Character Appendix Bf-Bl


No Character Reference Description Debut medium title unit N
B-4 - Early Soong-type android of limited capacity 2002 film series Star Trek Nemesis
Max Bialystock Max Bialystock Greedy con man who produced Springtime for Hitler; partner of Leo Bloom 1967 film The Producers -
Bo "Bibbo" Bibbowski Bibbo Bibbowski Roughneck tavern owner and big fan of Superman 1987 comic series Adventures of Superman issue #428
Bifur Bifur Member of Thorin's Company of dwarfs; cousin of Bofur and Bombur 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Big Bear Big Bear Largest of the Forever People 1971 comic series Forever People issue #1
Big Bird Big Bird Gentle giant canary living on Sesame Street 1969 TV series Sesame Street episode 1
Big Giant Head Big Giant Head Head of the Throkfrum civilization 1999 TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Dick's Big Giant Headache" (Part 1)
Big the Cat Big the Cat Idiot cat ally of Sonic; obsessed with a tailed frog 1998 video game Sonic Adventure -
Bi-Han/ Sub-Zero/ Noob Saibot Bi-Han Original ice-wielding assassin; reborn as revenant 1992 arcade video game Mortal Kombat - 1
William "Billy the Kid" McCarty Bonney Billy the Kid Young Western outlaw murderer and friend of Bill & Ted N/A - - -
Chandler Bing Chandler Bing Very sarcastic member of group of NYC white privileged "friends" 1994 TV series Friends pilot episode
Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks Gungan idiot and friend of Annie Skywalker; later Galactic Senator 1999 film series Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Brendan Birch Brendan Birch Son of Professor Birch; Pokémon trainer and best friend of May Pulaski 2002 video game series Pokémon (2) Ruby Version (3) and Sapphire Version (4) 5
Herbert Birch Herbert Birch Laid-back Pokémon professor of Hoenn region 2002 video game series Pokémon (6) Ruby Version (7) and Sapphire Version (8) 9
Sweetie Bird Sweetie Bird Pink canary; protege of Tweety Pie 1990 animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Looney Beginning"
Harvey Birdman / Ray Randall Harvey Birdman Winged champion of Ra turned transtemporal lawyer 1967 animated TV series Birdman and the Galaxy Trio episode segment "The Menace of Dr. Millennium" 10
Annette Birkin - Umbrella scientist who worked on G-Virus; husband became monster; saved daughter 1998 video game Resident Evil 2 -
Sherry Birkin Sherry Birkin Child of Umbrella scientists; close friend of Claire Redfield 1998 video game Resident Evil 2 -
William Birkin - Umbrella scientist; became G Monster 1998 video game Resident Evil 2 -
Bishop / Lucas Bishop Bishop (mutant) Mutant police officer from an alternate future who joined X-Men 1991 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #282 11
Katherine "Kate" Bishop/ Hawkeye Kate Bishop Weapons master rich girl who joined Young Avengers 2005 comic series Young Avengers issue #1 12
M. Bison M. Bison Tyrannical villainous leader of Shadaloo and World Warrior mastermind 1991 arcade video game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior -
Biyomon / Nyokimon / Yokomon / Birdramon / Garudamon Biyomon (Sora's partner) Bird-like partner of DigiDestined Takenouchi Sora 1999 animated TV series (anime) Digimon Adventure (13) episode "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!" (14)
Bizarro No. 1 Bizarro No. 1 Odd clone of Clark Kent/Kal-El; white with polygonal face 1958 comic series Superboy issue #68
Hans Bjelke Hans Bjelke Icelandic duck hunter who guided Lidenbrocks on journey 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (15) -
Kristoff Bjorgman Kristoff Bjorgman Man raised by rock trolls who loved caribou; Anna's love interest 2013 animated film Frozen -
Carmilla Black / Thasanee Rappaccini/ Scorpion Carmilla Black AIM-engineered toxin-spewing youth semi-hero 2005 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #7
Caroline "Carrie" / "Big Boo" Black Carrie Black Aggressive short sometimes fat rage-prone white lesbian Litchfield prisoner 2013 online TV series Orange Is the New Black episode "I Wasn't Ready"
Cynthia Black Cynthia Black Super cool champion of Sinnoh region 2006 video game series Pokémon (16) Diamond Version (17) and Pearl Version (18) 19
