Ages: 99244 BCE

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Year 99244 BCE
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Joseph Adama born >1

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αA - Aging slowed by magic.
αB - Aging suspended by magic.
ßA - Aging slowed by genetic augmentation (accidental or purposeful).
ßB - Aging suspended by genetic augmentation (accidental or purposeful).
ßC - Aging slowed by natural genetic mutation.
δ - Aging slowed by chemical formula.
π - Earth immortal
Σ - Unnaturally physically advanced in age.
σ - Physically regressed in age.
µ - Physical aging suspended due to Phantom Zone.
τ1 - Vampire.
τ2 - Angel/demon.
τ3 - God.
ΦA - Anthropomorph of infant/baby shape.
ΦB - Anthropomorph of toddler/child shape.
ΦC - Anthropomorph of adolescent/teenage shape.
ΦD - Anthropomorph of adult shape.
ΦE - Anthropomorph of senior shape.
Θ - Aging suspended by imposed psionic rearrangement of matter.
Ω - Animated version of non-living things.
φA - Chimeric homunculus.
φB - Alchemical homunculus.
ε - Android/robot/A.I.
- Non-human (or part/divergent human) biological life-form with different life cycle.
P# - Physical age when chronological age is divergent. Based on base human standards.

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