Anchors (Universes A-B)

A list of beings who serve as the primary anchor to their reality within the in-story stabilization of the Omniverse through the Pickleverse.

name name
name unknown
No Universe Anchor Secondary
3rd Rock from the Sun Dick Solomon Sally Solomon
21 Jump Street Tom Hanson Judy Hoffs
24 Jack Bauer unknown
30 Rock Liz Lemon Jack Donaghy
48 Hours Reggie Hammond Jack Cates
101 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil Pongo (dog)
1984 Winston Smith Gerald O'Brien
90210 Dylan McKay Amanda Woodward
Abbott and Costello Lou Costello Bud Abbott
Abrahamic/Mesopotamian mythology Moses Adam ("first man")
Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice
Ace Ventura Ace Ventura unknown
The Addams Family Wednesday Addams Morticia Addams
Adventure Time Finn the Human Jake the Dog
Agent Cody Banks Cody Banks unknown
Air Bud Air Buddy unknown
Airplane! Frank Drebin unknown
Akira Kaneda Shotaro Shima Tetsuo
Aladdin and the Lamp Aladdin Genie (djinn)
Alan Partridge Alan Partridge unknown
The Aldrich Family Henry Aldrich unknown
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd unknown
ALF Gordon Shumway Willie Tanner
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Ali Baba Cassim (Thief)
Alias (2001) Sydney Bristow unknown
Alice in Wonderland Alice Liddell Humpty Dumpty
Alien Ellen Ripley unknown
All Dogs Go to Heaven Charlie Barkin unknown
All in the Family Archie Bunker George Jefferson
All My Children Erica Kane unknown
Allan Quatermain Allan Quatermain Ayesha (She)
Amadís de Gaula Califia Esplandián
Amber Brown Amber Brown unknown
American Gods Shadow Moon Laura Moon
American Psycho Patrick Bateman unknown
An American Tail Fievel Mousekewitz unknown
An American Werewolf David Kessler unknown
Anarkali Anarkali Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim
Anastasia Anastasia Romanova unknown
Animal Crossing Sonny Resetti Isabelle (dog)
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Anita Blake unknown
Anna Karenina Anna Karenina Alexei Vronsky
Anne of Green Gables Anne Shirley unknown
Annie Annie Warbucks Oliver Warbucks
Ape Escape Spike Kakeru unknown
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Frylock Master Shake
Arabian Nights Scheherazade unknown
Archie Comics Archie Andrews Jughead Jones
ARMS Min Min Twintelle
Arrested Development Michael Bluth Lucille Bluth
Arsène Lupin Arsène Lupin Joséphine Balsamo
Arthur the Aardvark Arthur Read unknown
Arthurian Legend Arthur Pendragon Merlin (wizard)
As the World Turns Luke Snyder Lily Walsh
Assassin's Creed Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Asterix Asterix unknown
Astral Chain Kaneda Howard Akira Howard
Astro Boy Astro Boy unknown
The A-Team B.A. Baracus H.M. Murdock
Attack on Titan Eren Yeager Mikasa Ackerman
August:Osage County Violet Weston unknown
Austin Powers Austin Powers Dr Evil
Austronesian mythology Māui (hero) Pele (goddess)
Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang Korra (Avatar)
Avenue Q Princeton Whitty Kate Monster
The Awesomes Jeremy Awesome Katherine Malocchio
Babar Babar unknown
Babe the Gallant Pig Babe (pig) unknown
Babylon 5 G'Kar unknown
Back to the Future Marty McFly Emmett Brown
Bad Boys (film) Mike Lowrey Marcus Burnett
Bambi Bambi (deer) Thumper (rabbit)
Banana Fish Ash Lynx Okumura Eiji
Barney & Friends Barney the Dinosaur Baby Bop
Baron Munchausen Hieronymus von Munchausen unknown
Barry (TV show) Barry Berkman unknown
Barsoom John Carter of Mars Tars Tarkas
Basic Instinct Catherine Tramell unknown
Battlestar Galactica Kara Thrace Laura Roslin
Battletoads Morgan Ziegler George Pie
Bayonetta Bayonetta unknown
Baywatch Mitch Buchannon C.J. Parker
Beauty and the Beast Belle Beaumont Adam de Villenueve
Bécassine Bécassine Labornez unknown
Because of Winn-Dixie Opal Bulloni Winn-Dixie
Beetlejuice Betelgeuse (ghost) Lydia Deetz
Ben 10 Ben Tennyson Gwen Tennyson
Ben-Hur Judah Ben-Hur unknown
Beowulf Beowulf Nerthus
The Berenstain Bears Sister Berenstain Brother Berenstain
Betty Boop Betty Boop Dave Fleischer
Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley Billy Rosewood
Bewitched Samantha Stephens Endora
The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Leonard Hofstadter
The Big Lebowski Jeffrey Lebowski (The Dude) Walter Sobchak
Big Trouble in Little China Jack Burton Lo Pan
Bill & Ted Bill Preston Ted Logan
The Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers Steve Austin
BioShock Jack Nynand unknown
Birdy the Mighty Birdy Alterra Cephon Senkawa Tsutomu
The Black Bat Tony Quinn unknown
Black Beauty Black Beauty unknown
Blackadder Edmund Blackadder Baldrick (reborning)
Blade Runner Rick Deckard unknown
Blake's 7 Roj Blake Servalan
Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo unknown
Blondie Dagwood Bumstead Blondie Bumstead
Bobby's World Bobby Generic unknown
Bob's Burgers Bob Belcher Tina Belcher
Bomberman Bomberman unknown
Bonanza Ben Cartwright Joe Cartwright
Bone Fone Bone unknown
Bones (TV show) Temperance Brennan Seeley Booth
Bonk Bonk unknown
The Boondocks Huey Freeman Riley Freeman
Borat Borat Sagdiyev Alistair Graham
Bosom Buddies Kip Wilson Henry Desmond
The Boxcar Children Henry Alden Jessie Alden
The Boys Hughie Campbell Billy Butcher
The Boys from Brazil Bobby Wheelock unknown
The Brady Bunch Alice Nelson Jan Brady
Breaking Bad Walter White Jesse Pinkman
Br'er Rabbit Br'er Rabbit Uncle Remus
The Bridge of San Luis Rey Camila la Perichole Maria, Marquesa de Montemayor
Bridge to Terabithia Jesse Aarons Leslie Burke
Bridget Jones's Diary Bridget Jones unknown
Brisco County Jr. Brisco County Jr. unknown
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Peralta Ray Holt
Buck Rogers Buck Rogers Wilma Deering
Buckaroo Banzai Buckaroo Banzai unknown
Bucky O'Hare Bucky O'Hare unknown
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers Angel

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