Character Appendix Br-Bz
No Character Reference Description Debut medium title unit N
Alan Brady Alan Brady Television pioneer; host of variety comedy/music show in 1950s/1960s 1960 TV series Head of the Family pilot episode
Christopher Brandon Christopher Brandon Marianne Dashwood's older suitor 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility - 1
Reiner Braun/ Armored Titan Reiner Braun Titan-shifter and mass murderer with extreme guilt and dissociation issues 2009 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan chapter "That Day"
Toot Braunstein Toot Braunstein Monochromatic slightly overweight Drawn Together reality TV star 2004 animated TV series Drawn Together episode "Hot Tub"
Sasha Braus Sasha Braus Food-loving Survey Corps member 2009 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan chapter "That Day"
Johnathan "Johnny" Bravo Johnny Bravo Womanizing dude with big blond hair, shades, and Elvis-like voice 1995 animated anthology series World Premiere Toons short "Johnny Bravo" 2
David Brent David Brent Cringey manager at Slough branch of Werner-Hogg 2001 TV series The Office episode "Downsize"
Adam "Doc" Bricker Adam Bricker Ship's doctor on cruise ship Pacific Princess 1977 broadcast film The Love Boat II -
Sydney Bristow Sydney Bristow Espionage agent; member of evil group turned double agent 2001 TV series Alias episode "Truth Be Told"
Avery Brown Avery Brown Son of Murphy Brown; journalist in his own right 1992 TV series Murphy Brown episode "Birth 101"
Charles "Charlie Brown" Brown Charlie Brown Anxiety-riddled bald child in 1950s St. Paul 1947 comic strip Li'l Folks -
Charles "Chuck" Brown/ Kite-Man Chuck Brown Kite-themed supervillain 1960 comic series Batman issue #133
Cole Brown Cole Brown Kind of dumb good friend of Martin Payne 1992 TV series Martin episode "Beauty and the Beast"
Emmett "Doc" Brown Emmett Brown Eccentric scientist who created DeLorean time machine 1985 film Back to the Future -
Jules Brown Jules Brown First son of Doc Brown and Clara Clayton 1990 film Back to the Future Part III -
Kevin Brown/ Agent K Kevin Brown Veteran Men in Black member; J's first partner and mentor 1990 comic series The Men in Black issue #1
Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown Encyclopedia Brown 1960s American boy detective 1963 chapter book Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective -
Margaret "Molly" Tobin Brown Molly Brown Wealthy philanthropist and Titanic survivor N/A - - -
Murphy Brown Murphy Brown Outspoken journalist, former alcoholic, and anti-Trump crusader 1988 TV series Murphy Brown episode "Respect"
Penny Brown Penny Brown Inspector Gadget's genius niece and savior 1982 animated TV series Inspector Gadget pilot episode 3
Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown Peri Brown American companion of 5th/6th Doctor with a temporally split nature 1984 TV series Doctor Who episode "Planet of Fire" Part One
Sally Brown Sally Brown Charlie Brown's obnoxious little sister 1959 comic strip Peanuts -
Stephanie "Steph" Brown/ Spoiler/ Batgirl/ Robin Stephanie Brown Girl with supervillain father who became Batman family wannabe/member 1992 comic series Detective Comics issue #647 4
Tom Brown Tom Brown Rugby boarding school student in 1850s 1857 novel Tom Brown's School Days -
Verne Brown Verne Brown Second son of Doc Brown and Clara Clayton 1990 film Back to the Future Part III -
Adelaide Brubaker Adelaide Brubaker Very old housekeeper for the Drummond/Jackson family 1980 TV series Diff'rent Strokes episode "The Election"
Carl Brutananadilewski Carl Brutananadilewski Neighbor of weird food creatures; often slain 2000 animated TV series Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Rabbot"
Reed Richards/ Brute Brute (Richards) Version of Reed Richards from a Counter-Earth; bitter purple monster 1972 comic series Marvel Premiere issue #2
Bluto Brutus Bluto Brutus Large strongman and enemy of Popeye 1932 comic strip Thimble Theatre - 5
Jacky Bryant Jacky Bryant Virtua Fight contestant; blond white American; brother of Sarah 1993 arcade video game Virtua Fighter -
Paul "Bear" Bryant Bear Bryant Famous football coach at University of Alabama N/A - - -
