Cadmus (hero)

Name: Cadmus
Species: Human/Being (Olympian) hybrid
Date of birth: January 1, 1950 BCE
Place of birth: Phoenicia
Family: Telephassa (mother), Agenor (father), Harmonia (wife), Polydorus (son), Agave (daughter), Autonome (daughter), Ino (daughter), Semele (daughter), Cilix (brother), Europa (sister), Phoenix (brother), Nephele (maternal grandmother), Nilus (maternal grandfather), Libya (paternal grandmother), Poseidon (paternal grandfather), Dionysus (grandson), Sarpedon (nephew), Minos (nephew), Rhadamanthus (nephew), Triton (paternal uncle), Ursula (paternal aunt), Perseus "Percy" Jackson (paternal uncle), Alana (daughter), Attina (cousin), Adella (cousin), Aquata (cousin), Arista (cousin), Andrina (cousin), Ariel (cousin)
Source universe: Greco-Roman mythology
Debut: before Common Era



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