Azura of Valla

Name: Azura
Species: Human (dragon ancestry)
Date of birth: March 3, 26291
Place of birth: Kingdom of Valla, planet Symqures
Family: Arete* (mother), unidentified father, Mikoto* (maternal aunt/adoptive mother), Garon* (stepfather), Shigure (son), Corrin (cousin/stepsibling), Xander (stepbrother), Camilla (stepsister), Leo (stepbrother), Elise (stepsister), Ryoma (adoptive brother), Hinoka (adoptive sister), Takumi (adoptive brother), Sakura (adoptive sister), Siegbert (stepnephew), Shiro (adoptive nephew), Forrest (stepnephew), Kiragi (adoptive nephew), Sophie (adoptive niece), Kana (adoptive niece/nephew)
Group affiliations: Corrin's army, Askran Order of Heroes, Fire Emblem Warriors
Source universe: Fire Emblem
Debut: 2015



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