Character Appendix La-Lg
No Character Reference Description Debut Medium Title Unit N
Geordi La Forge Geordi La Forge Blind Starfleet engineer, served under Picard on Enterprises; later captain 1987 TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Encounter at Farpoint"
Fifi la Fume Fifi la Fume Stuff 1990 animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures episode "The Looney Beginning"
Laa-Laa Laa-Laa Yellow Teletubby with curled antenna 1997 TV series Teletubbies episode "Ned's Good Bike"
Viola Labelle Viola Labelle Photographer and Bug-themed gym leader of Santalune City 2013 video game series Pokémon X Version and Y Version 1
Annaïck "Bécassine" Labornez Bécassine Labornez Silly Breton nanny in early 20th century 1905 comic series (bande dessinée) La Semaine de Suzette - 2
Lady Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn Stuff 2006 animated short film Adventure Time -
Carlton LaFroyge/ Hindsight Lad/ Hindsight Carlton LaFroyge Stuff 1993 comic series annual New Warriors Annual issue #3
La'gaan/ Lagoon Boy La'gaan Merperson resembling a Black Lagoon being and ally of Aquaman family 1998 comic series Aquaman issue #50 3
Lai/ Sizzle Lai (Sizzle) Stuff 2008 comic series Legion of Super-Heroes issue #45 4
Valerie Lai Valerie Lai Stuff 2013 video game series Pokémon X Version and Y Version 5
Lalala/ Lala Lalala Stuff 1985 video game Eggerland - 6
Hans Landa Hans Landa Austrian Nazi SS officer; pragmatic killer who later turned against Hitler 2009 film Inglourious Basterds -
Lois Lane Lois Lane Prominent journalist who worked for The Daily Planet 1938 comic series Action Comics issue #1
Lucy Lane/ Superwoman Lucy Lane Lois Lane's sister; soldier like her father; sometimes Superwoman 1959 comic series Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen issue #36 7
Milo Lang Milo Lang American boy who had an adventure in the Kingdom of Wisdom 1961 novel The Phantom Tollbooth - 8
Aili Lavena Aili Lavena Selkie flight controller on USS Titan 2005 novel series Star Trek: Titan Taking Wing
John "Johnny" Lawrence Johnny Lawrence Daniel LaRusso's chief rival; member of Cobra Kai 1984 film The Karate Kid -
Topanga Lawrence Topanga Lawrence Hippie-like girl in the 1990s whose daughter met world 1993 TV series Boy Meets World episode "Cory's Alternative Friends"
Vicki Lawson/ V.I.C.I. Vicki Lawson Android resembling a young girl in the 1980s; annoying voice 1985 TV series Small Wonder episode "Vicki's Homecoming"
Floyd Lawton/ Deadshot Floyd Lawton Marksman assassin and Suicide Squad/Secret Six mainstay 1950 comic series Batman issue #59
Pepé le Pew Pepé le Pew French Toon skunk and sexual predator 1945 animated short film series Merrie Melodies Odor-able Kitty
James "Jimmy" Leach/ Leech Jimmy Leach Green mutant with power-canceling power; Morlock and X-teams ward 1984 comic series Uncanny X-Men issue #179 9
Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski Jeffrey Lebowski (The Dude) Los Angeles-based ex-hippie stoner pulled into strange happenings 1998 film The Big Lebowski -
Rosina Leckermaul Rosina Leckermaul Witch who lived in a gingerbread house and tried to eat the Zimmer children 1812 short story Grimm's Fairy Tales (collection) "Hansel and Gretel" 10
Billy Lee Billy Lee White boy of the martial artist Double Dragon brothers 1987 arcade video game Double Dragon -
Brady Lee/ Pusher/ Drama Twin Brady Lee Freshmen member with tandem power with volatile girlfriend 2005 comic series Freshmen issue #1 11
Dawson Leery Dawson Leery Wide-eyed dreamer with best friend he loved across the creek 1998 TV series Dawson's Creek pilot episode
Erik Magnus Lehnsherr/ Max Eisenhardt/ Magneto Erik Lehnsherr Holocaust survivor turned magnetic mutant supervillain/mutant rights activist, sometimes a hero 1963 comic series X-Men issue #1 12
Mary Lennox Mary Lennox Orphan girl who found joy in a secret garden 1910 serialized novel The Secret Garden - 13
Cervantes de León Cervantes de León Spanish ghost pirate who hunted Soul Edge 1995 arcade video game Soul Edge -
Squall Leonhart Squall Leonhart SeeD mercenary and loner turned great hero and leader 1999 video game Final Fantasy VIII -
Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart Longstanding leader of UK's UNIT branch and good friend of the Doctor 1968 TV series Doctor Who "The Web of Fear" Episode 2 14
Katherine "Kate" Lethbridge-Stewart Kate Lethbridge-Stewart The Brigadier's daughter, scientist, and head of UK's UNIT branch 1995 direct-to-video film Downtime -
Charles Levy/ Green Thumb Charles Levy Black gay vegetarian Freshmen member who can talk to plants 2005 comic series Freshmen issue #1 15
Moshe Levy/ Dust Devil Moshe Levy Israeli child member of Blasters who could spin like a tornado 1988 comic series Invasion! issue #1 16
Rachel Levy - Powerless mother of Blasters' Moshe Levy 1988 comic series Invasion! issue #1 17
Shari Lewis/ Phyllis Hurwitz Shari Lewis Performer and adoptive mother of Lamb Chop N/A - - -
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