Bubba the Cave Duck Bubba the Cave Duck Prehistoric duck child taken into the late 20th century by Scrooge McDuck 1988 animated TV series DuckTales special episode "Time Is Money"
Bubbie Bubbie (whale) Talking whale adoptive mother of Flapjack 2007 animated anthology series Wedgies The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack short Sea Sick
Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum Bonnibel Bubblegum Gum creature princess of the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo 2006 animated short film Adventure Time -
Warren "Bugsy" Buchanan Bugsy Buchanan Azalea Town gym leader with bug focus 1999 video game series Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version 6
Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon Mitch Buchannon Older lifeguard with hairy chest at Baywatch 1989 broadcast film Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier -
Charlie Bucket Charlie Bucket Horribly poor child and eventual winner of the Willy Wonka Factory 1964 chapter book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -
Carol Bucklen Carol Bucklen Bart Allen's first girlfriend and later wife 1995 comic series Impulse issue #1 7
Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller Teenage con artist in L.A. area in 80s; had a nice day off school 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off -
Phoebe Buffay Phoebe Buffay Oddball singer and friend of five white people in NYC 1994 TV series Friends pilot episode
Ursula Buffay Ursula Buffay Oddball waitress and twin sister of "Friend" Phoebe Buffay 1993 TV series Mad About You episode "Married to the Job"
Bug Bug (Kaliklak) Kaliklak prince and Micronauts/Guardians of the Galaxy member 1979 comic series Micronauts issue #1
Rose DeWitt Bukater Dawson Calvert Rose DeWitt Bukater Girl who fell in love with boy on Titanic who died; lived long life 1997 film Titanic -
Taurus Bulba Taurus Bulba Bovine crime-boss turned cyborg; Drake & Gosalyn's nemesis 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck"
Red's Bulbasaur Red's Bulbasaur Older Bulbasaur who refused to evolve, and Red Ketchum's early catch 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon episode "Fushigidane of the Hidden Village"
Harvey Bullock Harvey Bullock Surly fat Gotham City detective 1974 comic series Detective Comics issue #441
Bumblebee Bumblebee (Autobot) Yellow Autobot who resembled a Volkswagen Beetle 1984 animated TV series The Transformers episode "More Than Meets the Eye" Part 1
Nathaniel "Natty" Bumppo/Hawkeye/Leather-Stocking Natty Bumppo White man raised among the Mohicans in colonial America 1823 novel The Pioneers, or the Sources of the Susquehanna: A Descriptive Tale -
Alexander Bumstead/ "Baby Dumpling" Alexander Bumstead Blondie and Dagwood's athletic son 1934 comic strip Blondie -
Blondie Boopadoop Bumstead Blondie Bumstead One-time ditzy blonde, later matriarch of the Bumstead house 1930 comic strip Blondie - 8
Cookie Bumstead Cookie Bumstead Blondie and Dagwood's girly daughter 1941 comic strip Blondie -
Dagwood Bumstead Dagwood Bumstead Cartoonish husband of Blondie Bumstead who ate big sandwiches 1930? comic strip Blondie -
Al Bundy Al Bundy Sad sack misogynist shoe salesman who did not enjoy sex with his wife 1987 TV series Married… with Children pilot episode
Budrick "Bud" Bundy Bud Bundy Short conniving son of Peggy and Al Bundy 1987 TV series Married… with Children pilot episode 9
Kelly Bundy Kelly Bundy Peggy and Al Bundy's stupid and sexually promiscuous daughter 1987 TV series Married… with Children pilot episode
Margaret "Peggy" Wanker Bundy Peggy Bundy Lazy housewife who always wanted sex from husband Al 1987 TV series Married… with Children pilot episode 10
Archibald "Archie" Bunker Archie Bunker Working-class Queens area bigot resistant to change who changed anyway 1971 TV series All in the Family episode "Meet the Bunkers"
Edith Baines Bunker Edith Bunker Loud, high-pitched housewife married to Archie Bunker 1971 TV series All in the Family episode "Meet the Bunkers"
Barbara Ann "Babs" Bunny Babs Bunny Pink bunny Tiny Toon impressionist 1990 animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Looney Beginning"
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Mischievous rabbit who screwed with antagonists 1940 animated short film series Merrie Melodies A Wild Hare 11
