Character Appendix Ge-Gi
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Gyro Gearloose Gyro Gearloose Scrooge McDuck's genius staff inventor; often made killer robots 1952 comic series Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issue #140
Jason Gekko / Mondo Gecko Jason Gekko Teen turned into lizard man; had very early '90s look 1991 comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures issue #18 1
Brian Gelber Brian Gelber White male human Avenue Q resident; failed comedian 2003 musical stage play Avenue Q - 2
Monica Geller Monica Geller Chef, formerly fat, member of NYC white friends in 1990s/2000s 1994 TV series Friends pilot episode
Ross Geller Ross Geller Whiny member of group of NYC white friends in 1990s/2000s 1994 TV series Friends pilot episode
Uri Geller Uri Geller Con artist "psychic" who could bend spoons N/A - - -
Brüno Gehard Brüno Gehard Flamboyantly gay Austrian associate of Ali G 2003 TV series Da Ali G Show episode "Law"
Robert "Bobby" Generic Bobby Generic Large-headed child with a big imagination 1990 animated TV series Bobby's World episode "The Visit to Aunt Ruth's" 3
Genghis Frog Genghis Frog One of the Punk Frogs; wielded axe 1988 animated TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Invasion of the Punk Frogs"
Genghis Khan / Temujin Genghis Khan Great Mongol conqueror and emperor of China N/A - - -
Genie Genie (djinn) Blue djinn and good friend of Aladdin 1709 short story One Thousand and One Nights (4) "Aladdin and the Lamp" 5
Genis-Vell / Legacy / Captain Marvel / Photon Genis-Vell Biologically constructed son of Mar-Vell; superhero wielder of Nega Bands 1993 comic series annual Silver Surfer Annual issue #6 6
Genny Genny of Zofia Shy Zofian healer and good friend of Celica 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (7) Gaiden (8)
Geno Geno (doll) Star being who occupied a doll form; ally of Mario 1996 video game Super Mario RPG (9) -
The Gentleman with the Thistle-down Hair The gentleman with the thistle-down hair Powerful Fey mage who enjoyed kidnapping humans for dance parties 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -
Geodude Brock's Geodude Brock Iwa's Geodude 1996 video game series Pokémon Red Version and Green Version
George of the Jungle/ George Ward George of the Jungle Accident prone white man in the jungle 1967 animated TV series George of the Jungle episode segment "The Sultan's Pearl" 10
Philippa Georgiou / Han Bo Philippa Philippa Georgiou Famed Starfleet captain of 23rd century; mentor to Michael Burnham 2017 online TV series Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Vulcan Hello" 11
Philippa Georgiou Philippa Georgiou (mirror) Emperor of the Terran Empire and later Section 31 head in prime reality 2018 online TV series Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Wolf Inside"
Aldo Geppetto Aldo Geppetto Puppeteer creator of Pinocchio; spent time in a whale 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio - 12
Geralt of Rivia Geralt of Rivia Heroic witcher on the Continent 1986 short story magazine Fantastyka "The Witcher" (13)
Gerik Gerik of Jehanna Mercenary leader from Jehanna; ally of Eirika and Ephraim 2004 video game series Fire Emblem (14) The Sacred Stones (15)
Germania Germania (Tan) Embodiment of Roman era German peoples 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2
Germany / Deutschland / Federal Republic of German / German Empire / Holy Roman Empire Germany (Tan) Embodiment of Holy Roman Empire reborn as embodiment of Germany 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Gerome Gerome (son of Cherche) Son of Cherche from apocalyptic future; rode Minerva to the past 2012 video game Fire Emblem Awakening
Saw Gerrera Saw Gerrera Prominent Rebel leader; raised Jyn Erso 2012 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "A War on Two Fronts"
Gerron Ral Gerron Ral Very young Bajoran Maquis member on Voyager in Delta Q; Tuvok's student 1995 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "Learning Curve"
Gex Gex TV-loving gecko who kept having to fight Rez 1995 video game Gex - 16
Gharnef Gharnef Evil mage who led invasion of Archanea 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (17) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (18)
Stuart Gharty Stuart Gharty Cowardly cop turned Homicide Detective then Lieutenant 1996 TV series Homicide: Life on the Streets episode "Scene of the Crime"
Annie Ghazikhanian Annie Ghazikhanian Nurse at Xavier's; "hated mutants"; had mutant son and lovers 2002 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #411
