Character Appendix G
Name Name Stuff Year medium title unit
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit Note
Galactus/ Galan Galactus Cosmic entity that consumed worlds to sate its endless hunger 1966 comic series Fantastic Four issue #48
Sir Galahad Galahad Knight of the Round Table; Lancelot's son; assumed into Heaven c. 1250 ??? Lancelot-Grail Cycle -
Dorothy Gale Dorothy Gale Kansas girl who went to Oz and found out there was no place like home 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -
Jake Gallows/ Punisher Jake Gallows Man who followed Frank Castle's footsteps in 2099 1993 comic series Punisher 2099 issue #1
Samwise "Sam" Gamgee Sam Gamgee Loyal Hobbit; Fellowship member; Frodo's dearest friend 1954 novel series The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring
Gamora Gamora Zen-Whoberi warrior; raised by Thanos; Guardian of the Galaxy 1975 comic series Strange Tales issue #180
Gandalf the Grey/ the White Gandalf Heroic wizard, friend of Hobbits, enemy of Sauron and Saruman 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Gladstone Gander Gladstone Gander Goose with incredible luck; related to the Duck family 1948 comic series Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issue #88
Guy Gardner/ Warrior/ Green Lantern Guy Gardner Roughneck alternate Green Lantern of Earth 1968 comic series Green Lantern issue #59
Téa Gardner Téa Gardner One of Yugi Mutou's friends who's really into friendship 1996 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! chapter, "Duel One: Puzzle of the Gods" originally as Mazaki Anzu (Japanese); English name from adapted anime episode "Heart of the Cards" (2001)
Garet Garet of Weyard Isaac's big friend; Mars adept 2001 video game Golden Sun - originally as Gerald (Japanese); English name from adaptation (2001)
Edna Rae Garrett Edna Garrett Drummond family housekeeper turned Eastland housemother 1978 TV series Diff'rent Strokes episode "Movin' In" Maiden name arbitrary
Hunk Garrett/ Yellow Paladin Hunk Garrett Engineering genius pilot of Yellow Lion 1981 animated TV series Beast King GoLion episode "Escape from Slave Castle" Japanese source name Seido Tsuyoshi; Hunk name from Voltron: Defender of the Universe episode "Space Explorers Captured" (1984); Garrett surname from comic book Voltron: Defender of the Universe #0 (2003)
Kelly Garrett Kelly Garrett Founding member of Charlie's Angels; longest veteran 1976 broadcast film Charlie's Angels -
Nathan Garrett/ Black Knight Nathan Garrett Winged horse-riding and lance-wielding supervillain 1964 comic series Tales to Astonish issue #52
Brock's Geodude Brock's Geodude Brock Iwa's Geodude 1996 video games Pokémon Red Version and Green Version
George of the Jungle/ George Ward George of the Jungle Accident prone white man in the jungle 1967 animated TV series George of the Jungle episode segment "The Sultan's Pearl" Arbitrary surname
Philippa Georgiou/ Han Bo Philippa Philippa Georgiou Famed Starfleet captain of 23rd century; mentor to Michael Burnham 2017 online TV series Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Vulcan Hello" Apocryphal birth name
Philippa Georgiou Philippa Georgiou (mirror) Emperor of the Terran Empire and later Section 31 head in prime reality 2018 online TV series Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Wolf Inside"
Aldo Geppetto Aldo Geppetto Puppeteer creator of Pinocchio; spent time in a whale 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio - Arbitrary given name
Germania Germania (Tan) Embodiment of Roman era German peoples 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2
Germany/ Deutschland/ Federal Republic of German/ German Empire/ Holy Roman Empire Germany (Tan) Embodiment of Holy Roman Empire reborn as embodiment of Germany 2008 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Gerome Gerome (son of Cherche) Son of Cherche from apocalyptic future; rode Minerva to the past 2012 video game Fire Emblem: Awakening -
Saw Gerrera Saw Gerrera Prominent Rebel leader; raised Jyn Erso 2012 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "A War on Two Fronts"
Alphonse "Al"/"Gee" Giardello Al Giardello Lieutenant/Captain of Baltimore Homicide in 1990s 1993 TV series Homicide: Life on the Street episode "Gone for Goode"
Kimberly "Kimmy" Gibbler Kimmy Gibbler Really annoying best friend of D.J. Tanner 1987 TV series Full House episode "The First Day of School"
Kyle Gibney/ Wild Child/ Wildheart/ Weapon Omega Kyle Gibney Feral mutant of Alpha Flight circles with alternating moral center 1984 comic series Alpha Flight issue #11 real name from ???; as Wildheart in ???; as Weapon Omega in ???
