Character Appendix N
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Nabbit Nabbit Rabbit-like thief creature of the Mushroom Kingdom 2012 video game New Super Mario Bros. U -
Nabooru Spiritborn Nabooru Sage of Spirit and later leader of the Gerudo 1998 video game series The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Landi Nace/ Canary - Devil's lover/ brainwashed Naltorian minion 2004 comic series The Legion issue #35
George Nada George Nada Construction worker who discovered alien infiltration and killed a lot of them 1963 short story The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction "Eight O'clock in the Morning"
Rose Henderson Nadler Rose Nadler Woman whose cancer was cured by the Island; lived a peaceful life 2004 TV series Lost episode "Pilot" Part 1 1
Russell Nagai Russell Nagai Scout who went on a flying house trip with Carl Fredericksen 2009 animated film Up - 2
Nagisa Kaworu/ Tabris/ Adam Nagisa Kaworu Seed of Life's soul in the form of a human boy 1996 animated TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion episode "The Beginning and the End, or 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'"
Nah Nah (daughter of Nowi) Refugee daughter of Nowi from the future 2012 video game series Fire Emblem Awakening
Jo Nah/ Ultra Boy/ Emerald Dragon Jo Nah Rimborian roughneck turned Legionnaire and family man 1962 comic series Superboy issue #98 3
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Indian immigrant and manager of Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield 1990 animated TV series The Simpsons episode "The Telltale Head"
Tal Nahii/ Gas Girl Tal Nahii Hero of Lallor who had a gaseous form 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #324
Skye Nakaiye Skye Nakaiye Native American visitor to the Puzzle Place 1995 TV series The Puzzle Place episode "Tippy Woo"
Nakamura Hiro Nakamura Hiro Mutant otaku with the power to warp space/time 2006 TV series Heroes episode "Genesis"
Mysa Nal/ White Witch/ Black Witch Mysa Nal Sorceress daughter of Mordru and occasional Legionnaire 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #350 4
Nura Schnappin Nal/ Dream Girl/ Dreamer Nura Nal Naltorian precognitive and Legionnaire; insomniac 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #317 5
Nala Nala (lion) Lioness; childhood friend and later mate to Simba 1994 animated film The Lion King -
Nami Nami (pirate) Straw Hat Pirate; navigator 1997 comic series (manga) One Piece chapter 8: "Introducing Nami"
Namor/ Sub-Mariner Namor Atlantean royal who vacillated between hero and villain; winged feet 1939 comic series Marvel Comics issue #1
Namora/ Aquaria Neptunia Namora Ruthless Atlantean warrior and Agent of Atlas; winged feet 1947 comic series Marvel Mystery Comics issue #82
Namorita/ Namorita Prentiss Namorita Clone daughter of Namora; New Warriors mainstay; winged feet 1972 comic series Sub-Mariner issue #50
Nanna Nanna (daughter of Lachesis) Daughter of Lachesis and healer in Seliph and Leif's army 1996 video game Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War
Nanny Smurf Nanny Smurf Elderly female Smurf wanderer 1988 animated TV series The Smurfs episode "Lost Smurf"
Naoise Naoise Red-clad knight and retainer to Sigurd; partner of Alec 1996 video game series Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War
Napoleon Bonafrog Napoleon Bonafrog Weird and annoying Punk Frog 1988 animated TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Invasion of the Punk Frogs"
Dahai Iohor Naraht Naraht Horta Starfleet officer who served on Enterprise 1984 novel series Star Trek My Enemy, My Ally
Narcian Narcian Bernese dragonrider general; narcissist 2002 video game series Fire Emblem The Binding Blade
Nardole Nardole Oddball companion of River Song and then the 12th Doctor 2015 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Husbands of River Song"
Narya/ Anne McKenzie/ Snowbird Narya Inua demigoddess shape-shifter and Alpha Flight mainstay 1979 comic series X-Men issue #120 6