Jacob Black Jacob Black Indigenous American werewolf and Bella Swan suitor (no shirt) 2005 novel Twilight -
Jet Black Jet Black Large ex-cop bounty hunter on Bebop 1998 animated TV series (anime) Cowboy Bebop (20) episode "Asteroid Blues" (21)
"Viewtiful" Joe Black Joe Black (Viewtiful) Man who was sucked into a film realm and became a superhero 2003 video game Viewtiful Joe -
Stephen Black Stephen Black African-descended English butler; held captive by thoughtless Fey 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -
Black Beauty Black Beauty An English cab horse whose beauty survived cruel treatment by humans 1878 novel Black Beauty -
Blackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt Black Bolt Leader of Inhumans with a powerful scream 1965 comic series Fantastic Four issue #45
Jesse Black Crow - Wheelchair-bound indigenous American who took on heroic mystic form 1984 comic series Captain America issue #242
Edmund Blackadder / Edmund Plantagenet Edmund Blackadder Frequently reincarnated incompetent English malcontent 1983 TV series The Black Adder episode "The Foretelling"
Blackarachnia Blackarachnia Sneaky spider-like Predacon who defected to the Maximals 1996 animated TV series Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Double Jeopardy"
Blackheart Blackheart (demon) Spawn of Mephisto; created through murder energies 1989 comic series Daredevil issue #270
Simon Blackquill Simon Blackquill Honorable ninja lawyer; rival of Wright Anything Agency 2013 video game Turnabout Trial 5 (22) - 23
Sonya Blade Sonya Blade American female soldier and original Mortal Kombatant 1992 arcade video game Mortal Kombat -
Dimitri Blaiddyd Dimitri Blaiddyd Severely traumatized prince of Farghus who became a mad king for a time 2019 video game series Fire Emblem Three Houses
Blaine Blaine the Train Psychopathic riddle-loving train who moved along the Beam 1993 novel The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands -
Chevrolet "Chevy" Blaine Chevy Blaine Eccentric Cinnibar Island gym leader; Fire-type enthusiast 1996 video game series Pokémon (24) Red Version (25) and Green Version (26) 27
Alison Blaire / Dazzler Alison Blaire Mutant singer and light projector and reluctant superhero 1980 comic series X-Men issue #130 28
Adam Blake / Captain Comet Adam Blake 1950s superhero and M2 era L.E.G.I.O.N.naire 1951 comic series Strange Adventures issue #9
Anita Blake Anita Blake Vampire hunter necromancer 1993 novel series Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures
Daphne Blake Daphne Blake Mystery Inc.'s adventurous yet klutzy sometimes leader 1969 animated TV series Scooby Doo, Where Are You? episode "What a Night for a Knight" 29
Donald "Don" Blake / Thor Don Blake Physician whose life was arranged to host Thor 1962 comic series Journey into Mystery issue #83
Edward "Eddie" Blake / Comedian Eddie Blake Bad person, superhero turned mercenary, murdered by Ozymandias 1985 comic series Watchmen issue #1
Henry Blake Henry Blake Original CO of MASH 4077; shot down over the Sea of Japan 1968 novel MASH: A Novel about Three Army Doctors -
Roj Blake Roj Blake Legendary 28th century resistance leader against the Earth Federation 1978 TV series Blake's 7 episode "The Way Back"
Thomas Blake / Catman Thomas Blake Mediocre cat-themed supervillain turned cool anti-hero; Secret Six member 1963 comic series Detective Comics issue #311
Zinda Blake / Lady Blackhawk Zinda Blake First woman in Blackhawks pilot group; time displaced 1959 comic series Blackhawk issue #133
Percy Blakeney / The Scarlet Pimpernel Percy Blakeney English aristocrat who rescued nobles from the guillotine in France 1903 stage play The Scarlet Pimpernel -
Geraldine "Jerri" Blank Jerri Blank Older woman who after hard life returned to high school 1999 TV series Strangers with Candy episode "Old Habits, New Beginnings"
Martin "Marty" Blank / Gibbon Marty Blank Simian-themed enemy of Spider-Man; reformed 1972 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #110
Jaime Blanka Jaime Blanka Brazilian electric monster World Warrior 1991 arcade video game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - 30
