Character Appendix Si-Sm
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Robert "Silent Bob" Blutarski Silent Bob Best friend of Jay; mostly quiet; marijuana dealer 1994 film Clerks - 1
David Silver David Silver Geeky kid who integrated with shallow Beverly Hills teens in 1990s 1990 TV series Beverly Hills 90210 episode "Class of Beverly Hills"
Albert "Al" Simmons/ Spawn Al Simmons Murder victim reborn as Hellspawn with power cape 1992 comic series Spawn issue #1
Jemma Simmons Jemma Simmons English SHIELD agent; half of genius team FitzSimmons 2013 TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot episode
Simon Giha Simon Giha Stuff 2007 animated TV series (anime) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2) episode "Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!" (3)
Andrew Jackson "A.J." Simon A.J. Simon Younger brother of Simon & Simon detectives 1981 TV series Simon & Simon pilot episode
Lorna Simon Lorna Simon First officer on April's Enterprise 1992 novel series Star Trek Best Destiny
Richard "Rick" Simon Rick Simon Older brother of Simon & Simon detective; important mustache 1981 TV series Simon & Simon pilot episode
Abraham "Abe" Simpson Abe Simpson Elderly father of Homer Simpson with many issues 1988 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Grandpa and the Kids" 4
Bartholomew "Bart" Simpson Bart Simpson Spiky-haired badboy Simpsons son 1987 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Good Night"
Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Springfield family man, glutton, and idiot 1987 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Good Night"
Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson Activist genius Simpsons daughter 1987 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Good Night"
Margaret "Maggie" Simpson Maggie Simpson Simpsons' youngest child; enjoyed a pacifier 1987 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Good Night"
Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson Marge Simpson Beehived housewife of Simpsons family 1987 TV series The Tracey Ullman Show animated segment "Good Night" 5
Penelope Mona Olsen Simpson Mona Simpson Political activist and Homer's absentee mother 1991 animated TV series The Simpsons "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Baby Sinclair Baby Sinclair Abusive youngest child of Sinclair dinosaur family 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mighty Megalosaurus" 6
Charlene Sinclair Charlene Sinclair Sometimes vapid daughter of Sinclair dinosaur family 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mighty Megalosaurus"
Earl Sinclair Earl Sinclair Dumb patriarch of Sinclair dinosaur family 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mighty Megalosaurus"
Frances "Fran" Phillips Sinclair Fran Sinclair Brow-beating matriarch of Sinclair dinosaur family 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mighty Megalosaurus"
Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair Izzy Sinclair Comics fan teen girl companion of 8th Doctor who realized she liked girls 1996 comic strip story Doctor Who Magazine issue #244 story "Endgame"
Rahne Sinclair/ Wolfsbane Rahne Sinclair Scottish werewolf of shy demeanor; New Mutants/X-teams mainstay 1982 graphic novel series Marvel Graphic Novel issue #4
Robert "Robbie" Sinclair Robbie Sinclair Progressive activist son of Sinclair dinosaur family 1991 TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mighty Megalosaurus"
Damara Sinclaire/ Allure Damara Sinclaire Pheromone half-fairy babysitter 2000 comic series Relative Heroes issue #1
Thaal Sinestro Thaal Sinestro Korugarian warlord and traitor to Green Lanterns; wields Yellow Ring 1961 comic series Green Lantern issue #7
Sinfjötli Sigmundson Sinfjötli Sigmundson Sigmund's son who was murdered by his wife c. 1275 poem? Völsunga saga -
Hadji Singh Hadji Singh Boy adventurer and best friend/adoptive brother of Jonny Quest 1964 animated TV series Jonny Quest episode "Arctic Splashdown" 7
Khan Singh Khan Singh Genetically-engineered 20th century tyrant; Jim Kirk's archenemy 1967 TV series Star Trek episode "Space Seed"
Kiran Singh/ Solstice Kiran Singh Light-powered Indian superhero girl and Teen Titan 2011 comic series Teen Titans issue #89 8
Ram Singh Ram Singh Coal Hill student in late 2010s; Defender with a fake leg 2016 TV series Class episode "For Tonight We Might Die"
Singularity - Humanoid bio-weapon created by Jan Arrah as a failsafe against himself 2000 comic miniseries Legion Lost issue #6
Andrew "Andy" Sipowicz Andy Sipowicz Lovable racist white cop in the NYPD; mustachioed and bald 1993 TV series NYPD Blue pilot episode
Benjamin "Ben" Sisko Ben Sisko First CO of Deep Space 9; inadvertent religious figure 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary"
Jacob "Jake" Sisko Jake Sisko 24th century writer; son of Ben Sisko 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" 9
