Character Appendix Da


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Beatriz da Costa / Fire / Green Flame / Green Fury Beatriz da Costa Brazilian hero with green fire powers 1979 comic series Super Friends issue #25 1
Christine Daaé Christine Daaé Opera singer in 1880s Paris; the Phantom of the Opera's target 1909 novel The Phantom of the Opera (2) -
Abslom Daak Abslom Daak Criminal made into a Dalek hunter; associate of the Doctor 1980 comic story Doctor Who Weekly story in issue #17
Dabisch Dabisch Gallamite communications officer on Pike's Enterprise 1998 novel miniseries Star Trek: The Captain's Table Where Sea Meets Sky
Roberto "Berto" / "Bobby" DaCosta / Sunspot Roberto DaCosta Solar-powered Brazilian mutant in X-Men circles 1982 graphic novel series Marvel Graphic Novel issue #4
Daedalus / Ikaris Daedalus Eternal inventor whose son died flying close to the sun c. 700 BCE epic poem Homer's Iliad (3) - 4
Gozz Daggle / Forme - 30th century Durlan religious leader; murdered and resurrected as brainwashed monster 1995 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #68
Reep "Cham" Daggle / Chameleon Reep Daggle Durlan shape-shifter and Legionnaire 1960 comic series Action Comics issue #267 5
Ren Daggle / The Durlan / "R.J. Brande" Ren Daggle Durlan slave turned L.E.G.I.O.N. operative, sent to the future 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #350 6
Zurin Dakal Zurin Dakal First Cardassian in Starfleet; science division on Titan 2005 novel series Star Trek: Titan Taking Wing
Daken / Nakamura Akihiro/ Wolverine Daken Son of Wolverine with a huge resentment; feral 2006 comic series Wolverine: Origins issue #5
Dakimh Dakimh Ancient Atlantean sorcerer and ally of Man-Thing and Howard the Duck 1973 comic series Fear issue #14
Dale Dale (chipmunk) Kind of dumb chipmunk; brother of Chip; Rescue Rangers member 1943 animated short film Private Pluto -
Jimmie Dale / The Grey Seal Jimmie Dale Vigilante safecracker 1914 short story People's Magazine magazine -
Salvador Dalí Salvador Dalí 20th century surrealist artist; creator of The Persistence of Memory N/A - - -
Poe Dameron Poe Dameron Resistance leader during First Order era; cocky 2015 film series Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Vanessa Damphousse Vanessa Damphousse Black woman member of 58th Squadron; had a daughter 1995 TV series Space: Above and Beyond pilot episode
Anna Marie D'Ancanto / Rogue Anna Marie D'Ancanto Mutant with power draining powers and X-Men mainstay 1981 comic series annual Avengers Annual issue #10 7
Alexander Dane Alexander Dane Actor who played alien Dr. Lazarus on Galaxy Quest; met aliens 1999 film Galaxy Quest -
Darrel Dane / Doll Man Darrel Dane Tiny hero and original member of Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters 1939 comic series Feature Comics issue #27
Lorna Dane / Polaris / Magnetrix Lorna Dane Green-haired magnetic mutant hero; often with mental illness 1968 comic series X-Men issue #49 8
Zip Danger / Frantic Zip Danger Super fast gay Awesomes member 2013 online animated TV series The Awesomes pilot episode
Evan Daniels / Spyke Evan Daniels Ororo Munroe's bone expelling mutant nephew; X-Men trainee 2000 animated TV series X-Men Evolution episode "Speed and Spyke"
Lisa Daniels Lisa Daniels Sociopath who slept with Johnny and his best friend Mark 2003 film The Room - 9
Wilbur "Wilby" Daniels Wilby Daniels Teenage boy in 1950s who was cursed to turn into a shaggy dog 1959 film The Shaggy Dog -
Hugo Danner Hugo Danner Early 20th century mutant strongman 1930 novel Gladiator -
Edmond Dantès Edmond Dantès Wrongly convicted Frenchman who escaped and became rich 1844 novel The Count of Monte Cristo (10) -
Carol Danvers / Ms. Marvel / Binary / Warbird / Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Extremely powerful ex-military; memories stolen by Rogue 1968 comic series Marvel Super-Heroes issue #13 11
Linda Danvers / Supergirl Linda Danvers Troubled young woman who merged w. Matrix Supergirl; remained hero after 1996 comic series Supergirl issue #1
Mae Danvers / Matrix / Supergirl / Superpower Mae Danvers Protoplasmic life-form, first Supergirl, shape-shifting/merging hero 1988 comic series Superman issue #16 12
Fitzwilliam Darcy Fitzwilliam Darcy Arrogant & wealthy English gentleman; pursued Elizabeth Bennet 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice -
Marcy Bearse Rhoades D'Arcy Marcy D'Arcy Bundys' next door neighbor and Peggy's best friend 1987 TV series Married… with Children pilot episode 13
Daniel "Dan" Dare Dan Dare Imperialist interplanetary British pilot 1950 comic strip story magazine Eagle issue #1
