendo High ranking Nerv agent who wanted Instrumentality; Shinji's cold father 1995 animated TV series (anime) Neon Genesis Evangelion (14) episode "Angel Attack" 15
Ikari Shinji / Third Child Ikari Shinji Severely emotionally damaged boy; piloted Eva and ended Instrumentality 1995 animated TV series (anime) Neon Genesis Evangelion (16) episode "Angel Attack"
Ikari Yui / Eva Unit 01 Ikari Yui Instrumentality pioneer; soul bonded to Eva-01; cloned 1995 animated TV series (anime) Neon Genesis Evangelion (17) episode "Angel Attack" 18
Ike Ike (son of Greil) Young mercenary who succeeded his father and wielded Ragnell 2005 video game series Fire Emblem (19) Path of Radiance (20)
Ilia Ilia (Deltan) Deltan navigator on Enterprise; absorbed/killed by V'Ger 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture -
Imajin ibn Kojo al-Doqi Imajin al-Doqi Medieval Arab boy who teamed with family against frog Wart 1987 video game Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic (21) - 22
Duplica "Copycat" Imité Duplica Imité Pokémon trainer, master of disguise, Ditto fan 1996 video game series Pokémon (23) Red Version (24) and Green Version (25) 26
Impa Impa Sheikah warrior reincarnated repeatedly and ally of Link and Zelda 1986 video game instruction manual The Legend of Zelda (27) - 28
Impossible Man Impossible Man Obnoxious Poppupian alien; often harassed Fantastic Four 1963 comic series Fantastic Four issue #11
Richard Impossible Richard Impossible Stretchy genius; hero turned villain 2003 animated TV series The Venture Bros. episode "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay"
Indigo Doll - Indigo-themed girl in Rainbow Brite's Color Kids 1983 greeting cards Rainbow Brite theme -
Chimchar / Monferno / Infernape Red's Infernape Fire monkey Pokémon abused by Paul and trained by Red 2006 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (29) Episode "Rival Battle! Three Vs. Three!!" (30) 31
Inferno Inferno (Predacon) Insane red ant-like Predacon 1997 video game series Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Spider's Game"
Inky Inky (ghost) Blue Pacman ghost 1980 arcade video game Pac-Man -
Nana Innugati Nana Innugati Inuit girl who climbed ice 1985 video game Ice Climber (32) - 33
Inuyasha Inuyasha Half-dog demon from Edo period Japan; romanced 20th century girl 1996 comic series (manga) Inuyasha (34) Chapter 1: "The Accursed Youth" (35) 36
Harry Truman "H.T." Ioki / Vinh Van Tran H.T. Ioki Vietnamese refugee who posed as Japanese; infiltrated high schools 1987 TV series 21 Jump Street pilot episode
Iolaus Iolaus Hercules's cousin/eromenos c. 700 BCE ??? - -
Iron Iron (Magnus) Iron Metal Man 1962 comic series Showcase issue #37
Iron Giant The Iron Giant Giant alien robot; best friend of Hogarth Hughes 1968 novel The Iron Man - 37
Chetan Ironforge / Forge Chetan Ironforge Cheyenne mutant with inherent machine-creating power 1984 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #184 38
James "Jim" Ironheart Jim Ironheart Precognitive amateur superhero with dark past 1991 novel Cold Fire -
Brian Irons - Psychopathic police chief of Raccoon City 1998 video game Resident Evil -
Jasmine Irons Jasmine Irons Steel-focused gym leader of Olivine City 1999 video game series Pokémon (39) Gold Version (40) and Silver Version (41) 42
John Henry Irons / Steel John Henry Irons Genius creator/user of steel Superman costume 1993 comic series Adventures of Superman issue #500
Natasha "Nat" Irons / Steel / Starlight / Vaporlock Nat Irons Steel's niece and genius hero in her own right 1994 comic series Steel issue #1 43
Iruben Iruben Legendary Hero to bring light to the world of Erdrea 2017 video game Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (44) -