Blastaar Blastaar Baluurian tyrant of Negative Zone; Fantastic Four enemy 1967 comic series Fantastic Four issue #62
Blaze Blaze (daughter of SHAZAM) Evil half-demon daughter of the wizard SHAZAM 1990 comic series Action Comics issue #655
Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat Mobian cat princess and ally of Sonic the Hedgehog 2005 video game Sonic Rush -
John "Johnny" Blaze / Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Stuntman orphan bonded to demon to become fiery motorcyclist 1972 comic series Marvel Spotlight issue #5
Siena Blaze Siena Blaze Earth-damaging mutant powerhouse; wild card and onetime Upstart/Exile 1993 comic series X-Men Unlimited issue #1
Sally Blevins / Skids Sally Blevins Mutant girl with forcefield; batted around as Morlock & X-Men associate 1986 comic series X-Factor issue #7
Barbara Blight Barbara Blight Insane scientific genius who hated Earth 1990 animated TV series Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode "Deadly Ransom"
Blinky Blinky (ghost) Red Pacman ghost 1980 arcade video game Pac-Man -
Antonius Block Antonius Block Medieval Swedish knight who played chess with Death 1953 stage play Wood Painting (31) -
Blok Blok Rock-like Legionnaire 1979 comic series Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes issue #253
Emil Blonsky / Abomination Emil Blonsky Murderous spy turned into giant Gamma monster; enemy of the Hulk 1967 comic series Tales to Astonish issue #90
Jason Blood Jason Blood Druid in Camelot who became immortal sorcerer bonded to demon Etrigan 1971 comic series The Demon issue #1
Peter Blood Peter Blood Conscientious doctor sentenced to slavery who became pirate boss 1920 short story Premier Magazine "The Rebels Convict"
Leopold Bloom Leopold Bloom of Dublin Man who went on an odyssey in Dublin on 16 June 1904 1918 serialized novel journal The Little Review novel Ulysses
Leopold "Leo" Bloom Leo Bloom (con man) Meek accountant partner of con artist Max Bialystock 1967 film The Producers -
Marion "Molly" Tweedy Bloom Molly Bloom Leopold Bloom's wife; had an affair 1918 serialized novel journal The Little Review novel Ulysses
Edward "Eddie" /"Gopher" Bloomberg/ Kid Devil/ Red Devil Eddie Bloomberg Boy sidekick to Blue Devil; later demonically-powered 1984 comic series Firestorm issue #24
Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue Bubba Blue Forrest Gump's best friend and shrimp expert killed in Vietnam 1986 novel Forrest Gump -
Blue Fairy/ Reul Ghorm Blue Fairy Fairy who gave life to inanimate things such as Pinocchio 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (32) - 33
Matthew "Matt" Bluestone Matt Bluestone Elisa Maza's NYPD partner; conspiracy chaser and ally of the Gargoyles 1994 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Deadly Force" 34
Michael "Mikey" Blumberg Mikey Blumberg Large white boy member of T.J. Detweiler's crew 1997 animated TV series Recess episode "The Break-In"
Hel-loh/ "Annyong" Bluth Annyong Bluth Bluths' adopted Korean son; spy 2004 TV series Arrested Development episode "Shock and Aww" 35
Byron "Buster" Bluth Buster Bluth Youngest son of wealthy Bluth family with a mother fixation 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode
George Bluth George Bluth Patriarch of wealthy Bluth family; extremely corrupt 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode
George Michael Bluth George Michael Bluth Extremely awkward son of Michael Bluth; interested in incest 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode
George Oscar "GOB" Bluth Jr. GOB Bluth Oldest and dumbest son of wealthy Bluth family; failed illusionist 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode
Lucille Jenkins Bluth Lucille Bluth Matriarch of wealthy Bluth family; severe alcoholic mastermind 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode 36
Michael Bluth Michael Bluth Self-absorbed "hero" of wealthy Bluth family 2003 TV series Arrested Development pilot episode
Oscar Bluth Oscar Bluth George Bluth's identical twin brother; hippie 2004 TV series Arrested Development episode "Whistler's Mother"
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