Charlie Nash Charlie Nash Best friend of William Guile; murdered and resurrected 1995 video game Street Fighter Alpha -
William "Bill" Nasland/ Spirit of '76/ Captain America Bill Nasland 1940s vigilante hero and successor to Steve Rogers 1977 comic series Invaders issue #14 7
Elektra Natchios Elektra Natchios Greek sai-wielding assassin; murdered and resurrected by the Hand 1981 comic series Daredevil issue #168
Natsilane Natsilane (hero) Tlingit hero who carved Blackfish c. 5000 BCE Tlingit legends - -
Sabrina Natsume Sabrina Natsume Telepathic gym leader of Saffron City 1996 video game series Pokémon (8) Red Version (9) and Green Version (10) 11
Mr. B Natural/ Spirit of Music Mr. B Natural Androgynous abstract being representing the "spirit of music" 1956 short sponsored film Mr. B Natural -
Nell Naugatuck Nell Naugatuck Sloshy British housekeeper to the Findlays 1974 TV series Maude episode "The New Housekeeper"
Navarre Navarre Over-the-top grim long-haired swordsman; ally of Caeda 1990 video game series Fire Emblem (12) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (13)
Navi Navi Fairy agent of the Great Deku Tree; close friend of Link 1998 video game series The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Nayru Nayru (goddess) Hyrulean goddess of Wisdom 1998 video game series The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Jim Starling/ Negaduck Negaduck Darkwing Duck's evil doppelganger of many origins 1991 animated TV series Darkwing Duck episode "Just Us Justice Ducks" (Part 1) 14
Aly Neils - Dylan Breen's neighbors' daughter who was stuck in the delusion that Dylan was attractive 2012 film Fateful Findings - 15
Amy Andrade Neils - Dylan Breen's neighbor whose pissiness led to murder 2012 film Fateful Findings - 16
Jim Neils - Dylan Breen's alcoholic neighbor who was murdered and Dylan could not believe committed suicide 2012 film Fateful Findings - 17
Eliot Ness Eliot Ness Famed law enforcement officer and leader of Untouchables - - - -
Joshua "Josh" Nichols Josh Nichols Smart awkward guy and best friend/stepbrother of Drake Parker 2004 TV series Drake & Josh pilot episode
Nimrod Nimrod (Sentinel) Powerful anti-mutant sentinel from a potentiality; became part of Bastion 1985 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #191
Sue-Ann Nivens Sue-Ann Nivens Saucy host of a homemaker show in 1970s Minneapolis 1973 TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "The Lars Affair"
N'Kano/ Vibraxas N'Kano Wakandan hero with sonic powers; Fantastic Force member 1994 comic series Fantastic Four issue #391
Julius No Julius No Chinese scientist and prominent SPECTRE member 1958 novel series James Bond Dr. No
Noah Noah of Ilia One of Zelot's mercenaries; Fir's love interest 2002 video game series Fire Emblem (18) The Binding Blade (19)
Donna Noble Donna Noble 10th Doctor companion with great potential suppressed 2006 TV series Doctor Who episode "Doomsday" 20
Noctis Lucis Caelum Noctis Lucis Caelum Crown prince of Kingdom of Lucis 2016 video game Final Fantasy XV -
Nog Nog First Ferengi in Starfleet; skilled engineer and leader 1993 TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary"
Heihachiro Nogura Heihachiro Nogura High-ranking Starfleet admiral and commander in chief in 2270s 1979 film novelization Star Trek: The Motion Picture -
Noh-Varr/ Marvel Boy/ Captain Marvel/ Protector Noh-Varr Kree youth with complicated past and ultimately noble intent 2000 comic miniseries Marvel Boy issue #1 21
Noire Noire (daughter of Tharja) Slightly unhinged future daughter of Tharja 2012 video game series Fire Emblem (22) Awakening (23)
Nokkar Nokkar N'Kai solder who lived on Easter Island in preparation for invasion 1996 animated TV series Gargoyles episode "Sentinel"
Andrew "Andy" Nolan/ Ferro Lad/ Ferro Andy Nolan Legionnaire who could turn to metal; wore mask to hide face 1966 comic series Adventure Comics issue #346 24
Douglas "Dougie" Nolan/ Ingot/ Shrill Douglas Nolan Twin brother of Ferro; killed and resurrected; psychopathic 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #354 25