Solon Darga / Phantom Lad Solon Darga Wannabe replacement for Tinya Wazzo; became mentally unstable villain 1975 comic series Superboy issue #212
Pannakin Crybaby / Dark Helmet Dark Helmet Short guy with big helmet and villainous user of the Schwartz 1987 film Spaceballs - 14
Dark Pit / Pittoo Dark Pit Edgy clone of Pit 2012 video game series Kid Icarus Uprising
Dark Samus / Metroid Prime Dark Samus Phazon-infused Metroid turned into Samus doppelganger 2002 video game Metroid Prime -
Raven Darkhölme / Mystique Raven Darkhölme Murderous shape-shifting mutant terrorist; Nightcrawler & Rogue's mother 1978 comic series Ms. Marvel issue #16
Darkrai Darkrai Legendary Pokémon who ruled over nightmares 2006 video game series Pokémon (15) Diamond Version (16) and Pearl Version (17)
Darkseid / Uxas Darkseid God-like ruler of Apokolips; sought Anti-Life Equation 1970 comic series Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen issue #134
Binky Kent Darling / First Twin Binky Darling One of a pair of twins amongst Peter Pan's Lost Boys 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 18
Curly Darling / Carl Lee Curly Darling One of Peter Pan's Lost Boys; had curly hair 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 19
John Darling John Darling Wendy Darling's brother and one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys with a top hat 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up -
Marmaduke Kent Darling / Second Twin Marmaduke Darling The other of a pair of twins amongst Peter Pan's Lost Boys 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 20
Michael Darling Michael Darling Wendy Darling's brother and youngest Lost Boy; suicide 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up -
Nibs Darling / Neville Smith Nibs Darling One of Peter Pan's Lost Boys; grew up to be dedicated parent 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 21
Slightly Darling / Edward Slight Slightly Darling One of Peter Pan's Lost Boys; slightly sad 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 22
Tootles Darling / Thomas Dell Tootles Darling Brave member of Peter Pan's Lost Boys 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 23
Wendy Darling Sweet Wendy Darling London girl and Peter Pan's true love/Lost Boys' mother figure (yuck) 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 24
Darros Darros (pirate) Pirate who defected to Marth's army 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (25) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (26)
Ann Darrow Ann Darrow Human woman who was pursued by King Kong 1933 film King Kong -
Charles de Batz d'Artagnan d'Artagnan Sidekick and protege of the Three Musketeers 1844 novel The Three Musketeers (27) - 28
Darth Maul Darth Maul Apprentice to Darth Sidious, cut in half, then leader of Crimson Dawn 1999 film series Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Daruk Daruk Goron Champion who fought Calamity Ganon 2017 video game series The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Darunia Darunia Goron Sage of Fire during Hero of Time era; Goron Big Brother 1998 video game series The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Charles Darwin Charles Darwin 19th century scientist; famous for theory of evolution by natural selection N/A - - -
Elinor Dashwood Elinor Dashwood Early 19th century Englishwoman with a good deal of 'sense' 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility -
Marianne Dashwood Marianne Dashwood Early 19th century Englishwoman with many passions ('sensibility') 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility -
Dask Dask (Neutrino) Leader of the Neutrino rebels allied with Turtles 1987 animated TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Hotrodding Teenagers from Dimension X"
Data Data (android) Soong-type android member of Starfleet; wanted to be human 1987 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint"
William "Bill" Dauterive Bill Dauterive One Hank Hill's friends; sad sack divorced army barber 1997 animated TV series King of the Hill pilot episode
David David of the United Monarchy Boy shepherd who murdered Philistine Goliath; became king of Israel c. 800 BCE slab Tel Dan Stele -
Andrew "Andy" Davidson Andy Davidson Welsh cop, former partner of Gwen Cooper, and Torchwood associate 2006 TV series Torchwood episode "Everything Changes"
Sharon Davies Allen Sharon Davies Young Brit companion of 4th Doctor; hyper-aged, married, became journalist 1980 comic strip Doctor Who Weekly magazine issue #19 story "Doctor Who and the Star Beast" 29
Andrew "Andy" Davis Andy Davis Boy who owned Woody and Buzz Lightyear 1995 animated film Toy Story -
