Character Appendix Al-Am
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
The Alchemist / "Al" Al the Alchemist Order of the Triad member with alchemical powers; gay 2006 animated TV series 2006 episode "Fallen Arches"
Aladdin Aladdin Thief orphan boy who found a magical lamp 1709 anthology story One Thousand and One Nights (1) "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp" 2
Ala-Gold / Yellow Toad Ala-Gold Yellow spotted/attired Toad; best friend of Bucken-Berry 2009 video game New Super Mario Bros. Wii -
Alakazam / Abra / Kadabra Sabrina's Alakazam Sabrina Natsume's primary Pokémon; broke her brain 1996 video game series Pokémon (3) Red Version (4) and Green Version (5) 6
Alan-a-Dale Alan-a-Dale Minstrel member of Robin Hood's Merry Men c. 1650 child ballad Robin Hood and Allen a Dale -
Alanna Alanna (Strange) Rannian noblewoman and love interest for Adam Strange 1958 comic series Showcase issue #17
Alaric Alaric of the Visigoths First king of the Visigoths; ally of X-O Manowar N/A - - -
Alars / Mentor Alars Eternal father of Thanos and Eros 1973 comic series Iron Man issue #55
Alaynafarinx / Alayna - Ancient Gallifreyan who fought in Racnoss War; pseudo-companion with the 5th Doctor 2017 audio drama miniseries Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters Empire of the Racnoss
Albert Albert (android) Android resembling the X-Man Wolverine; reprogrammed as benevolent 1991 comic series Wolverine issue #37
Balthus von Albrecht Balthus von Albrecht Older member of Ashen Wolves; grappling expert 2020 video game series Fire Emblem Three Houses (DLC)
Mary Albright Mary Albright Anthropologist object of affection from Dick Solomon 1996 TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Brain and Eggs"
Sally Albright Sally Albright Woman who met a man named Harry and went from friends to lovers 1989 film When Harry Met Sally -
Benjamin "Benny" Alden Benny Alden Youngest of the Alden orphans living in a derelict train car 1924 children's novel The Box-Car Children -
Henry Alden Henry Alden Oldest of the Alden orphans living in a derelict train car 1924 children's novel The Box-Car Children -
Jessica "Jessie" Alden Jessie Alden Older girl of the Alden orphans living in a derelict train car 1924 children's novel The Box-Car Children -
Terri Alden Terri Alden Third roommate of Jack Tripper and Janet Wood; nurse 1981 TV series Three's Company episode "Jack Bares All"
Violet Alden Violet Alden Younger girl of the Alden orphans living in a derelict train car 1924 children's novel The Box-Car Children -
Ruth Aldine / Blindfold Ruth Aldine Precognitive mutant with no eyes 2005 comic series Astonishing X-Men issue #7 7
Henry Aldrich Henry Aldrich Goofy American teen often called by his mother 1938 stage play What a Life -
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. Buzz Aldrin American Apollo 11 astronaut and second human on Luna N/A - - -
Alec Alec of Grannvale Knight of Chalphy with a turban 1996 video game series Fire Emblem (8) Genealogy of the Holy War (9)
Alecto Alecto (Fury) One of the Furies; avenger of passionate crimes c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony (10) -
Alen Alen of Lycia Red-clad knight retainer to Roy of Lycia 2002 video game Fire Emblem (11) The Binding Blade (12)
Aleta Aleta of the Misty Isles Queen of the Greek Misty Isles and ally/ wife of Valiant 1941 comic strip Prince Valiant -
Alexander III / The Great Alexander the Great Legendary Macedonian king and conqueror N/A - - -
Samuel "Sam" Alexander / Nova Sam Alexander Son of former Nova Corpsman and second teen Nova 2012 comic miniseries Point One issue #1
Cassandra Alexandra Cassandra Alexandra Younger sister of Sophitia and Soul Edge pursuer 2002 arcade video game SoulCalibur II -
Sophitia Alexandra Sophitia Alexandra Greek warrior pursuer of Soul Edge; family ruined by its curse 1995 arcade video game Soul Edge -
Alfonse Alfonse of Askr Prince of Askr and overly serious member of Order of Heroes 2017 mobile phone game Fire Emblem Heroes -
