Character Appendix Bm-Bq
No Character Reference Description Debut medium title unit N
BMO BMO Finn and Jake's game console friend 2010 animated TV series Adventure Time episode "Business Time"
Boa Hancock Boa Hancock Kuja warrior pirate captain empress 2008 comic series (manga) One Piece Chapter 516: "Pirate Empress Boa Hancock" (1)
Bob / Guardian 452 Bob (Guardian) Guardian of Mainframe; love of Dot Matrix 1994 animated TV series ReBoot episode "The Tearing"
Bob the Tomato Bob the Tomato Evangelical tomato 1993 animated direct-to-video series Veggie Tales Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
Bert Bobbsey Bert Bobbsey Older boy Bobbsey Twin 1904 novel The Bobbsey Twins, or Merry Days Indoors and Out -
Flossie Bobbsey Flossie Bobbsey Younger girl Bobbsey twin 1904 novel The Bobbsey Twins, or Merry Days Indoors and Out -
Freddie Bobbsey Freddie Bobbsey Younger boy Bobbsey twin 1904 novel The Bobbsey Twins, or Merry Days Indoors and Out -
Nan Bobbsey Nan Bobbsey Older girl Bobbsey twin 1904 novel The Bobbsey Twins, or Merry Days Indoors and Out -
Bobby Bobby (Goodfeather) Mostly cool leader of the Goodfeather pigeons 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Bonkers Bobcat Bonkers Bobcat Washed up Toon actor turned policeman; partnered with humans 1992 animated TV series Raw Toonage He's Bonkers segment "Spatula Party"
Professor Bobo Professor Bobo Gorilla minion of Pearl Forrester 1997 TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode The Revenge of the Creature
Bobolonius / Sultan Bobolonius Adorable diminutive sultan of Agrabah 1992 animated film Aladdin - 2
Roger Bochs/ Box Roger Bochs Robot armor inventor with no legs below knee; Alpha Flight member 1984 comic series Alpha Flight issue #11
Bodger / Ch. Boroughcastle Brigadier of Doune Bodger (dog) Older dog who led friends Luath and Tao across Canada 1961 novel The Incredible Journey -
Marco Bodt Marco Bodt Gentle child soldier who fought the Titans; in love with Jean Kirstein 2009 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan (3) chapter "That Day" (4)
Boey Boey of Zofia Celica's childhood friend; had rivalry/love for Mae 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (5) Gaiden (6)
Bofur Bofur Member of Thorin's Company; brother of Bifur and cousin of Bombur 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Andy Bogard Andy Bogard King of Fighters combatant; Terry Bogard's little brother 1991 arcade video game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters -
Terry Bogard Terry Bogard King of Fighters combatant and champ; concerned for others' welfare 1991 arcade video game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters -
Barnell "Barry" Bohusk / Beak / Blackwing Barry Bohusk Mutant hero who often looked like a plucked chicken; lots of heart, no brains 2001 comic series New X-Men issue #117 7
Bradward "Brad" Boimler Brad Boimler Uptight young Starfleet officer with purple hair in 2380s 2020 online animated series Star Trek:Lower Decks episode "Second Contact"
Stanley "Stan" Bolander / Big Man Stan Bolander Baltimore homicide detective; Munch's divorced partner 1993 TV series Homicide: Life on the Street episode "Gone for Goode"
Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn Queen consort of England; murdered for convenience by Henry VIII N/A - - -
Ahura Boltagon Ahura Boltagon Inhuman son of Medusa and Black Bolt 1988 graphic novel series Marvel Graphic Novel issue #39
Maximus Boltagon Maximus Boltagon Crazy telepathic brother of Black Bolt 1966 comic series Fantastic Four issue #46
Laevar Bolto / Cosmic King Laevar Bolto Alchemical co-founder of Legion of Super-Villains 1961 comic series Superman issue #147
Clint Bolton / Jab Clint Bolton Human turned into heroic hammerhead man; "laziest" of the Street Sharks 1994 animated TV series Street Sharks episode "Sharkbait"
Coop Bolton / Big Slammu Coop Bolton Human turned into heroic shark man; youngest of the Street Sharks 1994 animated TV series Street Sharks episode "Sharkbait"