Maxine "Max" Gibson Max Gibson Genius ally of Terry McGinnis Batman 1999 animated TV series Batman Beyond episode "Splicers"
Fantasio Gillain Fantasio Gillain Best friend and fellow cub reporter of Spirou 1944 comic strip magazine Spirou - surname arbitrary
G'Kar G'Kar Narn ambassador on Babylon 5 1993 broadcast TV special Babylon 5 The Gathering
Acerola Glenn Acerola Glenn Ghost-type Alolan Trial Captain and Elite Four member 2016 video game series Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version surname arbitrary
David Gold David Gold Grandfatherly captain of starship da Vinci in 2370s 2000 ebook novella Star Trek: S.C.E. The Belly of the Beast
Auric Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger Gold-obsessed enemy of James Bond 1959 novel Goldfinger -
Sonya Gomez Sonya Gomez Junior engineer on Enterprise; became SCE head & captain of da Vinci 1989 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Q Who"
Gon Gon Mischievous mini-dinosaur 1991 comic series (manga) Weekly Morning magazine -
Mickey Gorman Jr./ Fringe Fringe Feral H'San Natall/human hybrid; mostly mute Teen Titan 1997 comic series Teen Titans issue #4 given name and suffix arbitrary
Sheila Gorman/ Shego Sheila Gorman Superhero turned supervillain with corrosive energy powers; Dr. Drakken ally 2002 animated TV series Kim Possible episode "Crush" real name arbitrary
Goro Goro (Shokan) Four-armed humanoid monster and Mortal Kombatant 1992 arcade video game Mortal Kombat -
Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh Self-styled samurai racing vehicle driver 1990 video game instruction manual F-Zero -
Gosunkugi Hikaru Gosunkugi Hikaru Weird occult-obsessed kid involved in Ranma/Akane shenanigans 1988 comic series (manga) Ranma 1/2 Chapter 37: "Looking for a Weak Spot"
Gowron Gowron 2360s-2370s chancellor of Klingon Empire with bulging eyes 1990 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Reunion"
Mara Grace/ Charisma/ Charma Mara Grace Tubereau exile with vendetta against Invisible Kids; pheromone manipulator 1976 comic series Superboy issue #221 Charisma code-name apocryphal
Snubbull/ Granbull Muchmoney's Granbull Annoying Snubbull that followed Team Rocket around and evolved; bit tubes 1999 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon episode "[Snubbull]'s Magnificent Life!?" as Granbull in "[Meowth], [Snubbull], and Granbull!?" (2000)
Grandpa Smurf Grandpa Smurf Elderly Smurf adventurer; Papa Smurf's papa 1986 animated TV series The Smurfs episode "Smurfquest" (Part 1)
Dawn Granger/ Dove Dawn Granger Second Dove; female partner to Hawk 1988 comic series Hawk and Dove issue #1
Hermione Granger Hermione Granger Brilliant wizard and Hogwarts of non-magical progeny 1997 novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone -
Holly Granger/ Hawk Holly Granger Second Hawk; sister of Dawn Granger (Dove) 2005 comic series Teen Titans issue #22
Louis "Lou" Grant Lou Grant Curmudgeony journalist and boss of Mary Richards 1970 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Love Is All Around"
Theodore "Ted" Grant/ Wildcat Ted Grant Boxer and cat-themed superhero; nine lives 1942 comic series Sensation Comics issue #1
Grava/ Comet Queen Grava Cosmically aflame perennial Legion Academy cadet 1983 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #304
Mercedes "Mercy" Graves Mercy Graves Lex Luthor's chauffeur and right-hand woman 1996 animated TV series Superman: The Animated Series episode "A Little Piece of Home"
Randal Graves Randal Graves Underachieving pop culture junkie retail worker; best friend of Dante Hicks 1994 film Clerks -
Gray Gray of Zofia Ram Village freedom fighter; one of Alm's BFFs; loved Tobin & Clair 1992 video game Fire Emblem: Gaiden -
Dorian Gray Dorian Gray Self-centered youth whose aging and ugliness is in a portrait, thus immortal 1890 serialized novel Lippincott's Monthly Magazine The Picture of Dorian Gray
Amanda Grayson Amanda Grayson Teacher, mother of Spock and Michael Burnham 1967 TV series Star Trek episode "Journey to Babel" surname from Star Trek animated episode "Yesteryear" (1973)
Richard "Dick" Grayson/ Robin/ Nightwing/ Batman Dick Grayson Bruce Wayne's original junior partner, acrobat, and hero 1940 comic series Detective Comics issue #38 as Nightwing in Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (1984); as Batman in ???