Jennifer DeWitt Sisko Jennifer Sisko Ben Sisko's late wife; scientist; killed by the Borg 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" 10
Joseph Sisko Joseph Sisko Restaurateur; father of Ben Sisko 1996 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Homefront"
Walter Skinner Walter Skinner FBI deputy director; associated with the X-Files 1994 TV series The X-Files episode "Tooms"
Ema Skye Ema Skye Forensic specialist ally of Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright 2005 video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DLC chapter Rise from the Ashes 11
Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker One-time chosen one of the Jedi and later the Empire's greatest monster 1976 film novelization Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker - 12
Ben Skywalker Ben Skywalker Son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade 2001 novel Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory II: Rebirth -
Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker Son of Darth Vader; eventual Jedi Master 1976 novelization Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker - 13
Rey Skywalker Rey Skywalker Slave orphan who became Luke Skywalker's disciple and Force hero 2015 film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - 14
Shmi Skywalker Lars Shmi Skywalker Anakin Skywalker's slave mother 1999 film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - 15
Slash/ Spike Slash (turtle) Raphael's pet turtle turned into mutant turtle; sometimes evil 1991 comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures issue #23
Albert Clifford "A.C." Slater A.C. Slater Zack Morris's primary rival 1989 TV series Saved by the Bell episode "Dancing to the Max"
Wilhelmina Slater/ Wanda Slater Wilhelmina Slater Ruthless executive who worked with Betty Suarez 2006 TV series Ugly Betty pilot episode
Walter "Dotcom" Slattery Walter Slattery Less huge member of Tracy Jordan's entourage; later producer 2006 TV series 30 Rock pilot episode 16
Murray Slaughter Murray Slaughter Sassy bald writer colleague of Mary Richards 1970 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Love Is All Around"
Jerry Sledge/ Stonewall Jerry Sledge Superhero son of Absorbing Man; associate of Nick Fury 2008 comic series Mighty Avengers issue #13
Sleepy Sleepy (dwarf) One of Snow White's dwarf friends; narcoleptic 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 17
Sleipnir Sleipnir Odin's eight-legged horse c. 1220 epic poem Prose Edda - 18
K.K. Slider K.K. Slider Animal Crossing's great musician; concerts every Saturday! 2001 video game Animal Forest -
Slimer/ Willem Remils Slimer (ghost) Ghost mascot of the Ghostbusters; gluttonous and slime-spewing 1984 film Ghostbusters - 19
Slinky Slinky Animated dog toy with coiled spring inside owned by Andy Davis 1995 animated film Toy Story -
Mark Sloan Mark Sloan (detective physician) Mystery-solving doctor; teamed with police son 1991 TV series Jake and the Fatman episode "It Never Entered My Mind"
Lily Sloane Lily Sloane Mid-21st century engineer; colleague of Zefram Cochrane 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact -
Slo-bo Slo-bo Flawed clone of Lobo with a conscience; joined Young Justice & Legion 2001 comic series Young Justice issue #37
Slovakia/ Slovak Republic Slovakia (Tan) Cute boy embodiment of the nation of Slovakia 2015 online comic strips Hetalia: Axis Powers Chapter Hetalia World Stars 85
Brendon Small Brendon Small Child who enjoyed making movies; lived with mom Paula 1999 animated TV series Home Movies episode "Get Away from My Mom!"
Paula Ezra Small Paula Small Divorced mother of Brandon Small 1999 animated TV series Home Movies episode "Get Away from My Mom!" 20
Will Smalls Will Smalls Psychic type enthusiast; Johto-Kanto Elite Four member 1999 video game series William "Will" Smalls Gold Version (21) and Silver Version (22) 23
Marrina Smallwood Marrina Smallwood Aquatic Plodex woman and member of Alpha Flight 1983 comic series Alpha Flight issue #1
Maxwell "Max" Smart Maxwell Smart Semi-competent agent of CONTROL 1965 TV series Get Smart episode "Mr. Big"
Smaug Smaug Ardan fire drake and tormentor of Men and dwarfs 1937 novel The Hobbit -
William Smee William Smee Captain Hook's boswain 1904 stage play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up - 24
George Smiley George Smiley Non-suave Cold War era British spy; short, fat, and old 1961 novel Call for the Dead -
Guy Smiley Guy Smiley Extremely excitable Muppet game show host 1969 TV series Sesame Street Episode 0010 25
Agent Smith Agent Smith (A.I.) Prominent enforcer program in The Matrix; archenemy of Neo 1999 film The Matrix -
Beth Sanchez Smith Beth Smith Morty's mom and Rick's daughter; veterinarian 2013 animated TV series Rick and Morty pilot episode
