Character Appendix Ta-Th
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Taki Taki (Fu-Ma) Mysterious female ninja who sought Soul Edge 1995 arcade video game Soul Edge -
Talim Talim Filipino warrior girl who sought Soul Edge 2002 arcade video game SoulCalibur II -
River Tam River Tam Young woman turned into a killing machine & joined Mal Reynolds's Serenity 2002 TV series Firefly episode "Serenity"
Simon Tam Simon Tam Physician who escaped with sister and joined Mal Reynolds's Serenity 2002 TV series Firefly episode "Serenity"
Piama Tananahaakna Piama Tananahaakna Native Alaskan woman who married Francis Wilkerson 2002 TV series Malcolm in the Middle episode "Hal's Birthday"
Taneleer Tivan/ Collector Taneleer Tivan Elder of the Universe obsessed with collecting 1966 comic series Avengers issue #28
Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka Tano Anakin Skywalker's Togruta protege; later Rebel agent 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars -
Pantyhose Taro Pantyhose Taro Jusenkyo-cursed martial artist with powerful chimera form 1991 comic book (manga) Ranma 1/2 Chapter 180: "Spring Demon"
Tars Tarkas Tars Tarkas Jeddark of the Thark; ally of John Carter of Mars 1912 novel A Princess of Mars - 1
Simon Tarses Simon Tarses Starfleet medic who lied about his Romulan heritage then became physician 1991 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Drumhead"
Rod Tartaglia Rod Tartaglia Deeply closeted gay Muppet on Avenue Q 2003 musical stage play Avenue Q - 2
Dee Dee Tartakovsky Dee Dee Tartakovsky Dexter Tartakovsky's crazy long-legged sister 1995 animated short film Dexter's Laboratory "Changes" 3
Dexter Tartakovsky Dexter Tartakovsky Tiny boy scientist inventor with an inexplicable accent 1995 animated short film Dexter's Laboratory "Changes" 4
Tartuffe Tartuffe Con artist in 1660s Paris; nearly ruined Orgon's life 1664 stage play Tartuffe, or the Impostor -
Tarzan/ John Clayton III Tarzan Orphaned white boy raised by gorillas who became jungle king 1912 novel Tarzan of the Apes - 5
Tashana/ Lady Quark Tashana Sole survivor of Erzix; unpleasant L.E.G.I.O.N.naire 1985 comic miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths issue #4
Theodore "Taz" Tasmanian Theodore Tasmanian Gluttonous tornado-powered Tasmanian devil 1954 animated short film series Looney Tunes Devil May Hare 6
Tatl Tatl Fairy companion of Skull Kid; once traveled with Link 2000 video game The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Te Fiti/ Te Kā - Polynesian goddess of life; turned into lava demon while heart stolen 2016 animated film Moana -
Langford "Happy" Terrill/ The Ray/ Neon Happy Terrill Light-powered member of original Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters 1940 comic series Smash Comics issue #14
Raymond "Ray" Terrill/ The Ray Ray Terrill Gay mutant son of original Ray 1992 comic series The Ray issue #1
Terrorsaur/ Terrorswoop Terrorsaur Stuff 1996 animated TV series Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Beast Wars" Part 1 7
Tessa/ Sage Tessa (Sage) Mutant telepathic technopath; infiltrated Hellfire Club; X-Men member 1980 comic series X-Men issue #132 8
Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Genius electricity pioneer; loved pigeons N/A - - -
Jervis Tetch/ Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch Psychopathic criminal obsessed with madness and hats; Batman enemy 1948 comic series Batman issue #49
Tetsu Ushio Tetsu Ushio Huge bully at Yugi Mutou's high school 1996 comic series (manga) Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 1: "Duel One: Puzzle of the Gods" 9
Mor glasch Tev Mor glasch Tev Tellarite engineer; second officer of USS da Vinci 2003 ebook novella series Star Trek: S.C.E. Aftermath
Thailog Thailog Evil clone of gargoyle Goliath 1995 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Double Jeopardy"
Thanatos Thanatos (god) Greek god of death c. 700 BCE a history Hesiod's Theogony - 10
Thanos Thanos Death-obsessed Eternal madman; often sought/wielded Infinity Stones 1973 comic series Iron Man issue #55
Thing Thing Thing Thing Severed hand that lived with the Addams family 1954 magazine cartoon The New Yorker -
Elliott Thomas Elliott Thomas American boy who befriended E.T. 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial -
Everett Thomas/ Synch Everett Thomas Founding Generation X team member; mutant power copier 1994 comic series X-Men issue #36 11
Noah Thomas Noah Thomas Arrogant snot contestant on Total Drama Island 2007 animated TV series Total Drama Island episode "Not-So Happy Campers" Part 1 12
Odd Thomas Odd Thomas Young man with the ability to see dead people and fight monsters 2003 novel Odd Thomas -
Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine Cheeky little engine from island of Sodor 1946 picture book Thomas the Tank Engine -
Leslie "Lee" Thompkins Leslie Thompkins Medical doctor ally of the Batman 1976 comic series Detective Comics issue #457 13
Eugene "Flash" Thompson/ Venom Flash Thompson Schoolyard bully of Peter Parker; later friend, soldier, hero 1962 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #15 14
Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson Very dumb jock at Lawndale High 1997 animated TV series Daria episode "Esteemsters"
Nancy Thompson Nancy Thompson Survivor of Freddy Krueger who became counselor 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street -
Thor Odinson Thor Odinson Norse god of thunder; once murderous; great hero in later life c. 100? history Tacitus's Germania - 15
Thorin Oakenshield Thorin Oakenshield Dwarf leader of a Company; brought about huge war 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Damien Thorn Damien Thorn An Antichrist born of a jackal 1976 film The Omen -
Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke Creepy human boy in love with Sonic the Hedgehog 2003 animated TV series Sonic X episode "Supersonic Hero Appears!"
Alexander "Alec" Thorne/ Smart Alec Alec Thorne Sort-of genius member of Omega Flight 1984 comic series Alpha Flight issue #7
Holly Thorne Holly Thorne Journalist who became partner to Jim Ironheart 1991 novel Cold Fire -
Thoth Thoth Badass bird-headed Egyptian god who orchestrated his own birth c. 2400 BCE Pyramid Texts - -
Kara Thrace/ Starbuck Kara Thrace Somewhat unstable pilot in later Colonial Fleet; became "angel" 2003 TV miniseries Battlestar Galactica -
Guybrush Threepwood Guybrush Threepwood Unlikely pirate hero of the Tri-Island Area 1990 video game The Secret of Monkey Island -
Thulsa Doom Thulsa Doom Atlantean sorcerer in ancient times and enemy of Kull and Conan 1967 short story King Kull anthology "The Cat and the Skull"
Thumper Thumper (rabbit) Bambi's rabbit friend who could move his feet rapidly 1923 novel Bambi, a Life in the Forest - 16
John "Johnny" Thunder Johnny Thunder Goofy guy partnered with the djinn Yz 1940 comic series Flash Comics issue #1
Thundra Thundra Warrior leader of matriarchal world Femizonia 1972 comic series Fantastic Four issue #129
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