Apollo (god)

Name: Apollo
Species: Being (Olympian)
Date of birth: January 7, 2064 BCE
Place of birth: island of Delos, Aegean Sea, Earth
Family: Leto (mother), Zeus (father), Artemis (fraternal twin sister), Ares (half-brother), Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark (half-sister), Athena (half-sister), Heracles (half-brother), Hermes (half-brother), Perseus (half-brother), Hebe (half-sister), Dionysus (half-brother), Persephone (half-sister), Kratos (half-brother), Rhea (paternal grandmother), Cronus (paternal grandfather), Hera (paternal aunt), Hestia (paternal aunt), Demeter (paternal aunt), Hades (paternal uncle), Poseidon (paternal uncle), Eros (nephew), Arimathes Sweetwater (nephew), Autolycus (nephew), Atreus (nephew/niece), Deimos (nephew), Phobos (nephew), Alexander Aaron (nephew), Atreus (nephew), Ursula (cousin), Triton (cousin), Perseus "Percy" Jackson (cousin), Hephaestus (cousin), Zagreus (cousin)
Source universe: Greco-Roman mythology
Debut: before Common Era



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