Character Appendix Pa-Pg
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Dyvas Paad/ Devil - Cockrumite malcontent and terrorist 2004 comic series The Legion issue #35 1
Charlie Pace Charlie Pace Heroin-addicted musician castaway on the Island 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" Part 1 2
Pac/ Pac-Man Pac-Man Male Pacman hero 1980 arcade video game Pac-Man -
Karen Page Karen Page Legal assistant to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson 1964 comic series Daredevil issue #1
Sussa Paka/ Tress/ Spider Girl Sussa Paka Woman with prehensile hair; Workforce member and Legion associate 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #323 3
Palkia Palkia Legendary Pokémon and avatar of space 2006 video game series Pokémon (4) Diamond Version (5) and Pearl Version (6)
Palla Palla of Macedon Eldest of three pegasus knight sisters from Macedon 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (7) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (8)
Vicki Pallister/ Cressida Vicki Pallister Orphan companion of the 1st Doctor who married Troilus 1965 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Powerful Enemy" (1965) 9
Bartholomew "Barry" Palmer Barry Palmer Spazzy best friend of Dawn Palmieri & Lucas Park 2006 video game series Pokémon (10) Diamond Version (11) and Pearl Version (12) 13
Laura Palmer Laura Palmer Teenage girl murder victim from Twin Peaks 1990 TV series Twin Peaks pilot episode
Raymond "Ray" Palmer/ The Atom Ray Palmer Shrinking scientist/superhero who was often de-aged 1961 comic series Showcase issue #34
Dawn Palmieri Dawn Palmieri Sinnoh Pokémon trainer and eventual champion with partner Piplup 2006 video game series Pokémon (14) Diamond Version (15) and Pearl Version (16) 17
Palmon/ Yuramon/ Tagemon/ Togemon/ Lillymon Palmon (Mimi's partner) Tachikawa Mimi's plant Digimon partner 1999 animated TV series Digimon Adventure episode "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!"
Sheev Palpatine/ Darth Sidious Sheev Palpatine Naboo Senator, Dark Lord of the Sith, and Galactic Emperor 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back - 18
Palutena Palutena Greek goddess of light and rival of Medusa 1986 video game Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror -
Peter Pan Peter Pan Ageless flying boy adventurer who ruled over Never Never Land 1902 novel The Little White Bird -
Panda Panda (toy) Drunken panda toy companion of Iris Wildthyme 2005 audio drama Iris Wildthyme Wildthyme at Large
Andy Panda Andy Panda Mischievous Toon panda associate of Woody Woodpecker 1939 animated short film Life Begins for Andy Panda -
Pandora Pandora Creation of the gods whose jar (box) brought chaos c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony (19) - 20
Alan Pangborn Alan Pangborn Sheriff of Castle Rock, Maine during 80s/early 90s 1989 novel The Dark Half -
Panne Panne Stuff 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (21) Awakening (22) 23
Pink Panther Pink Panther Stuff 1963 animated segment in live-action film The Pink Panther -
Panthro Panthro Elder Thundercat and engineer 1985 animated TV series Thundercats episode "Exodus"
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso Ernie Pantusso Stuff 1982 TV series Cheers episode "Give Me a Ring Sometime"
Papa Looey Papa Looey Stuff 1959 animated TV series The Quick Draw McGraw Show episode segment "Scary Prairie"
Papa Smurf Papa Smurf Stuff 1958 comic strip Johan and Pirlouit comic strip story "The Flute with Six Holes" (24)
Papyrus Papyrus Stuff 2015 video game Undertale -
Parademon Parademon Stuff 2005 comic miniseries Villains United issue #1
Kenneth Parcell Kenneth Parcell Stuff 2006 TV series 30 Rock pilot episode
Paris Paris of Troy Selfish Trojan abductor of Helen and instigator of Trojan War c. 700 BCE epic poem Homer's Iliad - 25
Cole Paris Cole Paris Helmsman on Stargazer; fell in love with a cloud 2002 novel series Star Trek: Stargazer Progenitor
