Askran Order of Heroes

The Order of Heroes is a group gathered in defense of the land of Askr and its allies. It is primarily composed of mostly heroic people from across the planet Symqures's history.

Notable Members

Character Home Era Homeland Notes
Abel 210th century Altea
Alfonse contemporary Askr
Alm 210th century Zofia/Rigel
Altena late 200th century Leonster
Altina Tellius
Amelia 281st century Grado
Anna contemporary Askr
Anna 311th century Ylisse
Annette 412th century Faerghus
Arden mid-200th century Chalphy/Grannvale
Ares late 200th century Agustria
Arthur 264th century Nohr
Arvis mid-200th century Grannvale
Ashnard 291st century Ylisse
Astram 310th century Archanea
Athena 310th century elsewhere |
Aversa 311th century Plegia
Ayra mid-200th century Isaach
Azama 264th century Hoshido
Azura 264th century Valla/Hoshido/Nohr
Bantu 210th century Archanea
Bartre 271st century Elibe
Barst 210th century Talys
Berkut 210th century Rigel
Bernadetta 412th century Adrestia
Beruka 311th century Nohr
Boey 210th century Zofia
Brady 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Bramimond 270th century Elibe
Brunnya 271st century Bern
Byleth 412th century Fodlan In male and female incarnations.
Caeda 210th century Talys
Cain 210th century Altea
Caineghis 291st century Gallia
Camilla 264th century Nohr
Camus 210th century Grust
Canas 270th century Elibe
Catria 210th century Macedon
Cecilia 271st century Etruria
Ced late 200th century Silesse
Celica 210th century Zofia
Chad 271st century Lycia
Charlotte 264th century Nohr
Cherche 311th century Rosanne
Chrom 311th century Ylisse
Clair 210th century Zofia
Clarine 271st century Etruria
Clarisse 210th century Archanea
Claude 412th century Leicester
Clive 210th century Zofia
Conrad 210th century Zofia
Cordelia 311th century Ylisse
Cormag 281st century Grado
Corrin 264th century Nohr/Hoshido/Valla Form in flux.
Cynthia 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Deirdre mid-200th century Veldane
Delthea 210th century Zofia
Dimitri 412th century Farghus
Donnel 311th century Ylisse
Dorcas 270th century Bern
Dorothea 412th century Adrestia
Dozla 281st century Ylisse
Draug 210th century Altea
Duma ??? Valentia
Echidna 271st century Etruria
Edelgard 412th century Adrestia
Effie 264th century Nohr
Eir contemporary Hel
Eirika 281st century Renais
Eldigan mid-200th century Agustria
Elincia 291st century Crimea
Elise 264th century Nohr
Eliwood 270th century Pharae/Lycia
Emmeryn 311th century Ylisse
Ephraim 281st century Renais
Est 210th century Macedon
Ethlyn mid-200th century Grannvale/Leonster
Ewan 281st century Jehanna
Eyvel late 200th century Grannvale/Thracia
Fae 271st century Elibe
Faye 210th century Zofia
Felicia 264th century Ice Tribe of Nohr
Ferdinand 412th century Adrestia
Finn late 200th century Leonster/Thracia
Fiora 270th century Ilia
Fir 271st century Lycia
Fjorm contemporary Nifl
Flora 264th century Ice Tribe of Nohr
Florina 270th century Ilia
Forrest 264th century Nohr
Forsyth 210th century Zofia
Frederick 311th century Ylisse
Gaius 311th century Ylisse
Gangrel 311th century Plegia
Garon 264th century Nohr Actually dead.
Genny 210th century Zofia
Gerik 281st century Jehanna
Gerome 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Gharnef 210th century Archanea
Gordin 210th century Altea
Gray 210th century Zofia
Greil 291st century Crimea
Gunnthrá Nifl
Gunter 264th century Nohr
Gwendolyn 271st century Ostia/Lycia
Haar 291st century Begnion
Hana 264th century Hoshido
Hardin 210th century Aurelis/Archanea
Hawkeye 270th century Nabata
Heath 270th century Bern
Hector 270th century Ostia/Lycia
Henry 311th century Ylisse
Hilda 412th century Leicester
Hinata 264th century Hoshido
Hinoka 264th century Hoshido
Hríd contemporary Nifl
Hubert 412th century Adrestia
Iago 264th century Nohr
Idunn 271st century Elibe
Igrene 271st century Nabata
Ike 291st century Tellius
Ilyana 291st century Daein
Ingrid Galatea 412th century Faerghus
Inigo/ Laslow 311th century (dystopia)/ 264th century Ylisse/Nohr two versions from different points in his life
Innes 281st century Frelia
Ishtar late 200th century Zofia/Rigel
Itsuki 21st century Japan as a "Mirage Master" partnered with "Chrom"