Yera Algallzz / Leaf Lass Yera Algallzz Mother of Reep Daggle; amnesiac espionage agent 1982 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #286 13
Garth Algar Garth Algar Best friend and co-host of Wayne Campbell 1989 sketch TV series Saturday Night Live "Wayne's World"
Abdul Alhazred Abdul alHazred Writer of the Necromicon; immortal evil body-switcher 1938 short story "The History of the Necronomicon" -
Ali Ali (Karkinian) Scorpion-like companion of the 9th Doctor 2013 ebook short story Doctor Who "The Beast of Babylon"
Ali Baba Ali Baba Clever woodcutter who defeated the Forty Thieves 1709 anthology story One Thousand and One Nights (14) "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (15) 16
Tike Alicar / The Anarchist Tike Alicar Mutant with explosive sweat powers; black member of celebrity X-Statix 2001 comic series X-Force issue #116
Alice Alice (Umbrella) Action clone often at odds with Umbrella Corporation 2002 film Resident Evil -
Alice the Goon Alice the Goon Female Goon and friend of Popeye 1933 comic strip Thimble Theatre - 17
Durante "Dante" degli Alighieri Dante Alighieri Poet who went on tour of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven with Virgil N/A - - -
Alix of Hesse Alix of Hesse Last Czarina-Consort of Russia; murdered in Revolution N/A - - -
Tahani al-Jamil Tahani al-Jamil Name-dropping philanthropist; excelled in afterlife 2016 TV series The Good Place episode "Everything Is Fine"
Mahmud al-Khaled Mahmud al-Khaled 23rd century SCE leader 2002 ebook novella Star Trek: S.C.E. Foundations Book One
Elizabeth "Liz" Allan Osborn Liz Allan Businesswoman, mother, ex-wife of Harry Osborn 1962 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #15 18
Lenora Allan Lenora Allan Archaeologist gym leader of Nacrene City 2010 video game series Pokémon Black Version and White Version 19
Kent Allard / Lamont Cranston / The Shadow Kent Allard Psychotic vigilante who knew what lurks in the hearts and minds of men 1930 radio serial Detective Story Hour -
Bartholomew "Barry" Allen / The Flash Barry Allen Second user of the Flash identity; bland speedster superhero/police chemist 1956 comic series Showcase issue #4
Bartholomew "Bart" Allen / Impulse / Kid Flash / The Flash Bart Allen Speedster grandson of Barry Allen; hyper-kinetic 1994 comic series The Flash issue #91 20
Crispus Allen / The Spectre Crispus Allen Gotham City police detective; became The Spectre after his murder 2000 comic series Detective Comics issue #742
Dawn Allen / Tornado Twin Dawn Allen Speedster hero; died heroically; mother of Jenni Ognats 1968 comic series Adventure Comics issue #373
Donald "Don" Allen / Tornado Twin Don Allen Speedster hero; died heroically; father of Bart Allen 1968 comic series Adventure Comics issue #373
Iris Russell West Allen Iris Allen Time-displaced orphan turned journalist turned widow of the Flash 1956 comic series Showcase issue #4 21
Mackenzie Allen Mackenzie Allen Female politician and temporary president of the United States 2005 TV series Commander in Chief pilot episode
Woody Allen / Allan Konigsberg Woody Allen Film director who married his partner's daughter and raped adopted daughter N/A - - -
St. John Allerdyce / Pyro St. John Allerdyce Flame-controlling mutant terrorist and writer from Australia 1981 comic series X-Men issue #141
David Alleyne/Prodigy David Alleyne Young mutant with ability to absorb skills 2003 comic series New Mutants issue #4
Gim Allon / Leviathan / Iota Gim Allon Legionnaire who could grow to colossal size; onetime cop 1960 comic series Action Comics issue #267 22
Allura Allura (Altean) Altean sovereign and Voltron Blue Lion pilot 1981 animated TV series (anime) Beast King GoLion (23) episode "The Ruined Phantom Planet" (24) 25
Albien Alm Rudolf Alm Boy leader of the Deliverance whose bond with Celica was challenged 1992 video game series Fire Emblem (26) Gaiden (27)
Richard Alpert/ Ricardo Alperto Richard Alpert Longstanding immortal member of The Others 2007 TV series Lost episode "Not in Portland"
Alph Alph Young Hocatati explorer alongside Brittany and Charlie 2013 video game Pikmin 3 -
Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri (person) Cyclopean alien diplomat who repeatedly encountered the Doctor 1972 TV series Doctor Who "The Curse of Peladon" Episode One
Alpha 5 Alpha 5 Robot assistant to Zordon and the Power Rangers 1993 TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "The Day of the Dumpster"
Alphys Alphys Dinosaur-like Monster scientist of the underground 2015 video game Undertale -
Todd Alquist Todd Alquist Meth cook white supremacist; held Jesse Pinkman hostage 2012 TV series Breaking Bad episode "Hazard Pay"
Haroum al-Rashid / Jetstream Haroum al-Rashid Moroccan member of Frost's original Hellions; rocketlike flyer 1984 comic series New Mutants issue #16
Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad 12th century Levantine assassin and wielder of Apple of Eden 2007 video game Assassin's Creed -
Altena Altena (daughter of Ethlyn) Abducted daughter of murdered Ethlyn & Quan; hero despite evil upbringing 1996 video game series Fire Emblem (28) Genealogy of the Holy War (29)
Ash Alterman Ash Alterman Skinny member of Kidd Video; trapped in pocket realm for a time 1984 live-action/animated TV series Kidd Video episode "To Beat the Band" 30
Altina Altina of Begnion One of Ashera's Three Heroes; founder of Begnion 2019 mobile video game Fire Emblem Heroes -
Theodore "Teddy" Altman / Hulkling / Dorrek VIII Teddy Altman (hero) Shape-shifting Young Avenger; half-Skrull son of Mar-Vell; gay 2005 comic series Young Avengers issue #1
Alucard / Adrian Tepes Alucard Dhampir son of Dracula and ally of Belmonts 1989 video game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (31) -
Victor Alvarez / Power Man Victor Alvarez Young Afro-Latino hero with chi absorption powers 2010 comic one-shot Shadowland: Power Man issue #1
Amadís de Gaula Amadís de Gaula 10th century knight of elicit birth and elicit progeny c. 1304 chivalric romance novels - -
Amalthea Amalthea (unicorn) Onetime lone unicorn who spent some time as a human 1968 novel The Last Unicorn -
Amamiya Ren/ Joker Amamiya Ren Leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and user of multiple personae 2016 video game Persona 5 - 32
Amamiya Saki Amamiya Saki Ruffian-fighter, Ruffian hybrid, and father of Jo Isa 2000 video game series Sin and Punishment (33) Successor of the Earth (34)
Amane Misa Amane Misa Woman who received second Death Note; obsessed with Yagami Light/Kira 2004 comic series (manga) Death Note Chapter 24: "Shield" (35)
Amano Keita Amano Keita (watcher) Boy who befriended Yo-Kai Whisper and Jibanyan amongst others 2013 video game Yokai Watch (36) -
Crystalia "Crystal" Amaquelin Crystal Amaquelin Element-manipulating Inhuman; Avenger 1965 comic series Fantastic Four issue #45
Medusalith "Medusa" Amaquelin Medusa Amaquelin Inhuman queen with prehensile hair 1965 comic series Fantastic Four issue #36
Amaterasu/ Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami Amaterasu Shinto goddess of the sun; sometimes a wolf 712 chronicle Kojiki (37) -
Amazo Amazo Highly adaptable and powerful robot supervillain created by Dr. Ivo 1960 comic series The Brave and the Bold issue #30
Amelia Amelia of Grado Gradoan orphan girl soldier who defected to Eirika's side 2004 video game series Fire Emblem (38) The Sacred Stones (39)
America / United States of America America (Tan) Personification of the United States's stereotypes; looked like teenage boy 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers (40) Volume 1
Amethyst Amethyst (Crystal Gem) Earth-born Amethyst Gem; wild member of Crystal Gems; shape-shifter 2013 animated TV series Steven Universe pilot episode
Padmé Nabarrie Amidala Padmé Amidala Queen then senator of Naboo; died giving birth 1999 film series Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Idi Amin Idi Amin 1970s dictator of Uganda N/A - - -
Amora the Enchantress Amora Asgardian sorceress and lover/enemy of Thor 1964 comic series Journey into Mystery issue #103
Amphibius Amphibius Frog-like Savage Land mutate 1969 comic series X-Men issue #62
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