John Bolton / Ripster John Bolton Human turned into heroic shark man; oldest and leader of the Street Sharks 1994 animated TV series Street Sharks episode "Sharkbait"
Robert "Bobby" Bolton / Streex Bobby Bolton Human turned into heroic shark man; most EXTREME of the Street Sharks 1994 animated TV series Street Sharks episode "Sharkbait"
Troy Bolton Troy Bolton White boy who played basketball and sang with a girl he liked (a robot?) 2006 television film High School Musical -
Tom Bombadil Tom Bombadil Oddball principality of Middle-Earth's forests 1934 poem ??? -
Hubert Bombay Hubert Bombay Mystic physician and family doctor to the Stephens family 1967 TV series Bewitched episode "There's Gold in Them Thar Pills" 8
Shirobon / Bomberman Bomberman Bomb-generating robot hero 1983 video game Bomberman -
Bombette Bombette Friendly Bob-omb and ally of Mario 2000 video game Paper Mario -
Bombur Bombur Fattest dwarf in Thorin's Company 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte French dictator of early 19th century and conqueror of Europe N/A - - -
Campion Bond Campion Bond British spy in late 19th century; duplicitous associate of League 1999 comic series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen issue #1
James Bond / Agent 007 James Bond Suave British spy; unknowingly a Time Lord 1953 novel Casino Royale -
James Bond Jr. James Bond Jr. Teenage clone "nephew" of famous spy (Time Lord) 1967 novel The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½ -
Mr. Bones Mr. Bones Person with invisible and corrosive skin; DEO director 1985 comic series Infinity Inc. issue #16
Boney Boney (dog) Dog from Nowhere; Lucas's pet 2003 video game Mother 3 -
Bonk Bonk Giant headed humanoid resembling a caveman; heroic 1989 comic strip PC-Genjin - 9
Salvatore "Sonny" Bono Sonny Bono Onetime singing partner/husband to Cher N/A - - -
Chicken Boo Chicken Boo Giant chicken who often had temporary success pretending to be human 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov"
Derrial Book / Henry Evans Derrial Book Mysterious shepherd aboard Serenity 2002 TV series Firefly episode "Serenity" 10
Booker Booker (chick) Chick "son" of Orson; worm hunter 1986 comic strip U.S. Acres -
Dennis Booker Dennis Booker Bad boy later addition to original Jump Street program 1988 TV series 21 Jump Street episode "Fun with Animals"
Boomer Boomer (pilot) Viper pilot turned Adama's second 1978 TV series Battlestar Galactica episode "Saga of a Star World"
Christopher Boone Christopher Boone Severely pseudo-autistic amateur detective 2003 novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time -
Betty Boop Betty Boop Monochrome flapper 1930 animated short film series Talkartoons Dizzy Dishes
Boota Boota Simon Giha's special pig-mole 2007 animated TV series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (11) episode "Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!" (12)
John Wilkes Booth John Wilkes Booth Malcontent in 1860s; murderer of President Abraham Lincoln N/A - - -
Seeley Booth Seeley Booth FBI agent assigned to work with Temperance Brennan 2005 TV series Bones pilot episode
Boothby Boothby (8472) Prominent Groundskeeper alien who took form of Liam Boothby 1998 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "In the Flesh"
Liam Boothby Liam Boothby Long-time groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy 1992 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The First Duty" 13
Geofreey Boothroyd / Q Geoffrey Boothroyd Major British espionage agent who works with James Bond. 1958 novel Dr. No - 14
B'Oraq B'Oraq Klingon physician who served on IKS Gorkon 2001 novel series Star Trek: The Next Generation Diplomatic Implausibility
Sasha Bordeaux Sasha Bordeaux Bruce Wayne's bodyguard; later Checkmate agent 2000 comic series Detective Comics issue #571
Belladonna Bordreaux Belladonna Bordreaux Mutant assassin from New Orleans; Gambit's ex-wife 1992 comic series X-Men issue #8
Victor Borkowski / Anole Victor Borkowski Lizard-like gay mutant hero with prehensile tongue 2003 comic series New Mutants issue #2 15