Iliana Ghemor Iliana Ghemor Cardassian Obsidian Order agent who was to replace Kira; went mad 1994 television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Second Skin"
Ghirahim Ghirahim Spirit of Demise's sword and malevolent agent 2011 video game series The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Ghostwriter / Ezra Jenkins Ghostwriter Ghost who could only read who befriended a bunch of kids 1992 TV series Ghostwriter episode "Ghost Story" Part 1
Alphonso "Al" / "Gee" Giardello Al Giardello Lieutenant/Captain of Baltimore Homicide in 1990s 1993 TV series Homicide: Life on the Street episode "Gone for Goode"
Alphonso Michael "Mike" Giardello Jr. Mike Giardello FBI agent and liaison to Baltimore Homicide; son of its captain 1998 TV series Homicide: Life on the Street episode "La Familia"
Kimberly "Kimmy" Gibbler Kimmy Gibbler Really annoying best friend of D.J. Tanner 1987 TV series Full House episode "The First Day of School"
Kyle Gibney / Wild Child / Wildheart/ Weapon Omega Kyle Gibney Feral mutant of Alpha Flight circles with alternating moral center 1984 comic series Alpha Flight issue #11 19
Maxine "Max" Gibson Max Gibson Genius ally of Terry McGinnis Batman 1999 animated TV series Batman Beyond episode "Splicers"
Gideon Gideon (judge) Judge of Israel who liked to challenge Yahweh's powers c. 700 BCE religious text Book of Judges (20) -
Gideon Gideon (External) Immortal mutant; manipulator of Sunspot 1991 comic series New Mutants issue #98
Gil / Gilgamesh Gil of Babylim Boy who lived in echo of Gilgamesh's life 1984 arcade video game The Tower of Druaga (21) -
Whitley Gilbert Whitley Gilbert Stuck up wealthy student at Hilldale in late 1980s 1987 TV series A Different World episode "Reconcilable Differences"
Rupert Giles Rupert Giles Buffy Summers's British watcher 1997 TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Welcome to Hellmouth"
Tyson Gilford / Blindside Tyson Gilford Black mutant youth who could turn invisible adopted into Weinberg family 2000 comic miniseries Relative Heroes issue #1
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Sumerian hero of legend; best friend of Enkidu c. 1750 BCE epic poem Epic of Gilgamesh - 22
Fantasio Gillain Fantasio Gillain Best friend and fellow cub reporter of Spirou 1944 comic strip magazine Spirou - 23
Gill-Man / The Creature from the Black Lagoon Gill-Man Murderous amphibious humanoid who dwelt in a black lagoon 1954 film The Creature from the Black Lagoon -
Hogarth "Hoagie" Gilligan Jr. / Numbuh 2 Hoagie Gilligan Fat white American boy member of Uno's Kids Next Door squad 2004 animated TV series Codename: Kids Next Door No P in the OOL
Willy Gilligan Willy Gilligan Idiot sailor who kept himself and castaways stuck on an island 1964 TV series Gilligan's Island episode "Two on a Raft" 24
Dobie Gillis Dobie Gillis Kind of dumb, preppy, girl-crazy 1950s teen; best friend of Maynard Krebs 1945 short story "The Unhappy Winner" -
Ian "Chunky" Gilmore Ian Gilmore Military leader of Intrusion Countermeasures Group 1988 TV series Doctor Who episode "Remembrance of the Daleks" Part One
Lorelai Gilmore Lorelai Gilmore Fast-talking single mom who eschewed wealth; daughter was best friend 2000 TV series Gilmore Girls pilot episode
Lorelai "Rory" Gilmore Rory Gilmore Daughter whose best friend is her mom Lorelai Gilmore 2000 TV series Gilmore Girls pilot episode
Zelda Gilroy Gillis Zelda Gilroy Smart girl with a crush on Dobie Gillis; later his wife c. 1959 short story "Love Is a Science" -
Gimli Gimli Irascible dwarf member of the Fellowship of the Ring; Legolas's best friend 1954 novel series The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring
Michel Ginko Michel Ginko Italian detective who endlessly chased Diabolik 1962 comic series Diabolik issue #1 25
Silver Giovanni Silver Giovanni Estranged son of Giovanni; thuggish rival to Ethan Ishihara 1999 video game series Pokémon (26) Gold Version (27) and Silver Version (28)
William Giovanni William Giovanni Team Rocket boss and Viridian City gym leader 1996 video game series Pokémon (29) Red Version (30) and Green Version (31) 32
Giratina Giratina Legendary Pokémon and agent of distortion (chaos) 2006 video game series Pokémon (33) Diamond Version (34) and Pearl Version (35)
Giriaenn / Ariel - Manraloth awoken by Jean-Luc Picard in 2350s; warred with Federation until moving to a higher plain 2007 novel series Star Trek: The Next Generation The Buried Age
Carlotta Giudicelli - Prima donna at Opera Garnier and rival to Christine Daaé 1909 novel The Phantom of the Opera (36) - 37
Gizmo Gizmo (Mogwai) Billy Peltzer's Mogwai friend whose offspring were evil 1984 film Gremlins -
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