Miral Paris Miral Paris Daughter of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris 2001 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "Endgame"
Owen Paris Owen Paris Starfleet admiral; Tom Paris's father 1996 novel series Star Trek: Voyager Mosaic
Thomas "Tom" Paris Tom Paris Helmsman on Voyager; jerk who learned humility and love 1995 TV series Star Trek: Voyager episode "Caretaker"
Parn Parn Human villager turned knight who led party in Lodoss; lover of Deedlit 1988 novel series Record of Lodoss War (26) The Grey Witch (27)
Linda Park Linda Park Journalist; Wally West's anchor 1989 comic series The Flash issue #28
Lucas Park Lucas Park Prof. Rowan's assistant and best friend of Dawn Palmieri & Barry Palmer 2006 video game series Pokémon (28) Diamond Version (29) and Pearl Version (30) 31
Wallace Park Wallace Park Eccentric Brit; best friend of Gromit 1989 stop-motion animated short film A Grand Day Out - 32
Benjamin "Ben" Parker Ben Parker Peter Parker's murdered uncle; taught about power and responsibility 1962 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #15
Dorothy Rothschild Parker Dorothy Parker Saucy early 20th century American poet N/A - - -
Drake Parker Drake Parker Dumb musician and best friend/stepbrother of Josh Nichols 2004 TV series Drake & Josh pilot episode
Jennifer Parker Jennifer Parker Marty McFly's girlfriend/later wife 1985 film Back to the Future -
May "Mayday" Parker/ Spider-Girl/ Spider-Woman May Parker (hero) Daughter of Spider-Man who followed in his footsteps 1998 comic series What If? issue #105 33
Peter Parker/ Spider-Man Peter Parker Boy bitten by a spider turned spider-themed hero 1962 comic series Amazing Fantasy issue #15
Dashiell "Dash" Parr Dash Parr Stuff 2004 animated film The Incredibles -
Helen Truax Parr/ Elastigirl Helen Parr Stuff 2004 animated film The Incredibles - 34
Robert "Bob" Parr/ Mr. Incredible Bob Parr Stuff 2004 animated film The Incredibles -
Violet Parr Violet Parr Incredibles' daughter; had invisibility and force-field powers 2004 animated film The Incredibles -
Ellen Parsons Ellen Parsons Patty Hewes's protégé; life ruined with that association 2007 TV series Damages episode "Get Me a Lawyer"
Helga Pataki Helga Pataki Stuff 1988 stop motion animated short film TV series Pee-Wee's Playhouse Arnold Escapes from Church 35
Patamon/ Poyomon/ Tokomon/ Angemon Patamon (T.K.'s partner) DigiDestined Digimon partner of Takeru Takaishi 1999 animated TV series Digimon Adventure (36) episode "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!" (37)
Devi Patel Devi Patel Stuff 2004 novel series Star Trek: Voyager Spirit Walk, Book One: Old Wounds
Kumar Patel Kumar Patel Stuff 2004 film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle -
Patroclus Patroclus Achilles's best friend/boyfriend killed by Hector c. 600 BCE epic poem Homer's Iliad (38) -
Christopher "Chris" Paul Chris Paul 2010s basketball star; friend of Mystery Inc. N/A - - -
Pauline Paulino Pauline Paulino Stuff 1981 arcade video game Donkey Kong - 39
Martin "Marty" Pawley Marty Pawly Stuff 1954 novel The Searchers -
Reeva Payge/ Black Queen Reeva Payge Stuff 1994 comic series annual X-Men Annual issue #3
Curtis Payne Curtis Payne Curmudgeony firefighter chief in Atlanta area 2006 TV series Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode "The Roof Is on Fire"
Martin Payne Martin Payne Stuff 1992 TV series Martin episode "Beauty and the Beast"
William "Will" Payton/ Starman Will Payton Stuff 1988 comic series Starman issue #1
Melora Pazlar Melora Pazlar Stuff 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Melora"
Meredith "Merry" Creamer Pemberton/Gimmick Girl Merry Pemberton 1940s gadget-based hero and member of Old Justice in 2000s 1948 comic series Star-Spangled Comics issue #81
Sylvester "Syl" Pemberton III/ Star-Spangled Kid/ Skyman Syl Pemberton Nazi-hunting teen with adult sidekick 1941 comic series Action Comics issue #40 40