Buster Bunny Buster Bunny Blue bunny Tiny Toon "cool" guy 1990 animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Looney Beginning"
Lola Bunny Lola Bunny Basketball whiz Toon bunny; Bugs's girlfriend 1996 live-action/animated film Space Jam -
Max Bunny Max Bunny Very dumb toddler bunny 1979 picture book Max's First Word -
Ruby Bunny Ruby Bunny Young girl rabbit with very dumb little brother; bossy 1979 picture book Max's First Word -
William "Billy" Bunter Billy Bunter Stupid and fat lad at Grayfriars School 1908 short story The Magnet magazine "The Making of Harry Wharton"
Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan Gargantuan 19th century logger 1904 folklore? - -
Hamilton Burger Hamilton Burger Prosecutor in Los Angeles area who often faced off against Perry Mason 1935 novel series Perry Mason The Case of the Counterfeit Eye
Arthur "Artie" Burgh Artie Burgh Artist and gym leader of Castelia City 2010 video game series Pokémon Black Version and White Version 12
Burgoyne 172 Burgoyne 172 Hermaphroditic chief engineer on Calhoun's Excalibur 1997 novel Star Trek: New Frontier Into the Void
Juliet Carlson Burke Juliet Burke Physician on the Island and reluctant Other 2006 TV series Lost episode "A Tale of Two Cities"
Michael Burnham Michael Burnham Human orphan raised on Vulcan; XO of Discovery 2017 online TV series Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Vulcan Hello"
Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns Montgomery Burns Megalomaniacal billionaire of Springfield USA 1989 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"
Franklin "Frank" Burns Frank Burns Uptight bigoted surgeon at MASH 4077 in Korea 1968 novel MASH: A Novel about Three Army Doctors -
Harry Burns Harry Burns Man who was friends then lovers with Sally Albright 1989 film When Harry Met Sally -
William Burnside/ Grand Director/ Captain America/ "Steve Rogers" William Burnside 1950s-era Captain America and insane bigot 1954 comic series Young Men issue #24 13
Drake Burroughs/ Wildfire/ ERG-1 Drake Burroughs Energy being Legionnaire in a containment suit or corpses 1973 comic series Superboy issue #195
Randall "Randy" Burroughs/ Static Lad/ Atom'X Randy Burroughs Amazer who was killed; resurrected by death god 1996 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #82 14
Jack Burton Jack Burton American trucker who got involved in ancient Chinese ghost's actions 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China -
George H.W. Bush George H.W. Bush Early 1990s U.S. president who wanted his lips read N/A - - -
George W. Bush George W. Bush Early 21st century U.S. president, war criminal, idiot N/A - - -
Melanie "Mel" Bush Mel Bush High-pitched companion of the 6th/7th Doctor 1986 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Trial of a Time Lord" Part Nine 15
Reginald Bushroot Reginald Bushroot Mutated plant-duck supervillain; Darkwing Duck enemy 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Beauty and the Beet"
William "Billy" Butcher Billy Butcher Anti-superhero operative; hated the Seven 2006 comic series The Boys issue #1
Geoffrey Butler Geoffrey Butler British butler to the Banks family and disgraced Olympian 1990 TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "The Fresh Prince Project"
Rhett Butler Rhett Butler Smarmy Southern gentleman and Scarlett O'Hara's third husband 1936 novel Gone with the Wind -
Red's Caterpie/ Metapod/ Butterfree Red's Butterfree Red Ketchum's Butterfree; released to mate 1997 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon episode "Showdown! Pokémon Center!" (1997) 16
Buttons Buttons (dog) Compassionate dog who was repeatedly injured helping stupid child 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Larry Butz Larry Butz Phoenix Wright's stupid con artist friend 2001 video game Turnabout Trial - 17
Bastian Bux Bastian Bux A lonely child who stole a book and ended up in the land of Fantasia 1979 novel The Neverending Story -
BuzzBee/ Buzz BuzzBee Bee spokesman for Honey Nut Cheerios 1978 - - - 18
Timothy "Peanut" Byrd/ Birdboy Tim Byrd Boy sidekick to Birdman; later legal aide to Harvey Birdman 1968 animated TV series Birdman and the Galaxy Trio episode "Birdman Meets Birdboy" 19
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