Charles "Charlie" Smith/ Cha'arlth Charlie Smith Rhodian prince exiled on Earth; Coal Hill Defender 2016 TV series Class episode "For Tonight We Might Die" (2016) 26
Cleopatra Smith Cleopatra Smith Teenage clone of Cleopatra who attended high school for clones 2002 animated TV series Clone High episode "Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand" 27
Denis Nayland Smith Denis Nayland Smith British spy and archenemy of Fu Manchu 1912 short story The Storyteller magazine "The Zayat Kiss"
Erwin Smith Erwin Smith Brilliant leader of Eldian Survey Corps behind walls; led against shifters 2009 comic series (manga) Attack on Titan (28) chapter "To You, 2000 Years from Now" (29) 30
Guy Smith/ The Orphan/ Mr. Sensitive Guy Smith Mutant with uncontrolled senses; celebrity hero of X-Statix 2001 comic series X-Force issue #117
"Pitfall" Harry Smith Harry Smith Archaeologist who jumped over holes 1982 video game Pitfall! - 31
"Pitfall" Harry Smith Jr. Harry Smith Jr. Son of famed archaeologist Harry Smith with chi awareness 1994 video game Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - 32
Jerry Smith Jerry Smith Morty's sad sack father 2013 animated TV series Rick and Morty pilot episode
John Hannibal Smith John Hannibal Smith Cigar-chomping leader of the A-Team 1983 TV series The A-Team episode "Mexican Slayride"
Lavinia Smith Lavinia Smith Sarah Jane Smith's scientist aunt 1981 TV series K-9 and Company episode "A Girl's Best Friend"
Luke Smith Luke Smith Sarah Jane Smith's genetically engineered son 2007 TV series The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Invasion of the Bane"
Mickey Smith Mickey Smith Once Rose Tyler's boyfriend; 10th Doctor companion; alien fighter 2005 TV series Doctor Who episode "Rose"
Mortimer "Morty" Smith Morty Smith Dumb teen sidekick to his eccentric scientist grandfather Rick Sanchez 2013 animated TV series Rick and Morty pilot episode
Sarah Jane Smith Sarah Jane Smith Journalist, 3rd & 4th Doctor companion, mom of adopted special kids 1973 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Time Warrior" Part One
Sharon Smith/ Catseye Sharon Smith Mutant girl who lived as a large purple feline 1984 comic series New Mutants issue #16
Sheila Smith/ Dr. Girlfriend/ Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/ Lady Au Pair/ Queen Etheria Sheila Smith Deep-voiced lady supervillain and Guild leader 2003 animated TV series The Venture Bros. episode "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay" 33
Sky Smith Sky Smith Sarah Jane Smith's alien adoptive daughter 2011 TV series The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Sky"
Summer Smith Summer Smith Morty's resentful sister and Rick's granddaughter 2013 animated TV series Rick and Morty pilot episode
Tabitha Smith/ Boom-Boom/ Boomer/ Meltdown Tabitha Smith Mutant girl with bomb powers; emotionally damaged thief turned hero 1985 comic miniseries Secret Wars II issue #5 34
Valerie Smith Valerie Smith Bass guitarist for the time-locked band the Pussycats 1969 comic series Josie and the Pussycats issue #45
William "Will" Smith Will Smith (Fresh Prince) West Philadelphia youth who moved to posh Bel-Air 1990 TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "The Fresh Prince Project"
Winston Smith Winston Smith A member of IngSoc brainwashed in groupthink via torture 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four -
Zachary Smith Zachary Smith Saboteur and increasingly crazy stowaway on Jupiter-5 mission 1965 TV series Lost in Space episode "The Reluctant Stowaway"
Zachary Smith Jr./ Microbe Zachary Smith Jr. Mutant who could talk to microorganisms; New Warriors member 2005 comic series New Warriors issue #1
Agatha Smith-Jones Agatha Smith-Jones Elderly Kanto Elite Four member with Poison-type focus 1996 video game Pokémon (35) Red Version (36) and Green Version (37) 38
Smokey Bear Smokey Bear Bear interested in prevention of forest wildfires 1944 advertising for the United States Forrest Service -
Smurfette Smurf Smurfette Smurf Artificially created female Smurf; originally Naughty 1966 comic series album (bande dessinée) The Smurfs (39) The Smurfette
Alistair Smythe/ Spider-Slayer Alistair Smythe Son of original Spider-Slayer creator; followed in his footsteps 1985 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man Annual issue #19
Evelyn Smythe Rossiter Evelyn Smythe University history professor and elder companion to the 6th Doctor 2000 audio drama Doctor Who The Marian Conspiracy 40
Jonathan Smythe/ The Mist Jonathan Smythe (The Mist) Supervillain with a smoke-like form; enemy of Starmen 1941 comic series Adventure Comics issue #67
Nash Smythe/ The Mist Nash Smythe Daughter of original smoke supervillain; enemy/rapist of Jack Knight 1994 comic series Starman issue #0
Spencer Smythe Spencer Smythe Creator of the Spider-Slayer robots used to try to murder Spider-Man 1965 comic series The Amazing Spider-Man issue #25
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