Francis "Frank" Pembleton Frank Pembleton Intense Baltimore homicide detective 1993 TV series Homicide: Life on the Street episode "Gone for Goode"
Penance/ Hollow Penance (Hollow) Mutant girl who houses other souls; red, sharp, mostly mute 1994 comic series Generation X issue #1
Doug Penhall Doug Penhall Other white guy in original Jump Street program 1987 TV series 21 Jump Street pilot episode
Peter "Pig-Pen" Penn Pig-Pen Penn 1950s child with a dust cloud around him at all times 1954 comic strip Peanuts - 41
Timothy "Tim" Pennington Tim Pennington Journalist/writer involved with Vanguard scandal of 2260s 2005 novel series Star Trek: Vanguard Harbinger
Adrianna "Adrian" Pennino Balboa Adrian Pennino Wife of Rocky Balboa; somewhat mousy 1976 film Rocky - 42
Alfred Pennyworth Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne's surrogate father and butler; onetime spy 1943 comic series Batman issue #16 43
Elena "Leaf" Perez Leaf Perez Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town; rival to Red and Gary 2000 comic series (manga) Pokémon Special Chapter 15: "Vs. Wartortle" 44
Peri Peri of Nohr Psychopathic idiot retainer to Xander; affected baby voice 2015 video game series Fire Emblem (45) If
Micaela Villegas/ Camila la Perichole Camila la Perichole Peruvian performer whose son, mentor, and pursuer died in bridge collapse 1927 novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey -
Persephone/ Proserpina Persephone (goddess) Greek goddess of spring; often stuck in the underworld c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony - 46
Perseus Eurymedon Perseus (hero) Ancient Greek hero; used Medusa's head a lot c. 700 BCE history (work) Hesiod's Theogony - 47
Persia Persia (Tan) Humanoid incarnation of the ancient nation of Persia 2015 comic series (manga) Hetalia: Axis Powers Hetalia World Stars Chapter 56
Pesto Pesto (Goodfeather) Overly aggressive pigeon with an inferiority complex 1993 animated TV series Animaniacs episode segment "The Monkey Song"
Margaret "Peg" Legg Pete Peg Pete Real estate agent and enraged wife of Pete Pete 1992 animated TV series Goof Troop special episode "Forever Goof" 48
Peter "Pete" Pete Pete Pete Large mammalian bully and frenemy of Mickey Mouse and friends 1925 animated short film Alice Solves the Puzzle -
Peter "P.J." Pete Jr. P.J. Pete Son of Pete and best friend of Max Goof 1942 animated short film series Donald Duck Bellboy Donald 49
Pistol Pete Pistol Pete Cutesy daughter of Peg and Pete Pete 1992 animated TV series Goof Troop special episode "Forever Goof"
Tyler Peters Tyler Peters Sporty contestant on Total Drama 2007 animated TV series Total Drama Island episode "Not-So Happy Campers" Part 1 50
Hillary "Norm" Peterson Norm Peterson Fat barfly at Cheers 1982 TV series Cheers episode "Give Me a Ring Sometime" 51
Petrie Petrie (pteranodon) Tiny pterosaur friend of Littlefoot 1988 animated film The Land Before Time -
Laura Meeker Petrie Laura Petrie Homemaker and dancer; wife of comedian Rob Petrie 1960 TV series Head of the Family pilot episode 52
Richard "Richie" Petrie Richie Petrie Son of Laura and Rob Petrie 1960 TV series Head of the Family pilot episode
Robert "Rob" Petrie Rob Petrie Funny family man and head writer of The Alan Brady Show 1960 TV series Head of the Family pilot episode
Stacey Petrie - Rob Petrie's oddball brother 1962 TV series The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "I Am My Brother's Keeper"
Sophia Grisanti Petrillo Sophia Petrillo One of four older women living together; Dorothy Zbornak's mother 1985 TV series The Golden Girls episode "The Engagement"
Dominic Petros/ Avalanche/ Dominikos Petrakos Dominic Petros Greek mutant with ground liquidation powers; Brotherhood member 1981 comic series X-Men issue #141 53
Peter "Pete" Petruski/ Trapster/ Paste-Pot Pete Pete Petruski Supervillain with a powerful glue gun; Frightful Four mainstay 1963 comic series Strange Tales issue #104 54
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