Boromir Boromir Gondor Man and Fellowship member; briefly tempted but died honorably 1954 novel series The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring
Bors Bors of Lycia Ostian soldier of Lycia; older brother of Gwendolyn 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (16) The Binding Blade (17)
Borusa Borusa Time Lord president who had lots of quick regenerations 1976 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Deadly Assassin" Part One
Bosko Bosko Monochrome mammal; Honey's partner 1929 animated short film series Looney Tunes The Talk-Ink Kid
John Bosley John Bosley Charlie Townsend's liaison in the Angels organization 1976 broadcast film Charlie's Angels -
Botan Botan Reaper resembling teenage girl; close ally of Urameshi Yusuke 1990 comic series (manga) Yu Yu Hakusho (18) chapter "Goodbye Material World!!" (19)
Botanica / Analytica Botanica Plant-based Predacon who joined Optimus Primal's group 2000 animated TV series Beast Machines: Transformers episode "Home Soil" 20
Bouldy Bouldy Sisyphus's apparently sapient boulder partner 2020 video game Hades -
Patricia "Patty" Bouvier Patty Bouvier One of Marge Simpson's older twin sisters; angry lesbian 1989 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"
Selma Bouvier Selma Bouvier One of Marge Simpson's older twin sisters; desired husband/ motherhood 1989 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"
Bova Ayrshire Bova Ayrshire High Evolutionary-created human/cow hybrid; often acted as a midwife 1974 comic series Giant-Size Avengers issue #1
Emma Rouault Bovary Emma Bovary Country doctor's wife with need for more; had affairs and suicide 1856 novel Madame Bovary - 21
Bow Bow of Etheria Young archer and best friend of Glimmer and Adora 1985 animated TV series She-Ra: Princess of Power episode "Into Etheria"
Bow Bow (Boo) Pompous rich wealthy lady Boo 2000 video game Paper Mario -
Tandy Bowen / Dagger Tandy Bowen Light dagger-generating partner of Cloak 1982 comic series Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man issue #64
Angela Robinson Bower Angela Bower Advertising executive with a male housekeeper 1984 TV series Who's the Boss? pilot episode
Jonathan Bower Jonathan Bower Obviously gay son of Angela Bower 1984 TV series Who's the Boss? pilot episode
Henry Bowers Henry Bowers Derry, Maine's most prominent tween bully in 1950s 1986 novel IT -
Samaritan "Sam" Bowers Sam Bowers Defiant tactical officer & Aventine first officer 2001 novel Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Avatar, Book One 22
Isaac Bowin / Fiddler Isaac Bowin Music-manipulating enemy of the original Flash 1948 comic series All-Flash issue #32
David "Dave" Bowman / The Star Child Dave Bowman Astronaut who went to Jovian area; turned into space baby 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey -
Bowwow Bowwow (Chain Chomp) Chain Chomp who lived for a time on Koholint Island 1988 video game Super Mario Bros. 3 - 23
Boy Boy (son of Tarzan) White boy lost in the jungle; adopted by Tarzan 1939 film Tarzan Finds a Son! -
Philip Boyce Philip Boyce Chief medical officer on Pike's Enterprise 1967 TV series Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" Part I
Boyd Boyd of Crimea Middle of three green-haired mercenary brothers working with Greil/Ike 2005 medium Fire Emblem (24) Path of Radiance (25)
B.O.Y.D. B.O.Y.D. Robot parrot child; created by Gyro Gearloose 2019 animated TV series DuckTales episode "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!"
Patrice Boyd / Pretty Boy - Murderous Australian cyborg with handsome face, sexy body, and mind-control eye tentacles 1988 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #229
Woodrow "Woody" Boyd Woody Boyd Dumb bartender at Cheers bar 1985 TV series Cheers episode "Birth, Death, Love, and Rice"
Abigail "Abby" Boylen / Cloud 9 Abby Boylen Girl who could control and ride clouds; Avengers Initiative graduate 2007 comic series Avengers: The Initiative issue #1
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