Character Appendix Ci-Cn


No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Cia Cia (Hylian) Hyrulean guardian of time; obsessed with Link (of all ages) 2014 video game Hyrule Warriors (1) -
Lori Ciana Lori Ciana Starfleet admiral kill in transporter; Kirk's ex-wife 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture - 2
Marcus Tullius Cicero Marcus Cicero Famed Roman orator; known for his rhetoric N/A - - -
Cinderella Cinderella Abused girl who became princess with magical glass shoes 1634 short story anthology Pentamerone "Cenerentola" 3
Circe / Sersi Circe Ancient Greek sorceress (part Eternal); turned people into pigs c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony (4) - 5
Cir-El / Mia Wells / Supergirl Cir-El Pawn of Futuresmiths; false daughter of Lois & Clark 2003 comic one-shot Superman: The 10¢ Adventure - 6
Edgar Cizko / Doctor Psycho Edgar Cizko Little person telepathic supervillain and Wonder Woman enemy 1943 comic series Wonder Woman issue #5 7
Clair Clair of Zofia Stuck up Pegasus knight in Deliverance; Clive's sister 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (8) Gaiden (9)
Clank / XJ-0461 Clank Heroic robot and best friend/partner of Ratchet 2002 video game Ratchet & Clank -
Claptrap Claptrap (CL4P-TP) Friendly robot on Pandora; lonely and obnoxious 2009 video game Borderlands -
Clara Clara (Samantha's aunt) Samantha's somewhat senile witch aunt 1964 TV series Bewitched episode "The Witches Are Out"
Clara Clara of the Fairytale Kingdom Medieval princess and Drawn Together reality TV star 2004 animated TV series Drawn Together episode "Hot Tub"
Clarine Clarine of Etruria Stuck-up rich girl healer; member of Roy's army 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (10) The Binding Blade (11)
Clarisse Clarisse (assassin) Resentful archer assassin ally of Eremiya 2010 video game series Fire Emblem (12) New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow13 14
Andrew "Andy" Clark Andrew Clark Athletic teen at Shermer High School in 1984 1985 film The Breakfast Club -
Brandy Clark / Starshine Brandy Clark Human love interest and later colleague of Rom the Spaceknight 1979 comic series Rom: Spaceknight issue #1 15
Constance Kent Clarke Constance Clarke British WWII military operative and 6th Doctor companion 2015 audio drama miniseries Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure The End of the Line 16
Micah Clarke Micah Clarke English youth caught up in Monmouth Rebellion 1889 novel Micah Clarke -
Claudia Claudia (vampire child) Orphan girl vampirized into pseudo-daughter of Lestat and Louis 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire -
Claus / Masked Man Claus of Nowhere Lucas's dead, reborn as cyborg, brainwashed twin brother 2006 video game Mother 3 -
Clifford "Cliff" Clavin Jr. Cliff Clavin Postal worker barfly at Cheers who spews false facts 1982 TV series Cheers episode "Give Me a Ring Sometime"
George Claw / Doctor Claw / Sanford Scolex George Claw Mysterious enemy of Inspector Gadget 1982 animated TV series Inspector Gadget pilot episode 17
Lilith Clay / Omen Lilith Clay Telepathic youth and early Teen Titan 1970 comic series Teen Titans issue #25 18
Sam Clay / Sammy Klayman Sammy Clay Gay Jewish youth; co-creator of The Escapist 2000 novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay -
Clara Clayton Brown Clara Clayton Late 19th century teacher and Emmett Brown's wife 1989 film Back to the Future Part III -
John "Jack" Clayton IV / Korak Jack Clayton Son of Jane Porter and Tarzan 1914 serialized novel The Eternal Lover - 19
Clea Clea Mystic denizen of Dark Dimension; Dr. Strange's ex-wife; dated Ben Franklin 1964 comic series Strange Tales issue #126
June Bronson Cleaver June Cleaver Suburban white mother in 1950s; mother of the Beaver & Wally 1957 anthology TV series Studio 57 episode "It's a Small World" 20
Theodore "The Beaver" Cleaver Beaver Cleaver Suburban white boy in 1950s with an older brother and bland adventures 1957 anthology TV series Studio 57 episode "It's a Small World"
Wallace "Wally" Cleaver Wally Cleaver Suburban white boy in 1950s; older brother of the Beaver 1957 anthology TV series Studio 57 episode "It's a Small World"
Ward Cleaver Ward Cleaver Suburban white father in 1950s; father of the Beaver & Wally 1957 anthology TV series Studio 57 episode "It's a Small World"
Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain Samuel Clemens Late 19th century American satirist N/A - - -
Andrew Clements / Ultra Man Andrew Clements Canadian teenage boy who got powers from scientist neighbor Dr. Jeffcoate 1988 TV series My Secret Identity pilot episode
Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford the Big Red Dog Enormous red dog of bland disposition 1963 picture book Clifford the Big Red Dog -
David Clinton / Chronos David Clinton Time-manipulating supervillain; enemy of the Atom 1962 comic series The Atom issue #3
William "Bill" Clinton / Blythe Bill Clinton U.S. president in 1990s; known for dalliances N/A - - -
Clive Clive of Zofia Original leader of the Deliverance turned Alm's advisor 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (21) Gaiden (22)
Kit Cloudkicker Kit Cloudkicker Orphan boy bear and Baloo's son who surfed the clouds 1990 animated TV series TaleSpin episode "Plunder & Lightning"
Jacques Clouseau Jacques Clouseau Accident-prone incompetent French police inspector 1963 film The Pink Panther -
Clumsy Smurf Clumsy Smurf Accident-prone Smurf 1961 comic strip Johan and Perlouit story "The Cursed Land"
Clyde Clyde (ghost) Orange Pacman ghost; kinda dumb 1980 arcade video game Pac-Man -
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