All-Winners Squad

The All-Winners' Squad was the post-World War II team that replaced the Invaders.

Known Members

Character Real name Initial Entry Date Notes
Blonde Phantom Louise Grant
Bucky Fred Davis Founding member.
Captain America Bill Nasland Founding member. Killed in action.
Captain America Jeff Mace March 22, 1946
Human Torch Jim Hammond Founding member.
Miss America Madeline Joyce Founding member.
Sub-Mariner Namor Founding member.
Toro Thomas Raymond Founding member.
The Whizzer Bob Frank Founding member.

Chronological Membership History

Event: Captain America is killed in battle. Jeff Mace replaces him as Captain America and in the All-Winners' Squad.
Date: March 22, 1946
Roster: Bucky, Captain America, Human Torch, Miss America, Sub-Mariner, Toro, the Whizzer

Event: Team disbands.
Date: January 27, 1949

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