Character Appendix Y
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit Note
Yagami "Kari" Hikari Yagami Kari Youngest original DigiDestined; partner of Gatomon 1999 animated film Digimon Adventure -
Yagami Light/ Kira Yagami Light Psychopathic youth with a Death Note 2003 comic series (manga) Death Note chapter "Boredom"
Yagami "Tai" Taichi Yagami Tai Leader of DigiDestined and partner to Agumon 1998 comic series (manga) Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 initial chapter originally published in V-Jump magazine
Yagi Toshinori/ All-Might Yagi Toshinori Incredibly powerful and beloved superhero with the One-for-All power 2014 comic series (manga) My Hero Academia chapter 1: "Midoriya Izuku: Origin" originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine
Yahweh/ Jehovah/ God/ Allah Yahweh Extremely petty and vindictive Anunnaki; extremely popular c. 850 BCE inscription Mesha Stele - originally oral folklore/religion
Yama Yama (gargoyle) Japanese gargoyle who erred and sought redemption in a squad 1996 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Bushido"
Zane Yama/ J2 Zane Yama Son of Cain Marko and inheritor of Juggernaut power; Avenger 1998 comic series What If? issue #105
Yamamoto Makoto Yamamoto Makoto Stuffy and rigid XO under Justy Tylor's command 1989 light novel series The Most Irresponsible Man in Space The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Yamashiro Tatsu/ Tsukuri Tatsu/ Katana Yamashiro Tatsu Woman with murdered family who wielded power sword for justice 1983 comic series The Brave and the Bold issue #200 maiden name from adapted version, Tsukuri, in Justice League episode "Fury" (2002)
Yang Gi Yang Gi Asian Planeteer and wielder of the Water ring 1990 animated TV series Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode "A Hero for Earth" surname arbitrary
Ymir Ymir of Eldia Scapegoated orphan turned into a Titan-shifter and lover of Historia Reiss 2010 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan Chapter 5: "A Dim Glow in the Midst of Despair" Name from chapter 36: "I'm Home" (2012)
Yoda Yoda Diminutive Norayi Jedi and mentor of many 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back -
Yogurt Yogurt Diminutive Schwartz sage and mentor to Dark Helmet and Lone Starr 1987 film Spaceballs -
Yohn Kohl/ Spartan Yohn Kohl WildC.A.T.s android occupied by consciousness of Kherubim lord 1992 comic series WildC.A.T.s issue #1
Henry "Butch" Yong Butch Yong Rival to Team Rocket's James; froggy voice 1998 animated TV series (anime) Pokémon episode "The Secret of the Breeding Center" originally (Japanese) as Kosaburo; as Butch in English adaptation "The Breeding Center Secret" (1999); real name arbitrary
YoRHa No. 2, Type B 2B YoRHa android secretly of a different Type 2017 video game NieR Automata -
Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu (essence) Honorable ninja entity possessing warriors and competing in competitions 1994 arcade video game Tekken -
Yuga Yuga (Gerudo) Flamboyant Gerudo disciple of Ganon; fought with frames 2013 video game The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
Yuga Khan Yuga Khan Father of Darkseid 1990 comic series New Gods issue #17
Yuki Akira Yuki Akira Japanese kung-fu expert and Virtua Fighter tournament contestant 1993 arcade video game Virtua Fighter -
Jaden Yuki Jaden Yuki Successor to Yugi Mutou as Duel Monsters player 2004 animated TV series (anime) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX episode "The One Who Inherits the Games" originally as Yuki Judai (Japanese); as Jaden in adaptation episode "The Next King of Games" (2005)
Tierno Yun Tierno Yun Dance-loving overweight friend of Serena and Calem 2013 video game series Pokémon X Version and Y Version arbitrary surname
Yuna Yuna Summoner girl of Besaid and enemy of Sin 2001 video game Final Fantasy X -
Yveltal Yveltal Legendary Pokémon and avatar of death 2013 video game series Pokémon X Version and Y Version
Yzma Yzma Alchemist and onetime vizier/regent for Kuzco 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove -
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