Jaffar 270th century Elibe
Jagen 210th century Altea
Jakob 264th century Nohr
Jamke 200th century Zofia/Rigel
Jeorge 210th century Altea
Jeritza 412th century Faerghus
Joshua 281st century Jehanna
Julia late 200th century Grannvale
Julian 210th century Archanea (continent)
Julius late 200th century Grannvale
Kaden 264th century Hoshido
Kagero 264th century Hoshido
Kana 264th century (Deeprealms) Hoshido/Nohr in male and female incarnations
Karel 270th century Sacae
Karla 270th century Sacae
Katarina 210th century Archanea (continent)
Kaze 264th century Hoshido
Keaton 264th century Nohr
Kempf late 200th century Friege
Kjelle 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Klein 271st century Etruria
Kliff 210th century Zofia
Kris 210th century Zofia/Rigel
Kronya 412th century Agartha
Lachesis mid-200th century Agustria
Larcei late 200th century Isaach
Larum 271st century Etruria
Legault 270th century Elibe
Leif late 200th century Leonster/Thracia
Leila 270th century Lycia
Libra 311th century Ylisse
Lilina 271st century Ostia/Lycia
Lilith 264th century Valla
Linde 210th century Archanea
Linus 270th century Elibe
Lissa 311th century Ylisse
Lloyd 270th century Elibe
Lon'qu 311th century Regna Ferox
Louise 270th century Etruria
Lucina 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Lucius 270th century Etruria
Lukas 210th century Zofia
Lyn 270th century Sacae/Lycia
Lyon 281st century Grado
Lysithea 412th century Leicester
Mareeta late 200th century Isaach/Thracia
Maria 210th century Macedon
Maribelle 311th century Ylisse
Marth 210th century Altea
Matthew 270th century Lycia
Merric 210th century Altea
Mia 291st century Tellius
Michalis 210th century Macedon
Minerva 210th century Macedon
Midori 264th century Hoshido
Mila 210th century Zofia
Morgan 311th century (?) Ylisse |In male and female incarnations
Mustafa 311th century Plegia
Nanna late 200th century Agustria/Thracia
Naesala 291st century Kilvas
Nah 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Nailah 291st century Hatari
Narcian 271st century Bern
Navarre 210th century Archanea (continent)
Nils 270th century Ilia
Ninian 270th century Lycia
Nino 270th century Elibe
Noire 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Nowi 311th century Ylisse
Oboro 264th century Hoshido
Olivia 311th century Regna Ferox
Oscar 291st century Tellius
Osian late 200th century Thracia
Owain/Odin 311th century (dystopia)/264th century Ylisse/Nohr from two different points in his life
Palla 210th century Macedon
Panne 311th century Ylisse
Pent 270th century Etruria
Perceval 271st century Etruria
Peri 264th century Nohr
Priscilla 270th century Lycia
Quan mid-200th century Leonster
Rafiel 291st century Serenes
Rath 270th century Lycia
Raven 270th century Lycia
Rebecca 270th century Lycia
Rhea 412th century Fodlan
Rinea 210th century Rigel
Rinkah 264th century Flame Tribe of Hoshido
Robin 311th century Plegia/Ylisse In male and female incarnations.
Rolf 291st century Tellius
Ross 281st century Renais
Roy 271st century Pherae/Lycia
Rudolf 210th century Rigel
Rutger 271st century Sacae
Saias late 200th century Thracia
Say'ri 311th century Chon'sin
Seliph late 200th century Grannvale
Selkie 264th century Nohr
Serra 270th century Etruria
Selena 264th century Ylisse/Nohr
Setsuna 264th century Hoshido
Shanna 271st century Ilia
Shannan late 200th century Isaach
Sharena contemporary Askr
Shigure 264th century (Deeprealms) Hoshido
Shiro 264th century (Deeprealms) Hoshido
Sigurd mid-200th century Grannvale
Sigrun 291st century Begnion
Stahl 311th century Ylisse
Sully 311th century Ylisse
Sumia 311th century Ylisse
Sylvain 412th century Faerghus
Tanya late 200th century Thracia
Tethys 281st century Jehanna
Tharja 311th century Plegia
Tiki 210th & 311th centuries Archanea (continent) two versions from different points in her life are members
Tobin 210th century Zofia
Travant late 200th century Thracia
Ursula 270th century Elibe
Velouria 264th century Nohr
Virion 311th century Rosanne
Walhart 311th century Valm
Wrys 210th century Talys
Yarne 311th century (dystopia) Ylisse
Ylgr contemporary Nifl
Zelgius 291st century Daein


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