Lloyd Irving Lloyd Irving Heroic youth who helped Chosen on Journey of Regeneration 2003 video game Tales of Symphonia -
Isaac Isaac (patriarch) Traumatized son of Abraham; became very dumb c. 700 BCE religious text Book of Genesis (45) -
Isaac Isaac of Weyard Venus adept who led a quest 2001 video game Golden Sun - 46
Isabelle Isabelle (dog) Canine secretary of the Mayor of Animal Crossing 2012 video game Animal Crossing: Jump Out (47) - 48
Ishida "Matt" Yamato Ishida Matt DigiDestined partnered with Gabumon; older brother of T.K. 1999 animated film Digimon Adventure (49) - 50
Ethan Ishihara Ethan Ishihara Adventurous Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town 1999 video game series Pokémon (51) Gold Version (52) and Silver Version (53) 54
Ana Ishikawa / Shi Ana Ishikawa Naginata-wielding conflicted bringer of death 1993 comic series annual Razor Annual issue #1
Ishmael Ishmael (patriarch) Abraham's older son and son of Hagar; forced into exile c. 700 BCE religious text Book of Genesis (55) -
Ishtar / Inanna Ishtar (goddess) Mesopotamian goddess of love, war, and politics c. 4000 BCE pottery images - - 56
Ishizu Ishtar Ishizu Ishtar Precognitive Duel Monsters player and wielder of the Millennium Necklace 2000 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 146: "The Ancient Stone" (57)
Marik Ishtar Marik Ishtar Wielder of Millennium rod; card game villain due to Melvin's influence 2000 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter #151: "Rare Hunters!" (58)
Odion Ishtar Odion Ishtar Marik Ishtar's brother and right hand man c. 2000 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! - 59
Isis Isis (goddess) Heliopolitan goddess; wife of Osiris, mother of Horus c. 2400 BCE statue texts - - 60
Isis Isis (Aegis) Cat-like alien partner of Gary Seven 1968 TV series Star Trek episode "Assignment: Earth"
Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy Pamela Isley Plant-controlling supervillain; enemy of Batman 1966 comic series Batman issue #181 61
It / Pennywise / Robert "Bob" Gray It (monster) Principality that fed on fear and murdered children of Derry, Maine 1986 novel IT -
Italy Romano Italy Romano Embodiment of southern Italy who resembled a teenager 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia(62): Axis Powers Volume 1
Italy Veneziano Italy Veneziano Embodiment of northern Italy who resembled a teenager 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia(63): Axis Powers Volume 1
Cousin Itt Cousin Itt Hair creature adopted into Addams family 1965 TV series The Addams Family episode "Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family"
Ivan Ivan of Weyard Jupiter adept from Contigo; friend of Isaac 2001 video game Golden Sun -
Anthony Ivo Anthony Ivo Supervillain scientist; creator of Amazo 1960 comic series The Brave and the Bold Issue #30
Philena Ivy Philena Ivy Orange Islands Pokémon prof; usually high 1999 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (64) episode "Southern Pokémon and the GS Ball" (65) 66
Brock Iwa Brock Iwa Gym Leader of Pewter City; Red and Misty's traveling companion 1996 video game series Pokémon (67) Red Version (68) and Green Version (69) 70
Forrest Iwa Forrest Iwa Brock's younger brother; his replacement as Pewter Gym leader 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon episode "Nibi Gym Battle!" (71) 72
Izaya / Highfather Izaya Leader of the New Gods of New Genesis 1971 comic series New Gods issue #1
I.Z.O.R. / Gear I.Z.O.R. Onetime slave; Linsnerian cyborg; Legionnaire 1999 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #117
Izumi "Izzy" Koushiro Izumi Koushiro Genius DigiDestined partner of Tentomon 1999 animated film (anime) Digimon Adventure (73) - 74
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