Nommo Badewa/ Doctor Mist Nommo Badewa Ancient African mage and immortal superhero 1978 comic series Super Friends issue #12
Hedwing Nonnick/ Konk Hedwig Nonnick Xanthusian android with floating head; Uncanny Amazer 1996 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #82 26
Thomas "Tommy" Nook Tommy Nook Timmy's twin; one of a pair of tanuki sons of Tom Nook 2001 video game Animal Forest (27) - 28
Timothy "Timmy" Nook Timmy Nook Tommy's twin; one of a pair of tanuki sons of Tom Nook 2001 video game Animal Forest (29) - 30
Tom Nook Tom Nook Tanuki and leading entrepreneur in Animal Crossing lands 2001 video game Animal Forest (31) - 32
Nobody No-One - Word Lord enemy of the Doctor 2005 audio drama series Doctor Who The Word Lord 33
Ilshu Nor/ Beast Boy Ilshu Nor Hero of Lallor who could take animal forms; later Legionnaire 1964 comic series Adventure Comics issue #324
Christoph Nord/ David North/ Maverick/ Agent Zero Christoph Nord Mutant mercenary; long-lived associate of Wolverine; semi-heroic 1991 comic series X-Men issue #5 34
Petra Nord Petra Nord X-Man from hidden team who could control rocks 2006 comic miniseries X-Men: Deadly Genesis issue #1 35
Lyle Norg/ Invisible Kid Lyle Norg Legionnaire known for sneaking around; wore headband 1960 comic series Action Comics issue #267 36
Nori Nori (dwarf) Ori and Dori's brother; member of Thorin's Company 1937 novel The Hobbit -
Norne Norne of Altea Archer member of Altean army and early Marth ally 2008 video game Fire Emblem (37) Shadow Dragon (38)
Gilbert Norrell Gilbert Norrell Unpleasant English magician in the Napoleonic era 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell -
Edward "Ed" Norton Ed Norton Ralph Kramden's goofy best friend 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars sketch The Honeymooners: "The New Television Set"
Thelma "Trixie" Randolph Norton Trixie Norton Ed Norton's wife and Alice Kramden's best friend 1951 TV series Cavalcade of Stars sketch The Honeymooners: "The New Television Set" 39
Nosaka Miho Nosaka Miho Mostly nondescript friend of Téa Gardner 1996 comic series Yu-Gi-Oh! chapter "Duel Seven: The Face of Truth"
Cassandra Nova Cassandra Nova Mummudrai female copy of Charles Xavier 2001 comic series New X-Men issue #114
Nowi Nowi Scantily-clad manakete of the Shepherds 2012 video game Fire Emblem (40) Awakening (41)
Duke Nukem Duke Nukem Disgruntled TV viewer turned hyper-masculine over-the-top antihero 1991 video game Duke Nukem -
Number One/ Una Number One (Una) Mysterious logic-focused first officer under Pike and captain of Yorktown 1967 TV series Star Trek "The Menagerie" Part I 42
Nien Nunb Nien Nunb Sollustian Rebel member 1983 film Return of the Jedi -
Maria Nuñez Maria Nuñez 1950s Puerto Rican "Juliet" whose life was destroyed by gangs & racism 1957 musical stage play West Side Story -
En Sabah Nur/ Apocalypse En Sabah Nur Immortal mutant and Darwinist tyrant 1986 comic series X-Factor issue #5 43
Nyeun Chun Ti/ Persuader Nyeun Chun Ti Murderous supervillain who wielded Atomic Axe; Fatal Five member 1967 comic series Adventure Comics issue #352 44
Nyeun Lialla/ Blade Maiden Nyeun Lialla Daughter of the Persuader; wielded Atomic Axe in his memory 2004 comic series The Legion issue #35 45
Edward Nashton Nygma/ Riddler Edward Nygma Riddle-obsessed psychopath and Batman enemy 1948 comic series Detective Comics issue #140
Rose Kerklavoner Lindstrom Nylund Rose Nylund Sweet and dumb woman who lived with other older women in a house 1985 TV series The Golden Girls episode "The Engagement"
Jack Nynand Jack Nynand Human bioweapon who stalked the underwater city of Rapture 2007 video game BioShock -
Nyssa Nyssa of Traken Surviving Trakenite, companion of the 5th Doctor, and physician 1981 TV series Doctor Who episode "The Keeper of Traken" Part One
Nyx Nyx of Nohr Nohrian mage cursed with the form of a little girl 2015 video game Fire Emblem (46) If
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