Robert "Bob" Grayson/ Marvel Boy Bob Grayson 1950s teen superhero turned alien-augmented Agent of Atlas 1950 comic series Marvel Boy issue #1
Amanda Magnus Graystone Amanda Graystone Physician on Caprica; daughter dead terrorist and returns as an A.I. 2009 TV series Caprica pilot episode maiden name arbitrary
Daniel Graystone Daniel Graystone Caprican computer/robotics genius and Cylon creator 2009 TV series Caprica pilot episode
Zoe Graystone (avatar) Zoe Graystone (avatar) A.I. duplicate of dead girl; inherited terroristic cultist views; first Cylon 2009 TV series Caprica pilot episode
Great Deku Tree Great Deku Tree Hyrulean principality; large tree guardian of forest; creator of Kokiri/Koroks 1998 video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -
Great Intelligence Great Intelligence Powerful disembodied mind; often possesses people and robot Yetis 1967 TV series Doctor Who serial "The Abominable Snowmen"
Magnus Greel Magnus Greel 51st century warlord on Earth; went back to Victorian London 1977 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" Part Two
Erika Green Erika Green Celadon City's Grass-type gym leader 1996 video game Pokémon Red Version and Green Version surname arbitrary
Joseph Green/ Gauntlet Joseph Green Avengers Initiative drill sergeant; wore giant power glove 2007 comic series Avengers: The Initiative issue #1
Natasha Letisha "Natalie" Green Natalie Green Plucky, Jewish adopted girl at Eastland Academy; Tootie's BFF 1979 TV series The Facts of Life episode "Rough Housing"
Rachel Green Rachel Green Idle rich New Yorker who got involved with whiny friend 1994 TV series Friends pilot episode
Mark Greene Mark Greene Cook Co. General Hospital emergency dept. doctor; bald; died of cancer 1994 TV series ER episode "24 Hours"
Jesse Richter Greenwood Jesse Greenwood Orphan who befriended an orca and freed it 1993 film Free Willy - adopted surname from Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995); birth surname arbitrary
Agatha Wooster Gregson Agatha Gregson Bertie Wooster's aunt; endlessly tried to get him to settle down 1915 shorty story newspaper The Saturday Evening Post story "Extricating Young Gussie"
Christian Grey Christian Grey Wealthy man who loved S & M; hooked up with Anastasia Steele 2011 novel Fifty Shades of Grey -
Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl/ Phoenix Jean Grey Mutant telepath and telekinetic and heart of the X-Men 1963 comic series X-Men issue #1 as Phoenix in The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #4 (1994); a Phoenix appears as Jean Grey in X-Men #101 (1976)
Meredith Grey Meredith Grey Competitive surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital 2005 TV series Grey's Anatomy episode "A Hard Day's Night"
Nathan "Nate" Grey/ X-Man Nate Grey Alternate reality son of Jean Grey; crazy powerful; sometimes spacy 1995 comic series X-Man issue #1 Grey surname from X-Man #5 (2005); explicitly as X-Man in Uncanny X-Men #335 (1996)
Richard Grey Jr./Black Condor/Thomas Wright Richard Grey Jr. Orphan raised by condors; became superhero and fake U.S. senator 1940 comic series Crack Comics issue #1
Carter Greyhorse Carter Greyhorse Stargazer chief medical officer; into Gerda Asmund; attempted murderer 1991 novel series Star Trek: The Next Generation Reunion
Grimhilde/ Wicked Queen/ Regina Mills Grimhilde Snow White's murderous stepmother 1812 short story Grimm's Fairy Tales anthology "Snow White" originally from folklore and unnamed; Grimhilde name from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comic strip (1937); Regina Mills name from Once Upon a Time TV series pilot episode (2011)
Grimlock Grimlock Tyrannosaur-like original Autobot 1984 animated TV series The Transformers episode "S.O.S. Dinobots"
Benjamin "Ben" Grimm/ Thing Ben Grimm Fantastic Four's orange rock monster with a heart of gold 1961 comic series Fantastic Four issue #1
The Grinch The Grinch Mutant green Who who resented others and tried to destroy their Christmas 1957 picture book How the Grinch Stole Christmas -
Gustav "Gus" Griswald Gus Griswald Military brat member of T.J. Detweiler's gang 1997 animated TV series Recess episode "The New Kid"
Vladimir Grizzlikof Vladimir Grizzlikof Russian bear agent of S.H.U.S.H. 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Dirty Money"
Grounder Grounder (Badnik) Tank-like robot of Eggman's; partner of Scratch 1993 animated TV series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad"
Grover/ Super Grover Grover (monster) A sweet-natured blue monster on Sesame Street; sometimes a superhero 1967 variety sketch TV series The Ed Sullivan Show - originally as Gleep; renamed Grover for Sesame Street (1970)
Name Name Stuff Year medium title unit
Name Name Stuff Year medium title unit
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