Anchors (Universes R-Z)

A list of beings who serve as the primary anchor to their reality within the in-story stabilization of the Omniverse through the Pickleverse.

anchor secondary
No Universe Anchor Secondary
Rabbit, Run Rabbit Angstrom unknown
Raffles A.J. Raffles Bunny Manders
Ranma 1/2 Saotome Ranma Tendo Akane
Random Harvest Paula Rainier Charles Rainier
Rayman Rayman unknown
Rebel Without a Cause Jim Stark Plato Crawford
Recess T.J. Detweiler Gretchen Grundler
Record of Lodoss War Parn Deedlit
The Red Badge of Courage Henry Fleming unknown
Red Riding Hood Rouge Webster Emma Webster
Relic Hunter Sydney Fox Nigel Bailey
Ren & Stimpy Ren Höek Stimpy Cat
Resident Evil Leon Kennedy Jill Valentine
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The Ancient Mariner unknown
Robin Hood Robin Hood John Little
RoboCop Alex Murphy unknown
Rocky Rocky Balboa Adonis Creed
Rocky & Bullwinkle Bullwinkle Moose Rocky Squirrel
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-N-Furter Rocky (construct)
Roger Rabbit Roger Rabbit Eddie Valiant
Romeo and Juliet Romeo Montague Juliet Capulet
Roots Kunta Kinte unknown
Roseanne Roseanne Conner Darlene Conner
Rugrats Tommy Pickles Angelica Pickles
Rush Hour James Carter (cop) Yang Niang Lee
Russian Doll Nadia Vulvokov Alan Zaveri
Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi Aino Minako
Samurai Jack Samurai Jack Aku
Savage Dragon Officer Dragon unknown
Saved by the Bell Zack Morris Screech Powers
Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel unknown
The Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne Arthur Dimmesdale
The Scarlet Pimpernel Percy Blakeney Marguerite Blakeney
Scientology Xenu L. Ron Hubbard
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo Shaggy Rogers
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers
Sealab 2021 Hazel Murphy Sterling Archer
The Searchers Ethan Edwards (Texan) Marty Pawley
The Secret Garden Mary Lennox Colin Craven
The Secret of NIMH Elizabeth Brisby unknown
Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw Miranda Hobbes
The Shadow Kent Allard Margo Lane
Shanghai Noon Chon Wang Roy O'Bannon
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes John Watson
Shi Ana Ishikawa unknown
Showgirls Nomi Malone unknown
Shrek Shrek Fiona of Far, Far Away
The Simpsons Homer Simpson Lisa Simpson
Sin and Punishment Amamiya Saki Jo Isa
Sinbad the Sailor Sinbad unknown
The Sixth Sense Cole Sear unknown
Sledge Hammer! Sledge Hammer Harrison Trunk
Sleeping Beauty Aurora (princess) Maleficent
The Smurfs Papa Smurf Smurfette Smurf
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Tails Prower
Soul Calibur Sophitia Alexandra Kilik
South Park Eric Cartman Kenny McCormick
Space Odyssey HAL 9000 Dave Bowman
Spawn Al Simmons unknown
Spirou and Fantasio Spirou Velter Fantasio Gillain
Splatoon Ranj (Inkling) Avyn (Inkling)
Spyboy Alex Fleming Phyllis Tanner
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon unknown
Star Fox Fox McCloud Falco Lombardi
Star Trek Spock Jean-Luc Picard
Star Wars Luke Skywalker Leia Organa
Stranger Things El Hopper Will Byers
Strangers with Candy Jerri Blank unknown
Street Fighter Hoshi Ryu Xiang Chun-Li
Street Sharks John Bolton Bobby Bolton
A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche DuBois Stanley Kowalski
Studio Ghibli Totoro Kiki (witch)
The Sun Also Rises Jake Barnes Brett Ashley
Super Mario Bros. Mario Mario Bowser Koopa
Swan Lake Odette (swan) unknown
Tales of Lloyd Irving unknown
Tarzan Tarzan Jane Porter
Teen Wolf Scott Howard unknown
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo (turtle) Raphael (turtle)
Teletubbies Tinky Winky Po (Teletubby)
Terrytoons Mighty Mouse unknown
TGIF Steve Urkel Balki Bartokomous
That '70s Show Eric Forman Donna Pinciotti
That's So Raven Raven Baxter Miley Stewart
There Will Be Blood Daniel Plainview unknown
They Live George Nada Frank Armitage
Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine unknown
The Three Pigs Alexander Wolf Blacky Pig
The Three Stooges Moe Howard Shemp Howard
Thundercats Lion-O Snarf
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy George Smiley unknown
Tintin Paul Tintin unknown
Titanic Rose DeWitt Bukater Jack Dawson
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus unknown
To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch Scout Finch
Tom and Jerry Tom Cat Jerry Mouse
Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer Huck Finn
Total Drama Gwen Wolffe Owen Waters
Toy Story Woody (cowboy doll) Buzz Lightyear
Transformers Optimus Prime Blackarachnia
The Truman Show Truman Burbank unknown
Turbo Teen Brett Matthews unknown
Twin Peaks Dale Cooper Laura Palmer
Ugly Betty Betty Linzón Armando Mendoza
Ulysses Leopold Bloom of Dublin Stephen Dedalus
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kimmy Schmidt Titus Andromedon
Uncharted Nathan Drake Victor Sullivan
Underdog Underdog unknown
Undertale Sans Toriel
Underworld Selene unknown
Usagi Yojimbo Miyamoto Usagi unknown
V for Vendetta V (anarchist) unknown
The Vampire Chronicles Lestat de Lioncourt Louis de Pointe du Lac
Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber Bob the Tomato
The Venture Bros. Dean Venture Hank Venture
View Askew Silent Bob Jay Mewes
Viewtiful Joe Joe Black (Viewtiful) unknown
The Virginian The Virginian unknown
Voyages Extraordinaire Captain Nemo Phineas Fogg
Walker, Texas Ranger Cordell Walker unknown
The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Michonne
Wallace and Gromit Wallace Park Gromit
The Warriors Michael Swan Cleon Dorsey
Watchmen Jon Osterman Walter Kovacs
We Need to Talk about Kevin Eva Khatchadourian Kevin Khatchadourian
Weird Science Lisa (avatar) Ferris Bueller
West African mythology Kwaku Anansi unknown
The West Wing Jed Bartlet C.J. Cregg
When Harry Met Sally Sally Albright Harry Burns
Where's Waldo? Wally Waldo unknown
Who's the Boss? Tony Micelli Angela Bower
Will & Grace Grace Adler Will Truman
Willy Wonka Willy Wonka Charlie Bucket
Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Eeyore
The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Gale Elphaba
Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo Justin Russo
Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
A Wrinkle in Time Meg Murry Calvin O'Keefe
The X-Files Dana Scully Fox Mulder
Yogi Bear Yogi Bear Snagglepuss
Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Amano Keita (watcher)
Youngblood Jeff Terrel Thomas McCall
Yu-Gi-Oh! Atem Joey Wheeler
Ziggy Ziggy unknown
Zot! Zot unknown
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