Anchors (Universes I-Q)

A list of beings who serve as the primary anchor to their reality within the in-story stabilization of the Omniverse through the Pickleverse.

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No Universe Anchor Secondary
I Love Lucy Lucy Ricardo Ethel Mertz
Ice Climber Popo Arnauyq Nana Innugati
The Incredible Journey Bodger (dog) Luath (dog)
The Incredibles Helen Parr Bob Parr
The Indian in the Cupboard Little Bear (Indian) Omri Banks
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Wan Li
The Inheritance Cycle Eragon Saphira
Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Penny Brown
The IT Crowd Maurice Moss Jen Barber
It's a Wonderful Life George Bailey Clarence Odbody
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Kelly Mac McDonald
Jam with the Band Barbara the Bat unknown
James Bond James Bond Geoffrey Boothroyd
Jaws Martin Brody unknown
Jeeves Reginald Jeeves Bertie Wooster
Jem Jerrica Benton unknown
Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron Sheen Estevez
John Henry John Henry unknown
John Wick John Wick unknown
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo unknown
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull unknown
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Jonathan Strange Gilbert Norrell
Jonny Quest Jonny Quest Hadji Singh
Judge Priest William Priest unknown
The Jungle Book Baloo Mowgli
Jurassic Park Alan Grant Blue (velociraptor)
The Karate Kid Nariyoshi Miyagi Daniel LaRusso
Kid Icarus Pit (angel) Palutena
Kidd Video Kidd Scott Carla Rozzi
Kim Possible Kim Possible Ron Stoppable
King Kong King Kong Ann Darrow
Kirby Kirby (Star Warrior) King Dedede
Kunio-kun Kishimoto Kunio Abobo
L.A. Law Michael Kuzak unknown
Lamb Chop Lamb Chop Shari Lewis
The Land Before Time Littlefoot (sauropod) Cera (triceratops)
Land of the Lost Cha-Ka Will Marshall
Lassie Lassie unknown
The Last of Us Joel Miller Ellie Williams
The Last Starfighter Beta Alex Rogan unknown
The Last Unicorn Amalthea (unicorn) unknown
Laurel & Hardy Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy
Law & Order John Munch Olivia Benson
Leatherstocking Tales Natty Bumppo Chingachgook
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Cleaver Wally Cleaver
The Leftovers Nora Durst Kevin Garvey Jr.
The Legend of Zelda Link Zelda of Hyrule
The Legendary Starfy Starfy unknown
Lethal Weapon Martin Riggs Roger Murtaugh
Li'l Abner Abner Yokum unknown
Lilo & Stitch Stitch Lilo Pelekai
The Little Mermaid Ariel (mermaid) Ursula (sea witch)
The Little Rascals Alfalfa Switzer Spanky McFarland
Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck
The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Frodo Baggins
Lorna Doone John Ridd Lorna Doone
Lost Hurley Reyes Jack Shephard
Lost in Space Robot (Robinson) Zachary Smith
MacGyver Angus MacGyver unknown
Mach Rider Mark Ryder unknown
Madame Bovary Emma Bovary unknown
Madea Madea Simmons Curtis Payne
Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm Wilkerson Lois Wilkerson
Mallard Fillmore Mallard Fillmore unknown
Malibu Comics Kevin Green Johnny Domino
Married... with Children Al Bundy Peggy Bundy
Martin (TV show) Martin Payne Gina Waters
Marvel Comics Steve Rogers Peter Parker
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary Richards Lou Grant
M*A*S*H Hawkeye Pierce Margaret Houlihan
Masters of the Universe Adam of Eternia Adora of Etheria
Matlock Ben Matlock Mark Sloan (detective physician)
Max & Ruby Max Bunny Ruby Bunny
Maya the Bee Maya the Bee unknown
Mayberry Andy Taylor Barney Fife
Megami Tensei Amamiya Ren Kashima Naoki
Men in Black James Edwards Kevin Brown
Metroid Samus Aran Ridley (cosmosaur)
Milestone Comics Virgil Hawkins Raquel Ervin
Miracleman Mike Moran Dicky Dauntless
Miss Marple Jane Marple Hercule Poirot
Miss Nelson Is Missing Violet Nelson unknown
Mister Ed Mister Ed Wilbur Post
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Fred Rogers Elaine Fairchilde
Moana Moana of Motunui Māui (hero)
Moby-Dick Ishmael Cox Queequeg
Monk Adrian Monk Sharona Fleming
Moonlighting Maddie Hayes David Addison
Mother Ness Jones Lucas of Nowhere
Mr Bean Mr Bean unknown
Mr. Belvedere Lynn Belvedere Wesley Owens
The Munsters Herman Munster Sam Dracula
The Muppets Kermit the Frog Big Bird
Murder, She Wrote Jessica Fletcher Thomas Magnum
Murphy Brown Murphy Brown Avery Brown
My Fair Lady Eliza Doolittle Henry Higgins
My Favorite Martian Martin O'Hara Tim O'Hara
My Hero Academia Midoriya Izuku Yagi Toshinori
My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash
My Mother the Car Gladys Crabtree unknown
My Secret Identity Andrew Clements Benjamin Jeffcoate
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Tom Servo Crow T. Robot
Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite unknown
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Uchiha Sasuke
Neon Genesis Evangelion Ikari Shinji Ayanami Rei
The Neverending Story Falkor Bastian Bux
A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Nancy Thompson
Ninja Gaiden Hayabusa Ryu unknown
Norse mythology Thor Odinson Odin Borson
The Notebook Noah Calhoun Allie Hamilton
NYPD Blue Andy Sipowicz unknown
The O.C. Ryan Atwood Seth Cohen
Odd Thomas Odd Thomas unknown
The Office David Brent Michael Scott
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes K.O. Kincaid unknown
Oliver Twist Oliver Twist Ebenezer Scrooge
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Randle McMurphy Mildred Ratched
One Piece Monkey D. Luffy unknown
Orange Is the New Black Sophia Burset Suzanne Warren
Pac-Man Pac-Man Pepper Pac-Man
Paddington Bear Paddington Brown unknown
PaRappa the Rapper PaRappa Rappa unknown
Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope Ron Swanson
Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan Babe (ox)
Pecos Bill Bill West unknown
Penny Arcade Jonathan Gabriel Tycho Brahe
Perry Mason Perry Mason Della Street
The Phantom of the Opera Erik (phantom) Christine Daaé
The Phantom Tollbooth Milo Lang unknown
Phineas and Ferb Phineas Flynn Ferb Fletcher
Pikmin Olimar Alph
Pinocchio Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket
Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Elizabeth Swann
Pitfall! Harry Smith Jr. Harry Smith
Planet of the Apes Caesar (ape) Zira
Pokémon Red's Pikachu Red Ketchum
Power Rangers Rita Repulsa Tommy Oliver
The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Utonium Blossom Utonium
Pretty Woman Vivian Ward unknown
Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet Fitzwilliam Darcy
Prince Valiant Valiant of Thule Arn (son of Valiant)
Psych Shawn Spencer Burton Guster
Psycho Norman Bates unknown
Punch-Out!! Little Mac Zuccelli Doc Louis
Punky Brewster Punky Brewster Henry Warnimont
Pushing Daisies Ned Cake Charlotte Charles
Puss in Boots Puss in Boots unknown
Psych Shawn Spencer Burton Guster
Quantum Leap Sam Beckett Al Calavicci
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