Character Appendix Dp-Dt
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Draco Draco (DragonHeart) "Last dragon" with a valuable heart 1996 film DragonHeart -
Dracula / Vlad III Tepes Dracula Greatest vampire of all time; once Voivode of Wallachia 1897 novel Dracula - 1
Sam Dracula / Samuel the Frump Sam Dracula Vampire sorcerer elder of the Munster family 1964 TV series The Munsters episode "Munster Masquerade" 2
Ivan Drago Ivan Drago Soviet boxer; killed Apollo Creed 1985 film Rocky IV -
Dragon / Kurr Officer Dragon Amnesiac alien tyrant who became heroic policeman 1992 comic miniseries Savage Dragon issue #1 3
Richard Drakunovski / Richard Dragon Richard Dragon White kung-fu master; ally of the Question 1974 novel Dragon's Fists -
Barnaby Drake Barnaby Drake Salty old sea captain and Hoenn Elite Four member 2002 video game series Pokémon (4) Ruby Version (5) and Sapphire Version (6) 7
Dinah Drake/ Black Canary Dinah Drake Fishnet-clad 1940s superhero vigilante; started legacy 1947 comic series Flash Comics issue #86
Doofus Drake Doofus Drake Fat bespectacled associate of the Duck triplets; deranged after "reboot" 1987 animated TV series DuckTales episode "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"
Luana Drake Luana Drake Double-battle enthusiast; hotelier and Kumquat gym leader 1999 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (8) episode "Tag Battle! The Final Gym!" (9) 10
Marla Drake/ Miss Fury/ Black Fury Marla Drake 1940s female cat-themed vigilante hero 1941 comic strip ??? -
Nathan "Nate" Morgan Drake Nathan Drake Kind of shady treasure hunter supposedly descended from Francis Drake 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune -
Paul "Spudsy" Drake Paul Drake Private detective friend/ colleague of Perry Mason 1933 novel series Perry Mason The Case of the Velvet Claws
Robert "Bobby" Drake / Iceman Bobby Drake Cold-generating gay mutant original X-Man 1963 comic series X-Men issue #1
Timothy "Tim" Drake / Robin / Red Robin Tim Drake Third Robin partner of Batman; Young Justice founder 1989 comic series Batman issue #436 11
Travis Drake Travis Drake Leader of the Orange Crew on Pummelo Island 1999 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon (12) episode "Winner's Cup! Full Battle, 6 Vs. 6!" (13) 14
Donald "Don" Draper / Richard "Dick" Whitman Don Draper 1960s advertising executive of loose morals 2007 TV series Mad Men episode "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" 15
Roberta "Bobbie" Draper Bobbie Draper Martian marine ally of Rocinante crew 2012 novel series The Expanse Caliban's War
Draug Draug of Altea Heavily armored Altean soldier; close ally of Marth 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (16) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (17)
Eric Draven / The Crow Eric Draven Murdered youth; first host of the vengeance Crow spirit 1989 comic series Caliber Presents issue #1 18
Drax / Infinity Man Drax (Infinity Man) Darkseid's brother; murdered and resurrected as Forever People gestalt form 1971 comic series Forever People issue #1
Drax the Destroyer / Arthur Douglas Drax the Destroyer Man resurrected as literal-minded Thanos-hunter 1973 comic series Iron Man issue #55
Drax Drax (Time Lord) School buddy of the Doctor; became multi-incarnation con man 1979 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Armageddon Factor" Part Five
David Drayton - Leader of a group of survivors during an alien mist crisis 1980 novella Dark Forces anthology The Mist
Frank Drebin Frank Drebin Incompetent detective and chief agent of Police Squad! 1982 TV series Police Squad! episode "A Substantial Gift" (or "The Broken Promise")
Vincent Dreck / Mesmero Vincent Dreck Green-skinned hypnotic mutant supervillain 1968 comic series X-Men issue #49 19
Judge Joseph Dredd Joseph Dredd Prominent judge (cop) in Mega City One 1977 comic series 2000 AD issue #2
Dan Dreiberg / Nite-Owl Dan Dreiberg Gadget using second Nite Owl; onetime lover of Laurie Juspeczyk 1986 comic miniseries Watchmen issue #1
Gerald "Gerry" Drew / Spider-Man Gerry Drew Son of Jessica Drew; followed in her footsteps 2001 comic series Spider-Girl issue #32
Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman Jessica Drew First hero called Spider-Woman; sometimes private detective 1977 comic series Marvel Spotlight issue #32
Nancy Drew Nancy Drew World famous 20th century girl private detective 1930 novel series Nancy Drew The Secret of the Old Clock
Tamsin Drew Tamsin Drew "Replacement" companion of 8th Doctor and Monk; murdered by Daleks 2010 audio drama series Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures Situation Vacant
Cody Driscoll / Risk Cody Driscoll H'San Natall/Human hybrid; Teen Titan with superstrength; white trash 1996 comic series Teen Titans issue #1
Jack Driscoll Jack Driscoll Sailor and love of Ann Darrow; faced King Kong 1933 film King Kong -
Anthony Ludgate Druid / Dr. Druid / Dr. Droom Anthony Druid White sorcerer with Asian-focused druid powers 1961 comic series Amazing Adventures issue #1
Sebastian Druid Sebastian Druid Son of Dr. Druid; mage in Secret Warriors 2008 comic series Mighty Avengers issue #13
Hart Druiter / Nemesis Kid Hart Druiter Obvious traitor to Legion of Super-Heroes 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #346
Camina Drummer Camina Drummer Fred Johnson's second in command & commander of Medina Station 2015 novel series The Expanse Nemesis Games
Kimberly Drummond Kimberly Drummond Biological daughter of wealthy Philip Drummond 1978 TV series Diff'rent Strokes episode "Movin' In"
Phillip "Phil" Drummond Phillip Drummond Wealthy white New York businessman; adopted two black orphans in 1970s 1978 TV series Diff'rent Strokes episode "Movin' In"
Thomas Drury / Muffin Man Thomas Drury Creator of living baked goods c. 1820 traditional nursery rhyme The Muffin Man - 20
Drusilla Drusilla (stepsister) Cinderella's taller, thinner, meaner stepsister 1697 short story Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals (21) "Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper" (22) 23
Dru-Zod Dru-Zod Kryptonian criminal and terrorist; Phantom Zone prisoner; Superman enemy 1961 comic series Adventure Comics issue #283
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