Arlene Davis / Gadget Gal Arlene Davis Veteran Awesomes member; de-aged and joined 2010s incarnation 2013 online animated series The Awesomes pilot episode 30
Benjamin "Ben" Davis Ben Davis Severely bipolar brother of Wendy Byrde 2020 streaming series Ozark episode "Civil Union"
Charles Davis / "Scorpio" - Serial killer in 1971 San Francisco; killed by Dirty Harry Callahan 1971 film Dirty Harry -
DeMarr Davis / Doorman DeMarr Davis Mutant portal generator in Great Lakes Avengers; later reaper of the dead 1989 comic series West Coast Avengers issue #46
Fred Davis Jr. / Bucky Fred Davis Friend and successor to Bucky Barnes 1976 comic series Marvel Premiere issue #30
Kenneth "Kenny" Davis Kenny Davis Childhood rival to Dawn Palmieri 2007 animated TV series Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (31) episode "Pokémon Contest! Sonoo Tournament!!" (32) 33
Samuel "Sammy" Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr. Legendary 20th century multi-talented entertainer; "one-eyed Black Jew" N/A - - -
Colin Davison / Villager Colin Davison Immortal boy who visited Animal Crossing towns 2001 video game Animal Forest (34) - 35
Davros Davros Severely disfigured creator of the Daleks; endlessly returning 1975 TV series Doctor Who episode "Genesis of the Daleks" Part One
Barnyard Dawg Barnyard Dawg Guard dog and foil to Foghorn Leghorn 1946 animated short film Walky Talky Hawky -
Jack Dawkins / The Artful Dodger Jack Dawkins Super clever orphan thief friend of Oliver Twist 1837 serialized novel Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress -
Dawnstar Dawnstar Human/Thanagarian hybrid Legionnaire with Native American motif 1977 comic series Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes issue #226
Jack Dawson Jack Dawson Worldly poor lad who drowned on Titanic 1997 film Titanic -
Michael Dawson Michael Dawson Castaway on the Island; always fretted over his son Walt 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" Part 1 36
Shauna Dawson Shauna Dawson Kalosois Pokémon trainer; close friend of Serena Denis 2013 video game series Pokémon X Version and Y Version 37
Dax Dax symbiont Long-lived symbiont joined to many hosts including Jadzia and Ezri 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary"
Audrid Simod Dax Audrid Dax 4th host of Dax symbiont; Symbiosis Commission member 1999 short story Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology The Lives of Daxanthology "Sins of the Mother" 38
Curzon Antrani Dax Curzon Dax Eccentric Trill diplomat; mentor of Ben Sisko and 7th Dax host 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" 39
Emony Odaren Dax Emony Dax Gymnast 3rd host of Dax symbiont 1999 short story anthology Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Lives of Dax story "Old Souls"
Ezri Tigan Dax Ezri Dax Accidental 9th host of Dax symbiont; counselor turned Starfleet captain 1998 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Image in the Sand" 40
Jadzia Idaris Dax Jadzia Dax Chief science officer on DS9; vibrant 8th host of Dax symbiont 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" 41
Joran Belar Dax Joran Dax Murderous musician and secret Dax host 1995 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Equilibrium"
Lela Yurani Dax Lela Dax Trill politician; first woman in council; first host of Dax 1999 short story Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology The Lives of Dax "First Steps" 42
Tobin Fendus Dax Tobin Dax Trill engineer; second host to Dax symbiont 1999 short story anthology Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Lives of Dax "Dead Man's Hand" 43
Torias Kashen Dax Torias Dax Trill pilot killed in transwarp accident; host of Dax 1999 short story Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology The Lives of Daxanthology "Infinity" 44
Daxter Daxter Elfin guy turned into weasel creature; best friend of Jak 2001 video game Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy -
Aliya Dayspring / Jenskot Aliya Dayspring Cable's wife in the distant future; murdered freedom fighter 1993 comic series Cable issue #1
Tyler Dayspring / Tolliver / Genesis Tyler Dayspring Cable's son; murdered, resurrected, went insane 1991 comic series X-Force issue #5
Richard Daystrom Richard Daystrom 23rd century computer genius; creator of M-5; temporarily insane 1968 TV series Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer"
Steven "Steve" Dayton / Mento Steve Dayton Hero with telepathic helmet; pressured Elasti-Girl into marrying him 1964 comic series Doom Patrol issue #91
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